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sivedan : You edited out the Walter Cronkite dirty joke ? what a shame....keep it real, this is not public television, what's with the censorship ??

Donny Tucker : Hiking with Beetlejuice! ♥

MrColdwatercanyon : Dudes epic for sure Pacific Heights and multiplicity first caught my eye . I like Pizza 🍕

NERDO TV : Great hike again Kevin! I love to learn new and interesting things about all your great friends along beautiful trails in Los Angeles. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!

SuburbanHobbyist : There's something about you Kevin and something about this series....I just find myself smiling by the end of each episode. You seem like a good dude.

John Harris : You were hiking with Mr. Mom!

Matt Robin : Love Mike Douglas

Matt.Cook.Oregon : Awesome. Can I be on next?

styner3 : Great hike with one of my favorite actors. Kevin you have a hit on your hands. Great just hearing people talk about their lives and not just promoting their new projects. There are so many stars you can interview and if they can’t hike because of age or injury, maybe just walk around a park. I don’t care it’s the interviews I love.

What Ever : As a disabled man it feels like I'm hiking with you. LOVE the show. Thank you Kevin

CRS : 0:40 - Kevin, you really need to pick up after yourself. Pack out what you pack in, brother!

Dennis Dalton : Please don't stop making these.

mean gene : I wish farley was still here so he could do this show with Kevin

garrithscots : Should have gone with 220 steps, well 220, 221. Whatever it takes.

Kai Chilvers : Kevin, always been a fan Of Your work, super laid back awesome style comedy. Great convo with keaton as well he has been a favorite since beetlejuice. These videos are so real and a break from news and debates. Thank you!! Yoda of the hiking interview

pilgrum : Im losing weight watching this show

Hating me is conforming : Holy shit Kevin knows Batman?

EbbZy : This is a really enjoyable series to watch! Loving it so far!

Parmesana : Thanks for taking me along. Right now in St Louis it is very cold(hovering near freezing)..and I am hibernating with a down comforter near my space heater(dang furnace went out).

Voice of the People : You will always be my Batman

Not The One : This show should get picked up by Netflix. It seems everyone else is getting picked up.

Finn Green : And no bikini top...

K Webster : love Michael Keaton, just everything.

Cale Yarborough : Kevin, Please get a gimbal! Getting seasick over here, which keeps me from binging all episodes.

Kyle : Hey Kevin! Really love all your videos. I want to say it'd be nice if you interrupted your guests less when they're in the middle of what they're saying. Even Conan called you out on it. For example at around @4:54 it sounded as if Michael Keaton wanted to share his thoughts on a young Larry David but you cut him off mid-sentence and he never finished what he wanted to say! That could have been something great since I'm sure most of us here like Larry David. Anyway, just my 2 cents

NOBO Bundy : San diego native here and yes Kevin 51 degrees is cold. We pay to much to live here for it to be cold.

You Tried It! : requests: jeff goldblum andy richter timothy olyphant

John Joo : Michael Keaton is so funny. So quick and on point.

P. Wallace : You got the loudest shoes in the hiking business

BillyN31 : Get Kim Jong on a hike!

Chuck A : Kevin u are the king of selfie-stick framing!

1zangelique : God I love Michael Keaton. I wish he'd marry me.

Sagar Dolli : Batman & Vulture

La Monte Dixon : She touch my Peepee Steve!

Sloozer45 : Two of my favorites. Another great hike, Mr. Nealon. Keaton's one of the coolest and funniest cats ever and Kevin was extra hilarious on this one - Keaton was just slow-pitching to Nealon and Nealon was hitting 'em out of the park!

Kurt : Great show. I wish you would cut in some landscape shots to set the scene and give us some idea about what's around you, I think that would be an improvement!... Great show!

Steve 0 : Love this show! Great interview.

OneironauticalOne : You HAVE to take Bill Burr's pasty freckled ass out on a hike. PLEASE!

Cerulean Noel : OMG I'm living these videos!

ClusterHeadSurvivor : You are the reason I watch YouTube hikes ! Love your channel

EZ BOO : great stuff, imma sub

Adam : Some good foot fallin and huffin and puffin in this one. Great ep

Psychedelic Stephen : Hiking with Batman!

Mr FIXIT : I just heard on the radio you're going to be doing stand-up with Dane Cook you should try to get him on a hike...

J.P. Lindsay : Fantastically enlightening & entertaining!! Please keep them coming!!!! :)

nirst fame nast lame : Genius

Jimi LeSaint : This was great!

Gina Fogle : Love this video!

tj d : This is excellent. Thanks Kev.

Super Dave : get joe rogan!