Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers (pen tapping cover)

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DINESON CAÑEDA : Yo guys please also make sure to follow me on my Facebook and Instagram accounts😉 Facebook: Dineson Wilrej C.Cañeda Instagram: @dinesoncaneda7

NoahsNoah : Imagine sitting next to this kid in class...

robro : -Im a musician. -What instrument do you play? -A pen.

AntiViruS GaMeR : This is called talent

Angel Manghalo : *when you finished your test early and you’re bored...*

Slippy Dippo : Is it me or he looks like mesut ozil

ArctixXx : Parents in the back room :HONEY OUR SON IS BEATING TABLES AGAIN 😂😂😂

Micro Pixels : The pen is a paid actor.

ExoClasher : Don’t let this guy borrow your pencil or pen

D X H : Teacher - *’right class , you can sit where you want’* Every student - *runs over to him*

YaBoi Rob : Your face lol. Making it look like it's so easy 😂

S A D since 2001 : Lol Ill have an exam and Im here watching pen tapping covers...

KingWolfie e : Rose's are red Violets are blue There will always be an Asian Better than you I'm not racist it's a joke

Adidas Boy 27 : 1:01 imagine someone knocks like this on your door Edit: thx for the likes :)

Real Eirik : The legend says that his hands are still shaking😂

Glitch System : I hope the table was 18 y.o

tanaija • : What instrument do you play? *THE PEN*

bitch lasagna : 2019?

Brindiles : rip the pens

Assassin 21 : I watched it YouTube, OKAY?!

penguin squad : One kid next to u during a test 😂

Trap King : is your hands ok

Amro Gamer : Song: Don’t let me down Table: DONT LET ME DOWN!!

Zach Nelson : The perfect musician doesn’t exi-

• уαтαgαяαѕυ • : Pen 1: I don't feel so good Pen 2: Same goes here😥

Alend Yousif : Looks like Mesut Ozil son

Fotbal pe pâine : Ozil Have a kid....⬆

JessM 04 : *so this is where the kid who sits next to me in science gets his inspiration*

Lemuel José Da Silva : *PUNHETA FAZ MILAGRES FI*

h. y : You look like Mesut Özil

Tantrums A. : One question! Free ballpen if you get the answer right!. 😂 How many times did he tapped those two empty ballpen? 😂😂

Encise : I have so many exams but i'm here watching pen covers ..

NanatsuNoTaizai Fan : What's your instrument? Me:

LoneWolf Destroyer : I see this becoming a sport in the future

Juhh Viih : Brasil? 2019?

Muna Love : Doesn't his hands hurt

Subscribe for No Videos, Content or Reason : If he were in my class then mahn! Free periods would be concerts.

SimpleDays : I think his wrist was dead after.

FionaTheLittleAngel 2005 : His face is really small and his eye’s are big and he is looking at the camera LOL

KingWolfie e : Poor table. #stoptableabuse

P a r Z i V a L Lツ : *Mesut Özil*

Alon Da Pro : His face is like when i'm waking up in the morning XD

Youramusic : Why is this a thing

ZYCuber : What is this kid doing in his life. Sorry just Kidding

Jason He : 1:54 imagine this guy knocking at your door. Edit: 1:52

Tron BanderitaX : OoO shet thas very funing 😂🥔like in the Tgay🥔😂🥔😂

Gerpsie : *This man is probably on his 9th table by now...*

Gerard Mark Peralta : Very Durable Pen. 😁

Antonette Faye : this is SO easy when I see 0:49 : um nevermind

Amine : *Poor Table :(*