Daylyt Mortal Kombat Scheme (Vs. Chilla Jones)
When Mortal Kombat meets battle rap

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When Daylyt delivered his Mortal Kombat (MK) scheme against Chilla Jones at KOTD's Vendetta 2, many fans struggled to keep up with all of the references he was dropping in that scheme. While additional viewings have enabled many people to connect the dots, for many of us, it's still difficult to keep up with everything that Daylyt was saying. With this video though, fans no longer have to struggle to follow along with this scheme, as we've provided subtitles and character images which help to fill in the blanks. Check out our: Blog at: Twitter: Facebook: Google+


Jonesy : I wish they would make these videos for every Daylyt verse. He says all kinds of subtle shit that you won't catch until later.

Barbosa Dunkin : Daylyt creates some of the best schemes and haymakers...his performance definitely enhanced the schemes...rock, paper scissors...bus stop...gun so big...crack rock so entertainer...glad he got more serious though

92euce : One of my favorite schemes. Period.

Bob Ross : I dont know how everyone there understands he's reference mortal kombat. Id listen to the whole thing and be like "wtf?"

Macent : I wouldnt have known this was MK without the subs until the Scorpion line.

duhrooh6 : Maybe you already knew but you get 500,000 points for flawless victories in the old school mk. Also, there's the actual "toasty" character that pops out at the corner of the screen then press select to get smoke. Other than that good show.


Ry WeaponX Lee Kitching : Such a dope video, you broke that down perfectly. The effects fit too. It makes you appreciate Days writing even more yo. Props homey.

shaquille adams : A sharp line up how did I get over there

ZaZaZa [FuZe] : Forgot toasty...

King Rex : Wow.. You just made so much sense out this scheme to me lmfao i never was a huge MK guy so i only got some bars but this put it totally in perspective.. Nice upload!

DevilDawg 08 : Thanks for this shit...a lot of this went WAY over my head

Snapback : crazy bars, I always wondered why daylyt was saying mk lol now I know.

Doni Taday : I ididnt get this scheme before, fck. Daylyt is genius but get lazy sometimes

i. Cali559. : you missed the "toasty" line bruh

GrZLTV : idk if this got mentioned before but you missed the toasty line lol in MK a face pops up and says "toasty"

Unorthodox : fire! beast wordplay!

MrNeverWrong : should've put the toasty dude in the corner lol

Cody Foster : Missed the bar where dude comes from the corner and says Toasty! Other than that you got almost every bar.

Brother Tommy : The look on Chillas face tho!!! Getting out schemed!

Rob Lo : mmkay mmkay...he didn't need to keep saying it after EVERY mk reference. We got it. dalyt is too contrived.

Da Bishop : This shows how advanced daylyt is smh...

Conor Doyle : Chilla Jones teeth ain’t on gums, his teeth on some swisher sweets

MrEer218 : Good shit, I missed alot of these

leawesomeguy : you forgot the toasty one lol.

Rafeon Young : Nicely done. Well put together.👍🏿

Donte' Wilson : People need to stop sleepin on Daylyt.

Goat Stature : method man in the back like wtf is he talkin bout lol

Lord Leo : Hahahaha bigups on the music. Gotta love Blue Scholars

Antwon Santos : This shit was genius...who got a better video game scheme🤔

Rozell Caldwell : genius ...straight up....#mk

Fusion : Missed the "toasty" bar @2:03

Lee Hughes : Daylte froze that dude out like sub zero that makes it 1 - 0 m.k m.k LMAO he's a genius is metaphors u need Einstein to break them down he's on another level completely . But mad as a 📦 🐸 .

theempoleon78 : That intro...

TheSoundsOfJoce : Do more vids like this giving visuals to battle rap schemes it's sick!!!

Fabo Andolini : Idk about Mortal Kombat tot hat extent so I was missing all kinds of shit so thanks!

JTR : FYI it's "Kenshi" not "Kinshi"

YOUNG CHAPO : Charlie clips brought me here

Goat Stature : dope scheme but what is he really sayin

Daniel Reyes : Love your videos that break down the bars

Lil Dave63 : dope

Son Scotty : Good video bro

Khori the Boardwalker : Mmmnkay mmnkay

Jimmy Poolanski : He forced those lines so hard that they pressed charges.

to_the_batmobile_ : Thnk u 4 this video

Joe Johnson : this is the greatest scheme in battle rap history period

Jerrico Montero : Awesome vid

Alonzo X : Daylyt on another level

E Moe : dope