Azur Lane Waifu Legacy

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Kito Senpai : You won't find a tutorial like this anywhere else. Join my discord to stay updated: Make me post on instagram: Add on snapchat for previews and irl stuff: kitosenpai

welp welp : One head Pat a day keeps the cops away

Armored Panda : We all know you just want to hide your loli love behind a wall of memes. Stop trying to deny your true self with memes. Embrace it. Say it with me : " jail is just a room, and some ships have jails. "

Fallout Actual : You got me playin this game about 5 days ago and now I’m addicted. Both love and kinda hate you. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THE JAPANESE!!

Jack estrade : you're a god lmfao what is this degeneracy

I’m not a pedophile just a lolicon : *Anime wedding budget costs more than actual wedding BBC news*

Vespuur : Next video, make a tutorial on how to lewd every loli in azur lane in the fastest possible time

victor : ur such a degenerate and i love it

Bread Chan : Sandy succs bread, therefore Sandy is best bread 🥖

I am a lolicon : Kito senpai use incognito( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ghutros : Hey Kito, I know this is not the place, but I'm asking here because you may turned off notifications for the Essentials of Fate Series video you subbed, so I'll ask here: What did you use to download the video in 1080p and what did you use to put the text on? I wanted to sub it but in spanish. Thanks in advance. Have a wonderful day <3

Broke Dog : I don't really care about the gameplay of Azur lane, idk how alot of the components work aside from the build thing which is how I lure da lolis, In reality I play it so I can fap to something for once, I have tried fapping to many anime but none of them could make me cum as hard as azurlane, my heart forever rests in the thicc thighs of Atago san, thank you Kito senpai for showing me the horrors of WW2 in the form of fuckable lolis

listeb8670 + Sca | listeb8 : 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nico Nico Niii : Nice room you got there͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Jeremy Sorber : First

Jhon Lhor Bae : Was that a Hammann doujin?

Do D : oh my god st louis i wanna bang, also fallen wings event hype :POG:

Jkl The king : This video has be remove because it containing sexual content.!! kito send me some doujin XD

N1ght悪夢 : Wait you got chino chan poster I want one2!!!!!

The Hunter : damn this is gold

Dot Sen : 3750 shipfus, that boi good at math

PineappleDude : Oh sweet some No Game No Life music! *Sees your profile pic* Oh, that makes sense.

Do D : So many new stuff coming in Azur Lane no breaks AAAAAAAAAAA

xenqth : Plz soupscreebo

danku psyychi : Azur Lane quality content right here

Mr. Vöcsök : what was this movie?

AdrenalNym : Where do i sign up for the futa Warspite cult?

kuroinu : Your room looks really nice.

aritakun : it would be more fitting if you had a yandere unicorn in the outro wwwww

Nikolayio : Thicc Legacy and no RNG at all :SandyWoke:

Epic :P : "A loli a day keeps a doctors away"

Sound Wave : Now where is my lotion?!

Patrick Diy : Kito is exposing us

Sunny Wu : Quality content. 👌

Dmonfire : Akagi and Kaga good kitsune waifus. I add them with Atago in my top 1 aaur lane waifus !

Nico Nico Niii : Didn't noticed the͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Cymo : Wait 3750 ships ? Eh

Nobody Noel : I hate this community yet I can't escape this cesspool myself

Hagiri CHANNEL : Nooooooooo

Meme Lord : Bois do your good deed of the day and help find the sauce for 0:48 EDIT: I found it bois ez claps, perseverance op

Roy Raven : I wish I could like this more than once. I don't think the world is ready for this much truth.

Keicam Boom : Tbh I didn't played Azur Lane (yet) but still I enjoy this type of content.

Weeb Life : Where do you come up with these. Damn im addicted to azur lane

Mad Man : Seriously what is that math scene from

Kyle Arej : Hood is best waifu

jules 03 : That 's why ngnl nhentai should be legal.

Alpha & Omega : what the hell did i just watched?

Harumodoki : My 2 oath ring are ready for Roon and Taihou. I hope Akagi doesn't kill me xD.

The Blue Aurora : A man of culture 😎😎

mr. random guy : I just witness a room of a man of culture