Club Penguin's Final Minutes

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Texan_Razorback Nick : This is probably the saddest thing I seen all year

Sir : 6:30 I can only imagine the amount of friendships who lost connection in that moment :(

Zack Reynolds : 12 years. TWELVE YEARS. OF HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. Over 240,000 coins. Every piece of merch out there. 12 beautiful puffles. 101 friends. Ages of fun and freedom.....Gone at the snap of Disney's cold-hearted fingers. RIP Club Penguin. 😥

Sir : 6:14 I like how the last heart was right in the middle

Wholesome Lad : Youtube is still recommending me this tragedy...

T : This is sadder than the Infinity War ending

Shawn Mitchell : Can we get a petition going to get club penguin back?

brendan : Y can’t this happen to fortnite

AnnaD : I cried more tears watching this than Laura lee did in her 'apology' video.

Shippening Police Sanic : ໒( ಥ Ĺ̯ ಥ )७

darwido : student athletes would've used those last minutes to grind some extra gold in the mine💯💪


the dondy show : So sad, ive had this game since 2007, still crazy they did this. Huge memory. Like For CP!!

jane izzy : not gonna lie, this was lowkey the saddest thing i've ever watched and i didn't even play club penguin :(((

SnowySkyzz YT : *the music doesnt make anything happier about this*

Miayy.s : *many 20 year old hearts were broken in the making of this video*

Rogue T-Rex : Watching the end of the world is sad. And in a sense this is what it was. And the last thing you can see were not curses or regrets... no cross words or stupid comments... Denial... hope that it's not real perhaps.... But in those last moments. All you can see is love and goodbyes. Memories all fond and friendships made going through each member as they stand together to say goodbye. I was not a part of this. But this is what I see here. It hurts but makes me happy. I hope that the friendships made transcended beyond this server and onto another where the goodbyes were not really goodbyes. Here's to Club Penguin. I hardly knew ye....

Epic Nikki : 1 like = 1 prayer for club penguin 😢

Erin Sarofim : Why did club penguin get shut down in the first place?

Foresty : 6:29 *The connection has been lost* Top ten anime betrayals

Sweet Cookie : What a community :( I don't even play this game but it's sad for me :'(

Lord Farquaad : it will won’t bE forgottEn

GamerX6500 : This music made me cry Rip Club Penguin

-Andrew- : *The connection has been lost. Thank you for playing Club Penguin. Waddle on!* 😭 😢 😔 😞

zeynep buyuktanir : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CLUB PENGUIN!!! I didn’t even play it XD This makes fortnite feel like trash

Elzeta : Now I feel sad because I want to play it again but I know that it will not happen never again

Chicken Chicken nuggets : I played club penguin as a child and it took up my life I will miss you games pluffles friends... Rip club penguin forever WADDLE ON!

MIA RAT BIG TEETH CACA FACE djsnsnsb : noo my favorite game as a teen

Josh Israel Villahermosa : 1:54 Build The Wall-Predicted ft.donald trump

B : I not cry my eyes just sweating

BIMAVENDA : Top 10 saddest anime deaths (Edit: Omg thanks for the likes)

Lyrical09 Productions : I always remembered watching my brother playing cp in his room with the blinds open and even my mom was watching him! I loved watching him but when this said waddle on I thought of my brother and had tears in my eye

KrøniksYT : This was my childhood, and then Disney took it all away....

Gaming with Colton : Waddle on 😖 I miss that game I used to play it until I stopped and we didn’t have a computer anymore

this username is really uncreative : *time flies when you’re having fun*

ShootToMiss : This is actually really sad lmfao

Eik Ægisdóttir : I use to love club will always be a piece of my childhood. 😕❤️

Yin Plays rblx and more : Nothing can last forever *but I wanted the game to last forever* well yeah everything great must come to an end just like how minecraft is dying

Pastel Ell : *The connection has been lost.* *Thank you for playing Club Penguin.* *Waddle on!* Rip CP; March 30th 2017

throwmeinacliffpls : background song?

Yogesh Sh : Srsly after seeing this I feel ,fortnite is trash.

kermit the frog : This is so sad Alxea Play minecraftsitoa

Jack Shadow : 2:18 its a prank bro

Mahoneywj : This is the meanest rich move by disney, they should have realised that they will make more money from club penguin than club penguin you need a membership for everything island.

Joseph frg : I never played club penguin before, i found out about it like 5 years ago with cod montages... as i'm scrolling through the comments i see so many people that played this game for so long and had beautiful memories and it lowkey makes me feel kinda sad I bet every dedicated user logged in before the shutdown and was crying buckets of tears, I can't imagine how i would react if i played after all this game is a childhood memory for some folks

Daiyaan Sutton : So sad Alexa, play club penguin.

Daniel Fiqry : I wonder why club penguin died 😥😥😥 this making me cry, That game was true wonderful

fortnite fanlover guy : My child hood is in the dark gone sad loved and blessed the game we'll always be in my soul Wattle on in your heart as long as possible R.I.P club penguin 2005-2017

Akiimeii Hoseki : This was sadder than the titanic movie