Daylyt Mortal Kombat Scheme (Vs. Chilla Jones)

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itsJoNada : "punches to the balls" not "boss" because if you tried to punch Shao Khan in the balls with Johnny Cage's move in the game he laughs at you

Barbosa Dunkin : Daylyt creates some of the best schemes and haymakers...his performance definitely enhanced the schemes...rock, paper scissors...bus stop...gun so big...crack rock so entertainer...glad he got more serious though

Jonesy : I wish they would make these videos for every Daylyt verse. He says all kinds of subtle shit that you won't catch until later.

92euce : One of my favorite schemes. Period.


Joe Johnson : this is the greatest scheme in battle rap history period

duhrooh6 : Maybe you already knew but you get 500,000 points for flawless victories in the old school mk. Also, there's the actual "toasty" character that pops out at the corner of the screen then press select to get smoke. Other than that good show.

shaquille adams : A sharp line up how did I get over there

ZaZaZa [FuZe] : Forgot toasty...

King Rex : Wow.. You just made so much sense out this scheme to me lmfao i never was a huge MK guy so i only got some bars but this put it totally in perspective.. Nice upload!


Ry WeaponX Lee Kitching : Such a dope video, you broke that down perfectly. The effects fit too. It makes you appreciate Days writing even more yo. Props homey.

Maxamillion00 : I dont know how everyone there understands he's reference mortal kombat. Id listen to the whole thing and be like "wtf?"

DevilDawg 08 : Thanks for this shit...a lot of this went WAY over my head

GrZLTV : idk if this got mentioned before but you missed the toasty line lol in MK a face pops up and says "toasty"

7OF7 : WHAATT!!!!!!!!.......... GREAT explantion. MK MK MK.THE BADAZZ BATTLE  EVER!!!!. punch line after punch line.  Bars after bars.

Snapback : crazy bars, I always wondered why daylyt was saying mk lol now I know.

Rob Lo : mmkay mmkay...he didn't need to keep saying it after EVERY mk reference. We got it. dalyt is too contrived.

Doni Taday : I ididnt get this scheme before, fck. Daylyt is genius but get lazy sometimes

Unorthodox : fire! beast wordplay!

Cody Foster : Missed the bar where dude comes from the corner and says Toasty! Other than that you got almost every bar.

TJDawgieStyle : I heard this entire round and didn't catch a single punchline I don't know how the fuck I missed it

i. Cali559. : you missed the "toasty" line bruh

Donte' Wilson : People need to stop sleepin on Daylyt.

Macent : I wouldnt have known this was MK without the subs until the Scorpion line.

Da Bishop : This shows how advanced daylyt is smh...

Goat Stature : method man in the back like wtf is he talkin bout lol

leawesomeguy : you forgot the toasty one lol.

Joe Joe : kinda stretching but it's mmmkay at best he got smoked by verb tho

TheSoundsOfJoce : Do more vids like this giving visuals to battle rap schemes it's sick!!!

Goat Stature : dope scheme but what is he really sayin

J Cole : He got everyone fooled, rewatch this, he barely even rhymed. All he did was make a bunch of mortal Kombat references word play he didn't really even rhyme

MrNeverWrong : should've put the toasty dude in the corner lol

Brother Tommy : The look on Chillas face tho!!! Getting out schemed!

MrEer218 : Good shit, I missed alot of these

Lord Leo : Hahahaha bigups on the music. Gotta love Blue Scholars

Zack Tabb : about 50 reaches in a row. if you think score, peon/scorpion & sigh racks/syrax is good wordplay you should just go ahead & off yourself

Fusion : Missed the "toasty" bar @2:03

Mal wd : Ima huge light fan but that entire scheme was a reach

Lil Dave63 : dope

Levos Baggings : And not one line had anything to do with dissing chilla. Sigh...

Lee Hughes : Daylte froze that dude out like sub zero that makes it 1 - 0 m.k m.k LMAO he's a genius is metaphors u need Einstein to break them down he's on another level completely . But mad as a 📦 🐸 .

Daniel Reyes : Love your videos that break down the bars

itWaswritten : Korneeeeeee

(ಠ_ಠ) : daylyt sucks. forced corny schemes dosnt make someone good

revolucion04 : You missed "steel armed WITH LINES" jax's arms have lines on them.

Jerrico Montero : Awesome vid

UNTOUCHABLE933 : Somebody need to do the daylyt vs m ciddy battle that mk scheme was dope too

Rozell Caldwell : genius ...straight up....#mk

Rafeon Young : Nicely done. Well put together.👍🏿