Club Penguin's Final Minutes

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Amy Wang : I didn’t know it was taken down until i watched this video....welp R. I. P. MY CHILDHOOD FAVOURITE GAME

Fit4EPICness : Infinity wars 2: club penguin

DerekWildstar : Top 10 saddest anime endings

SuperEvan106 : I'm crying 😭

Chad Adaza : Club penguin: mr stark, I don’t feel so good...

Supeh Pig : Man i remember when i was a kid amazing game :(

SocksPuppet : Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened -Dr Seuss

PURPLE BLADE : Waddle on..... 🤧

Howard Manley : I accidentally went on Club Penguin the other day thinking it was still there. :(

coolman7055 : Imagine creating an account the last minute 😂

keR1 : It's almost 1 year since shut down.. Waddle on..

SoulScream : I remember when I first played this game it was so fun, it was the first time that I actually had fun in my life. I always played the card jitsu, I tried so hard to get the black belt. When they added the ice dojo part, all I remember was I was playing it. I always played it in the library whenever I went. I remember all the friends I made 7 years ago, it was such a long time. The pokemon music from Black and White made it more emotional.

Izzys : “waddle on!” gosh who’s cutting onions here

Reaper J : Not even joking I cried this game was a huge part of my childhood. Waddle on

Pepe The Fr0g : This video is sad because think of all the people who made best friends on that game and imagine people who love that game a lot. but now it’s just, gone. _waddle on._

Fortnite Times - chizzy : _Oh my god i am actually crying_ ....

Daphne R : Damn I remember when the dojo was being built and you had to shovel snow for the dojo. I remember getting black belt and waiting for rock hopper ay the lighthouse. Oh man and going backstage at the night club to get a signed autograph background from Gary and Candace. Or when I did all those secret agent missions im emotional

theuganda bro : Rip rest in peace

Adam Alward : why did this actually make me cry like if it made you cry

e dawgg : who's cutting onions...

Lia : This is actually really depressing. Everyone saying their last goodbyes, with good memories. *cries*

Reaper J : Top ten anime betrayals

Tigerloverme : Don't mind me just an Animal Jam kid passing through

Tori Strange : Idk why but this made me sooo sad

Pug Tart : I hate Disney they ruined my childhood and took out 75% of it RIP

ShootToMiss : This is actually really sad lmfao

Swirly : i always hated how i needed to buy membership

Nicolás Cortéz : This is so *SAD* ,Alexa play despacito

XsychoPath : My childhood was this game...Penguin Club..Now it's shutting down...Thank you for the best times....Childrens would ask their parents to buy VIP in this game...We will never forget this game... Waddle On.. ❤

l I : still waddling on 😭

bakhtawar 1 : #waddleon #imissclubpenguin #rip #love

Traexic : this was actually sad to me , idk why

squidwards mother : who else cried ?

Kyrie Irving : Anyone else grew up on animal jam not club penguin

KRONIC JUSTICE : This is my 4th time watching this, it gets sadder every time 😢

Lil GuapSmile : Damn i remembered playing this like 4 years ago, i wish the best for the people that lost thier friends :,)

Pokerface zman : Man I played this game when it first came out. I even had a membership and everything. I reached black belt and I got excited for the Star Wars weekend. I will miss you Club Penguin. Waddle on.

AngeloNix : We need club penguin in Despacito 69

Rycnex : Music should have been the sound system (i'am so sorry)

JJplayzMC : im trying to type a comment but this damn music is finna make me cry ANYWAYS 3 childhood games, Poptropica <3 Club Penguin <3 and Minecraft <3

PeterDaGreat _ : One year. A minute of silence, please.

Dangerous Jayden : Boo hoo 😢

ThatOneUnicorn : Me on the last day of school 😭

P3nguin 06 : Disney better revive club penguin06 and give everyone there stuff back

Couper_543 : That was the saddest thing i have ever watched 😭😭

Sweet Cookie : What a community :( I don't even play this game but it's sad for me :'(

MatMat Games : Someone else likes to play it for hours???

Iris Purpledaughter : I love club penguin. I cried watching this video and there’s no shame in that. My childhood is in this game. The Puffles, begging my mom to let me buy membership and going to secret places like the ice berg. I remember always being in the Zipline server with my cousin so we could play together. I can go on and on about how honestly Club Penguin was a great game. Finding your best friends, sledding down hills to show your older siblings your good at something ;) Going to the theatre for new play event costumes and making fun of how you had to pay to play even though they advise as a “free” game. Lol. Honestly I’m really upset by this and it broke my heart watching this video. Seeing all your internet friends for the last time. Watching them dance in the background as the error button came up. And sadly, not being able to log on again just so see a “pranked!” Button.... RIP Club Penguin, it will honestly always have a place in my heart and I’m proud to say that Club Penguin is better than ROBLOX LOL

Unilehh : One year... Yeah...

Lemon Drop : This is so sad i forgot about this game and btw why did it shut down?