Club Penguin's Final Minutes

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MLPSmoothie : _Why do I feel like someone just passed?_ ;c

Gamer Idronplayz : This is so emotional. waddle on my friends.

ToXc ETAN : Bro am I the only one who actually felt like crying or cried?!

Xz Velo : I miss coming home from school in 2009, dropping my Spider-Man backpack and sprinting to my moms computer to finally get the black belt. Back when life had no worries, school was easy, and staying up with your friends playing club penguin, Minecraft or halo. It’s really hitting me now that my childhood is gone. At that young of age most of us don’t realize that this might be the most free we are in life. Rest in piece club penguin. And to my friends, Waddle On

Cody B. : Friend - "Have you ever lost a loved one?" *ME* -

Maximilian Musshoff : i feel like someone died, even tough i never cared or played this game

Pugzy : 2:39 AM and here I am tearing up to a club penguin video that somehow made its way into my recommended.

Randomness 2018 : Kids, before we had THIS for entertainment, not that BS of Fortnite

Little Muffin : *Titanic is nothing compared to this tho. N O T H I N G.*

Linda Marie And Family : I remember playing this when I was 9 years old. I’m now 21 years old. Makes me truly sad.

T : This is sadder than the Infinity War ending

itaql ツ : Dad: Why are you crying so damn loud?

TheLethalRedHawk : When real men cried.

RBC : This was the best game ever..: I met my first girlfriend Best friend Now it’s lost

FairyyTail : I'm crying.....WHY IT'S 2019!!! 😭😭😭

Texan_Razorback Nick : This is probably the saddest thing I seen all year

Jacob Paprocki : I got nostalgia so I looked up club penguin, I’m a sad boi now...

Auzzie Gamers : Its still hard to believe that this game is gone, I remember making a account and playing it for a total of 4 years, many good games like this shut down because they say there not making money, when they really are, I don't what there where thinking. But I have a feeling that they regert shutting the game down, I hope no more good games like this shut down

M00nL1ght Rasmussen : I was having a hard time in my life. I felt like no one wanted to be with me anymore... (7 years). People talked about me behind my back. Until I found this. I was so happy, when i chatted to someone and they responded! Now all of those memories are gone. I had to wait a year before I finally got a real friend but thanks Disney, to make me see that I wasn’t lonely! That somewhere there was somebody that liked me!

Katie Maskell : I miss this. I miss being a black belt at karate. I miss being a spy. I miss being a puffle owner. I miss being a fisherman. Waddle on my friends

savoryFeather73 GamingForLife : If only it came back....

FatDewd : February 2019 anybody?

Valve Plays : it’s just so sad. I remebered when I came home after school, dropped my stuff and ran to the computer.. I always wanted to beat that ninja boss or whatever he was called. childhod ruined. rest easy Club Penguin. you will always be missed. ❤️

DXS vSnxwy : Legend has it they are all now playing fortnite

Manas k : No game is fun anymore. Club penguin was such a genuine game and there was barely anything you actually had to pay for. But look at now. Every game is just made by corporate businessmen trying to make money for everything they can. I feel like even if the brought club penguin back it won't be as genuine and a awesome game as it once was. That's why only some people watching this actually are emotionally effected by this event. When club penguin went away, it took away a piece of my childhood

Sweet Cookie : What a community :( I don't even play this game but it's sad for me :'(

Sagario : not as sad as the connection for the wii shutdown was in 2014. rip mario kart wii

Noah Sinishtaj : All the fucking memories I had on this game😭 still sad that it’s gone

CrazyPhaze : This was sadder than Youtube rewind 2018.

blaze dontheg : R.I.P to thousands of dollars spent on club peguin memberships

daddybear : nearly 2019 and it still makes me cry

Epicpro12345678900 Smellslikeeggs : LETS ALL BLAME IT ON ROBLOX MEEPCITY!!!!

Obika : Waddle on forever you magnificent beast. Godspeed, penguins.

davy_wavy : "Don't cry because it's over, rather smile because it happened" - Dr. Seuss

Xd PhoonZ : I’m tearing up dude I miss this game so ducking much

Priscilla F. : Shit man, who’s cutting onions?!?

Sandee Grey : What's that music? I need it Lol.

spit on him my brothers : Why this game why couldn't it have been fortnite. You will always be remembered in my heart. I cried when that happend. Waddle on!!!

*P L u T o : I'm crying bro, I know it pass 2 years but, stay in the memories

Xxpanda playzxX : I miss club penguin...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Yogesh Sh : Srsly after seeing this I feel ,fortnite is trash.

Iris Gong : Waddle on forever and follow your dreams ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ItzGeorge29 : This is so sad!! Waddle on my friends.. :c

Krawberry • : Club penguin, thank you for making my childhood better. Never felt so much pain 🥴 Edit: wow so this was a year ago... shit

Depressedsaltyteen : Girls and boys, there is another club penguin made by the fans if you didnt know, its called club penguin online and its the exact same just fully free

CyberGlock1 : Top 10 Saddest Anime Endings

Christian Gonzalez : why am I crying if I don’t even play this game

Donald Trump : Ahh the childhood memories. Forever in the past now.

ULT RIVALS : I wasn’t prepared to hear this music