Tenacious D - Tenacious D: Time Fixers (full episode) (Video)

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Trevor Walls : I didn't know there was a Hollywood sign in the dinosaur times... 6:32 haha

Alex Rees : I never knew this, but Justin Roiland is Abe Lincoln and Dan Harmon is the Heckler at the beginning and end. I wonder if Tenacious D will ever make a cameo on rick and morty (full circle Motherfucker!)?

sixstringpsycho : “It’s the Time Goblin!” “He gobbles time.”

Frankenfixit : Anyone else notice the goblin’s hat change? From 03:58 to 04:24 the clock on his hat went from 4 o’clock to nine-thirty. That fight scene must’ve lasted over five hours!

Sydon : They need to make more of these...

okrajoe : I love the TenaciousD-Mobile.  Rockin' car.

Breezy Jeezy : You did it Jack!!! Oh...you got the ropes free too! LMAO!!!!

mayflyforyou : This is still the best thing ever.

maggoli67 : time gobbo is pizza guy?

Exinz : Press 8 over and over again to bash the time stopper's brains out!

dutchmountainsnake : I want a Micheal Keaton time traveling Oldsmobile Cutlass.

xAlexHDx1 : This should have turned into a full series it's brilliant aha

Stats For Gamers : time a tenacious d 2 lol

CptRad93 : Dan Harmon cameo.

George Jensen : The big question. Was Kyle born wearing shorts?

GameWalkerGX : Lol I want to watch more of the show =3

Dustin Mitchell : Time Goblin is Lee!

NocturnePlays : Tenacious D, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and Paul F. Tomkins in one video. 💖💖💖💖

Evelynn Lopez : 3:24 kills me😂😂

Rory MacFadyen : Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning?

Tom Cat : There's no D like Tenacious D!

Minister Of Badness : Man this is super cheesy yet the best thing I've watched on YouTube, you both ROCK!!!

Wojciech Choiński : There's a Hollywood sign in the dinosaur times. .__.

Bruce Copperfield : Masterpiece

Optimus97100 : "It's the Time Goblin, he goblins time" X'D

Joshua Latham : Time goblin is the pizza delivery dude from the pick of destiny movie. The dude who says "electric dynamite" after classico.

Matygoo : 6:46 kick his ass lol

Toxicrafa : Spamming the 2 key is hilarious.

camerooney ! : anyone else checking imdb justin roiland, found this and searched it?

Ritik R : Did anyone else have the censored (most of the swear words were replaced with milder varients) iTunes promotion video that ended when the Time Goblin and Tenacious D started fighting?

candra ismail : look the goblin lolol

Christian Hubbs : Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 though. In the 1850s he wasn't even president yet.

Olivier-Beachbody : 6:33 Well Hollywood was there!

adarov : abe lincoln is played by justin roiland of rick and morty!

It's Just Miggs : Dude it's the time goblin He gobbles time 😂😭😂😭😂😭

Brian In Fingal : Shirtless Jack roughing up Albert Einstein in the opening credits LMAO.

05ediaz : The fact that this was never a series is criminal

Papa Billydeth : Rick and Morty ripped the time goblin off. Haha Abe was Justin Roiland

MrDR7no : The time goblin is the pizza man , right?

Geo : Spam 3 over and over again.

Chad Taylor : Best part at 3:21 hahaha just rips into the time goblin

Jones Kolbinsky : Oh shit that's Dan Harmon!

Koty Wilkinson : He gobbles time

Astromyxin : Lol, H.G. Wells wasn't a black guy. Black guys don't write or read books, they're keeping it real.

JettBlackheart83 : The Time Goblin reminds me of Slomobius

righthere27 : How have in ever seen this before

Alan Malcheski : butterflies were twice that big in dinosaur times. i can't respect a film with such callous disregard for realism.

karl higgins : More plez

Black candlelight 00 : A fan since 2005

Newton Boy : This is hilarious