Covering up farts with guitar playing!

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SteveTerreberry : What bands did I miss? I'm thinkin Flatch Sabbath. Any others?

David Tilling : Are the farts in Key?

Rudy Ayoub : Can we safely say you ran out of ideas?

Andy Rehfeldt : Hey Steve, Uncle Andy here. You’re like my favorite YT comedian, and you kick ass. Keep up the great work.

Mr.jack : H E H E L P S M E T O M O I S T U R I Z E

Mark Baum : Couldn't a fweep be a fartpeggio

Benny : So is this why drummers just start playing for no reason while everyone is talking? The more you know.

PoZ x Aspect : I lost my shit at aeroshit lol

Dysfunctional humanoid : But... what did you eat ?? 😨 (The "Nickelback" killed me 😂)

Viraxis Channel : I was waiting for djart!!!

IGROFAG : Sister? I always thought its Steve's GF.

atomicbrain9401 : Next video idea: Covering Up Guitar Playing With Farts


cemtexbez : dying fartus, skidmark row, soulfart, six fart under, pants-tearer,

Laurie Terreberry : Hot sister! Yaaaaaaaaaaa. A fun video for sure. Never heard of sharting before so thanks for informing me. LOL! Cool shredding my boy.

MegadethDude2001 : Steve... Your sis tho... Hook a brother up? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Karl Golden : What did I just watch?!! Fapping 😂 No more vindaloo for Stevie T! 🔥🤘

Ace Charming 2608 : How much can a human really fart? THIS IS BEYOND SCIENCE

Didi Abdillah ZTS : James Hetfield should try this


Daniel Kovac : You forgot Bums and Noses

Vishwadeep Sonawane : You missed Farts N Noses.

László Csik : You missed Wake Me Up When FAPtember Ends from Brown Day :D

dude in the background : Should've said poo farters lol

Noe AR : I laughed so hard I farted (???

cemtexbez : ahahaha rarely do I actually laugh out loud but the Nickelback one got me there XD

Richie Csongedi : Farted while watching this LOL

ΜΑΥΡΟΣ ΚΙΝΕΖΟΣ : canadian....


akiko pinku : I missed videos like this from you xD Your ideas are amazing and very surprising xD Hot sister definitely need to stop bleaching hair, she has some bald parts on her head XD Greetings from Poland, Stevie ^_^

Gooseland RR : Can I date your sister?

Fermiticus : I find it quite bizarre that anybody would want to cover up a fart...those things are about the funniest thing on earth! 3:00 minute mark....PERFECTION!!! Caught myself gigglin like a school girl! "Nickelback" guts hurt!!!

-zeer0 : That's the most talented anus I've ever heard!!

MoogmanXandersMotoVlogs : what? no loaf pinch fartmonics? ya missed one Stevie, speaking of Deep Poople, A Hammond organ would be awesome for covering farts, you could use the leslie cabinet to fan the smell away

Cassandra Jeffers : I'm crying (from laughing) and I think I lost some weight from laughing at this video. You are hilarious, and of course I always enjoy your shredding.

Sherlock Holmes : 4:18 damn dude why are your nails so short?

ilovepineapplepizza : No Fannibal Corpse ?

Nihal Youngya : 5:16 Nickelback 🤣🤣

Mark Adams : Alright Mr. Shred head can you play eruption?

Ano Nym : Damn. Failed no nut november already.

reogaro : 7 minutes of solid laughter. Very nice video, i like

Furkan Karabaş : Very impressive but can you try covering up your farts with fapping ? Oh Shart (Shitting and farting at the same time. Not prooved scientificly and another videos content) ! Wrong channel (Sorry for my English if it's that bad btw)

SimonMations : Did you just eat a music burrito? So you fart in rhytm???

Robo Jesus 3.0 : Genius often comes with fart jokes

Domingo Castillo : You should do a whole video on the fart scale .lol Great vid man Keep it up

Zoni Caro : 😂😂😂😂😂I can't stop laughing

Malekath XVII : Steve, this is by far one of THE BEST videos you have ever created. Classical, you’re great man. Continue being great brother.

TomsterMusic : 🎵🎶 100 bonus points for the Steve Perry album on the wall in the background! 🎶🎵

Stelios Gavrilis : Fart solo!!!!

Primal HuntCheeks : Do a full fart song