Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers (pen tapping cover)

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Glitch z : *Person*: Oh, your a musician. *Me*:Yeah *Person*:What instrument do you play? *Me*:The pen Edit:Thanks for 100 likes!! Edit:Thanks for 600 likes!!!

Lil An : the second mesut ozil xD

Aidan Courtney : When ur mom doesn’t get u a drum kit for your birthday and instead gets you pens

rylee Lyons : The pen is obviously using autotune

Indankity And beyond : Who need’s eminem when you can have penimen?

NoahsNoah : Imagine sitting next to this kid in class...

az productions : I liked how he always has a straight face

V_Wmafla : For Teachers *Try Not to get frustrated challenge*

Doodle Virus Animations : Look at his eyes He's bored asf of his own music

Hontaki - Gota, Dual Agar : Drums: im the best instrument that you can bang!! Pen: Hold my beer..

Cosmin : Ozil Have a kid....⬆

Ak Gang : 38k dislikes just for a young kid pen tapping is sad he was actually good

RenegadeHunter : His face while he's playing looks like a Bethesda game idle animation.

Mahira AJ : The Pen must be expensive for so good quality

Alex Alex : This thing is so good. Got on my top :)

ArctixXx : Parents in the back room :HONEY OUR SON IS BEATING TABLES AGAIN 😂😂😂

Titus Maddern : 0:43 *asian mode intensifies*

FLARE : Me in school when we have a test:))

choco sweet : Do you play an instrument ? ... Yes I play pen

Marcos Suárez : He's not even looking at the pens. He has probably spent too many hours practicing this lol

S A D since 2001 : Lol Ill have an exam and Im here watching pen tapping covers...

Swoosh : *when you realise a pen can do more than you*

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : YouTube recommended this to me and I thought this was a joke. But this guy can really play - pens

Toms Vlogs : *That straight face through 😂😂😂*

Piyamas Piskin : Your neighbours are probably enjoying it too😂

Trap King : is your hands ok

Hengwalo Jishing : Which pen are you using?

DominNate : Saw this in my recommended and was like "ugh stupid youtube". ENJOYED THE VIDEOOOOOOOOOO

ayano kagamine : Who knows how many table had he broke before this video😂😂😂 before i click into da video i was like 'meh just probably another wierd video laa' then after watching 45 seconds i was like WHAO BIJ DIS WORLD DOESN'T NEED EMINEM ANYMORE IF THERE IS PENIMEN

Nicolas Parisi Stolfi : 2050????

GUN_DECK MX : Who still watching on 2018? August yeah!

Harshid_Sharma Music : *Music makers-We Need Expensive drums for better music!* *This Kid-Say That Again?* ❤✔🔥

MusicMachine Gaming Channel : Pencil Players be like.... *Read more*

Aldo Zulfikar : Imagine sitting next to him while on library...

Xalitus Sales : After trying to play this song with a couple of pens my hands started bleeding... any medical help?

NabelGT : Table has feelings too.

RoadTo5kSubs : His wrists must hurt 🤔

I3. K : Why did I see Özil at first?! 😂😂

K Tech : He spanked his girlfriend now, She's dead

Icksanleo : what are you doing mesut?

Arris Nation : *This video was in my recomended 2018 :v*

Lice Poseidon : I wish my pens could do that.

WSanchez : *Bruh he hit the table so hard... my hands hurt :v*

Harshid_Sharma Music : *Your Benchmate Is Lucky!*

BlazeGaming YT : Dang u looks like my friend

Huswar : Özil is that you?


Melis O. : Are your hands ok??

VvsVlogs : His wrists broke 10 minutes after