Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers (pen tapping cover)

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NoahsNoah : Imagine sitting next to this kid in class...

Funny Bunny : Stop harassing the table...

Abel Haddis : When you drink the monster your mom told you not to touch before school

ImaPiza : Lol are your hands okay?

Joe Harb : It's December 2018 tell me if you're watching this now and think it's fire Edit: comment what day of December you watching this rn 👀 (we got Dec 12 rn)

Reptiles are just scaly dogs : *Person*: Oh, your a musician. *Me*:Yeah *Person*:What instrument do you play? *Me*:The pen Edit:Thanks for 100 likes!! Edit:Thanks for 600 likes!!!

Blanked : Imagine this kid asks to borrow one of your pens in class you just get it back all beat up.

FORTNITE TROLLS : *Humanity has peaked...* *Who’s here in December 2018?*

EzPz GaLaXzy : Powered by diesel.

oi oi oi oi : December 2018? Edit:thanks for the like😊😊

LLCOOLCHAY : He looks so bored doing this 😂

Ieva Ievainis : He's an upgraded musician He calls himself Penician He has two eyes and a vision Boom he made a decision He invented a bad pens condition

Toto Alnowary : THIS HAS 16 MILLION VEWS!?

Kimonas Vasiliades : Kid: *clicks pen once* Teacher: Stop it, it's really annoying.. Kid: That's not annoying, but this is.. *intense pen beating while screaming "Don't Let Me Down" *

Zamin Zahoor : So this is why Ozil hasn't been playing for Arsenal.

S A D since 2001 : Lol Ill have an exam and Im here watching pen tapping covers...

Httyd Lover : This is the flash just tapping his pen while doing homework

Sister Is Shook : Goes on bgt, *_plays pen_* gets golden buzzer, wins and goes to the royal variety

Jinx : Man looks like he staying up for a month straight doing while snorting coke every minute sick as vid tho ur a legend

kitty girl 1098 : I like keeps how people find this when it's probably old lmfao! 😂😂😂

ArctixXx : Parents in the back room :HONEY OUR SON IS BEATING TABLES AGAIN 😂😂😂

Anna McLean : his facial expression

Rizki Akbar : Sorry I'm laughing because of your face

Acid RecTech : Reminds me of the episode from family guy with the ADHD pills😂

Anna McLean : when i have my coffee

Alon Da Pro : His face is like when i'm waking up in the morning XD

Unicorn KittyGirl : lol I feel bad for his parents downstairs XDDD

Emily Rose : wait why are there so many comments from like this week when it was posted 2 years ago. And why is this in my recommended, i love it though

Meltingplayer : When it’s music class *gets two pens out* Then start playing Someone^how do you do that * gets a part of two arms and do the speaking * Someone omg Teacher man you good A+ for you Class dismissed

Purplelicious Cow : Math teacher: use a pencil for this test Student: (all he has is two pens) Math teacher: put those away Student: starts tapping really intensely Math teacher loves it and gives student an A My pens don’t let me down

Trap King : is your hands ok

ScaryBunny : December 2018!

Alan Chau : It looks like it hurts cause he is banging his hands on the table. Does it hurt?

ChildishAlmond : I wonder how long it takes to learn this kinda stuff

Hot Take, Babe : i AiNt GoT rHyThm, nO i AiNt GoT rHyThm

Fotbal pe pâine : Ozil Have a kid....⬆

Ninja , : Bet ur arms are aching

Jude LeBlanc : *orgasm intensifies* *OMG ITS LONGER THAN THE PEN*

TeamIceCube : You would be an amazing Percussionist

Shehzana Ahmed : At 1:00 to 1:20, that’s just table abuse!

ARAAZ : Nice job Enzo Ferrari....

Cats and Gacha : Imagin your doing a test and he is doing this right next to u 😤😤😤😫😫😫😫😖😖😖

Idk_my_ User : I’m still wondering how they don’t break their hands x

Velix S : You look like you've been constantly doing it for 10 hours straight

Ava Martinez : He got the skills

Pokerface : lmao i thought this would be cringy

Ellie The Enchanting Jellie : Why is this cool???.

Leela Rao : What do you do for a living Me I pen tap to song with no expression Do you like it Me yes I do

Dimonski : Балжит, ну ты и качаешь

Nattie Flores : Next one up on Ellen 🤣