Drummin' on the cat

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Another cat being played like a drum. See the original at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkAM_31SU0U I think it's the same guy with the Calico Bongo.

Comments from Youtube

Bill Smith : You know what? I'm done. WTF

peasinacan : I need a cigarette now

Adrian Black : It's funny to think about how he found out the kitty loves this.

Rabbit : I feel somewhat dirty for having seen this.

John White : spank me harder daddy

Shellbug-Michelle Greene : I just don't know what to say about this...

Anon Ymous : A masochistic cat. Welp, I've seen just about all of the internet videos I need to watch for today.

Kevin Lewis : That's a paddlin'

wazoisme1 : this is hilarious. my cat likes to get patted, but this cat loooooooooooooooooves it hahaha

LOVEAPET : I'm surprised the cat likes it. How did you figure that out?

Skulldead546 : How hard are you hitting the cat? It sounds pretty hard. It's a very kinky kitty.

Tiberiu Nicolae : That cat was fully conscenting yet I'm speechless...

James Scheneizer : Cat: now with the baseball bat please, if its not to much to ask

Pakoraptor X : That is a beautiful human being, to spend so much time doing this odd thing that his cat loves x3

perpetualjon : OMG I finally found another cat like one of mine that absolutely LOVES this.

Rurike : Its so weird how much the cat seems to just love this

sosroli : Sadomasochism, nuff said

Alyssa Bullock : 00:54 Owner: *Pat, Pat, Pat, Release* Cat: .... Owner: *Pat, pat, pat* ? Cat: Mrow! Owner: *PAT, PAT, PAT, PAT...*

quartzparchmentshear : I lose it when I see the cat jump back up at the end

Lintlikr1 : My cat used to love this. hed get mad if i stopped spanking him

Ben Koelle : Yep, that's enough Internet for the night.

Jake Koval : That's a paddlin'

Santa's Elf : kink shaming this cat

jtmanwill : I knew the comments were going to be outstanding, you'll didn't let me down♡

Ron Pasko : LMFAO

TheEschwank02 : fascinating how much she loves that!

Susie : hot.

mychannel : This is profoundly disturbing.

Sir Soup : i dont remember this piece from metallica

shape : ok mang

Minae2584 : Where did you get those paddles? I have a feeling my cat would love this!

Lucky Blackheart : (I feel weird tho lol)

Slowbro : My cat came over and tried to see what the hell I was watching. I had to turn it off real quick, didn’t want this weirdo getting any ideas.

OscarO1213 : He's really giving that pussy a pounding.

DoctorZombo : They're just stimulating the cat's sexual organs. Pet masturbation.

dru. : This is by far the weirdest fucking video I've ever seen. I can't stop laughing.

Nathan Ingram : That was weird

Jieux Armeni : ...my cat loves that shit too. idkwtf?!

Raagiol : Sometimes you need to take time out t of your busy day to spank your cat's butt. That's just the way life is.

Tihomir Donchev : what the hell?!?!?!

i don't like sand : hahahaha my cat loves this too xD how harder how better,but now shes old and im scared if i break her if i do it now :(

Snoofalah : Masochist Cat.

iiScarFace : What the actual fuck.... O_O

BossZula : That's a damn good massage!

Alexander Lee : My video is better :p

xphatbeatsx : Now THAT'S how you use a bowflex

sarah : poor kitty

angelinajoanie : Extra kinky.

vousac007 : raději kočky co mají 2 nohy :-)