AGE 12 TO HOME OWNER - I Took A Photo Every Day
Its finally finished A photo every day from age 12 until I bought my first home 11 years of photos and several months of editing

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I took a photo every day from age 12 until I bought a house. An ongoing project - this is the most recent update. ⚠ Enable subtitles for extra info!!! ⚠ Try watching at different speeds (0.5x, 1.5x or 2x!) ⚠ Help translate this video: 🌟 FAQ: Q) How is your face always in the centre? A) I stabilized each photo manually, frame by frame (notice how the borders are always moving?). It took me around 50+ hours in total for this video. I posted a video explaining the process in detail here: Q) Why don't you smile? A) Mainly for consistency. From the beginning, I planned to have the same expression in every photo, and it's easier to keep a straight face than it is to smile in the same way each time. Secondly, I wanted to capture the physical changes in my face, while avoiding the emotional changes in my life. Q) Why did you start? What gave you the idea? A) I saw Noah Kalina's amazing project here on YouTube, and I decided to start my own that focuses on myself aging, since I was still young at the time. I was also motivated by wanting to document my life, and to be able to show this to my family in the future. Q) Which camera did you use? A) 2008 to 2018: Mac webcam (480p/720p) 2018 to 2019: iPhone with grid mode (4K) Q) How/where did you store all these photos? A) I backed up the project on several hard drives & USB sticks over the years. I would actually make multiple copies to be sure that I never lost any data. Once Google Drive became a thing, I started backing up all my photos on there. To this day, I still make several local/cloud copies of all my photos to make sure that nothing gets lost. Q) Do you plan to keep going forever? Will you ever stop? A) I have no intention of stopping. The plan is to continue this project forever. Q) Where are you from? A) I was born in London, England, but have spent most of my life in Canada. I'm currently living in Fredericton, Canada. Q) How old were you when you were married? A) I was 21, but turned 22 less than a month later. Q) How did you graduate High School at 16 / start college at 17? A) I'm not some kind of genius, I just went to high school in Montreal, where it ends in Grade 11 (one year earlier than the rest of Canada and the USA). I was also born right before the cutoff, so I was younger than everybody else. As for college, in Quebec, there's something called CeGep, which is basically a middle ground between High School and University. We refer to it as College. So unfortunately, I wasn't a child prodigy as many comments seemed to think, lol. 🌟 SOCIAL MEDIA / CONTACT: » EMAIL — » INSTAGRAM — @hugo_cornellier » My wife Juliana's Channel - 🌟MUSIC: Spring - Ikson


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