Tenacious D - Tenacious D: Time Fixers (full episode) (Video)

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Trevor Walls : I didn't know there was a Hollywood sign in the dinosaur times... 6:32 haha

Alex Rees : I never knew this, but Justin Roiland is Abe Lincoln and Dan Harmon is the Heckler at the beginning and end. I wonder if Tenacious D will ever make a cameo on rick and morty (full circle Motherfucker!)?

sixstringpsycho : “It’s the Time Goblin!” “He gobbles time.”

Sydon : They need to make more of these...

Frankenfixit : Anyone else notice the goblin’s hat change? From 03:58 to 04:24 the clock on his hat went from 4 o’clock to nine-thirty. That fight scene must’ve lasted over five hours!

okrajoe : I love the TenaciousD-Mobile.  Rockin' car.

Breezy Jeezy : You did it Jack!!! Oh...you got the ropes free too! LMAO!!!!

mayflyforyou : This is still the best thing ever.

maggoli67 : time gobbo is pizza guy?

CptRad93 : Dan Harmon cameo.

dutchmountainsnake : I want a Micheal Keaton time traveling Oldsmobile Cutlass.

xAlexHDx1 : This should have turned into a full series it's brilliant aha

Exinz : Press 8 over and over again to bash the time stopper's brains out!

Dustin Mitchell : Time Goblin is Lee!

NocturnePlays : Tenacious D, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and Paul F. Tomkins in one video. 💖💖💖💖

Evelynn Lopez : 3:24 kills me😂😂

Stats For Gamers : time a tenacious d 2 lol

George Jensen : The big question. Was Kyle born wearing shorts?

Tell Your Friends : holy shit Ryan Ridley, Dan Harmon, AND Justin Roiland. I feel like I just time travelled.

Tom Cat : There's no D like Tenacious D!

GameWalkerGX : Lol I want to watch more of the show =3

Bruce Copperfield : Masterpiece

Wojciech Choiński : There's a Hollywood sign in the dinosaur times. .__.

Rory MacFadyen : Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning?

Brian In Fingal : Shirtless Jack roughing up Albert Einstein in the opening credits LMAO.

Minister Of Badness : Man this is super cheesy yet the best thing I've watched on YouTube, you both ROCK!!!

Christian Hubbs : Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 though. In the 1850s he wasn't even president yet.

Olivier-Beachbody : 6:33 Well Hollywood was there!

Joshua Latham : Time goblin is the pizza delivery dude from the pick of destiny movie. The dude who says "electric dynamite" after classico.

John Shat : Tenacious D is seriously a cure for depression! When you play the music especially with certain songs (all of them are historically amazing) but certain ones give you that feeling that you only get when you’re listening to something so magnificent it must be made by something more than common man \Like it must’ve been made by some sort of king gods because it vibrates throughout the mind and body like nothing this earth has ever had before! and as much as it sounds like I’m joking. I’m not! I seriously love this fucking band! It’s the best fucking band ever! Ladies and gentlemen (especially ladies) our universe proudly presents the one and only tenacious D

JayFolipurba : Holy shit it's Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon!!!

candra ismail : look the goblin lolol

Andy Carr : "We had a totally Excellent Adventure." "Now let's get Back to the Future."

Yourname942 : wow Dan Harmon looks young

Toxicrafa : Spamming the 2 key is hilarious.

Black candlelight 00 : A fan since 2005

adarov : abe lincoln is played by justin roiland of rick and morty!

camerooney ! : anyone else checking imdb justin roiland, found this and searched it?

Optimus97100 : "It's the Time Goblin, he goblins time" X'D

It's Just Miggs : Dude it's the time goblin He gobbles time 😂😭😂😭😂😭

Ritik R : Did anyone else have the censored (most of the swear words were replaced with milder varients) iTunes promotion video that ended when the Time Goblin and Tenacious D started fighting?

Matygoo : 6:46 kick his ass lol

Geo : Spam 3 over and over again.

Genuine Buggery : Jesus Christ, is that Justin Roiland?

The Magical, Mystical Otter-lion : I'm glad to know that he's going to die in 8 years

Trevor Johnson : Why I have never seen this I do not know kinda feels like the Mandela effect 😐 My bday is Aug 15 my last name is Johnson..i wish tenacious d would time travel here and tell me if it means something..💨💨🤘

Kyle Barnet : Michael Keaton's crowning role

Charles Moreland : worlds colliding here

logan smith : Time Goblin is a rip off of The Spirit of Jazz and The Hitcher from The Mighty Boosh. The character is an amalgamation of the both, not one nor the other. He takes the aesthetic of The Hitcher and certain mannerisms and diction of The Spirit of Jazz. This episode was from 2006 and these characters from The Mighty Boosh were from 2004.

Jord Lee : Is this cannon