Peter saves Harry Potter

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The Harry Potter trio find themselves in a pickle when another famous anime character comes to the rescue. discord: instagram: twitter: google+: facebook: patreon: clothing: join my discord if you want some fun. also you better subscribe. music: the legendary Jmak sound effects:


Zuzu : How It Should Have Ended : *Harry Potter*

EnhancedTube : They: Infinity war is the greatest crossover in the history of crossovers. Me: **Shows them this**

Colox : Marvel: Infinite War is the most ambitious crossover of all time. Me:

Night Terror : Maybe he'll help him defeat 🅱️oldemort

Funky Barto : Finally,a good adaptation

That's a Pseudo on YT : Harry 🅱🅾tter and the cursed child *official trailer*

Iakovz : Wait Till My Father Hears About This

nihonium : like if you cry every time

SlackerTV : Top Ten Anime Crossovers

Chris Gerth : +10 for Peter Griffindor!

anonymous cheez : Peter:1 malfoy:0

Brandon Reck : Harry 🅱️otter saved by 🅱️eter Griffin

Henry Badger : *this is canon*

ng jason : This is a bigger and more ambitious crossover than Marvel's infinity war

Nintenerd : WeNGardiUm LEviOuSA

Lil Enxaqueca : 0:21 when my friends are going out without telling me where they are going

CebuliX : _"Avengers: Infinity War is the best crossover of cinematic history"_ Oh I don't think so.

Prottoy Islam : So you are using the spell to float everyone in your videos.. Now I finally get it

Crazytrain2015 : *Best crossover I ever saw*

Internet gaming Hero : peter more like 🅱️eter

A Cat : I really want to go to bed, but then I saw this video on my notifications and though "no, this is important". Now here I am.

Dominic Perez : Top Ten Anime Deaths

Colin Steadland : herrmone’s har is a bit laggy, no?

Cosmic Rift : *HahA yess*

Infinite Sad : Harry peter

JP Coasters : this is the definition of art

Uncle : National hero

Michael Jordan : You’re a *wizard* peter

Murmaxy : *Hmm,Yes* this video is very *interesting*

Jonathan Zamudio : Next-Gen Santiago.

Riccardo Abdine : 10 points for gryffindor

Rahul Bodh : God how do you make this ♥️♥️♥️

Løst Wölf : I send these to my friends to scare them

BellyBro : You're a lizard, Harry

MR. KITKAT Brayan Ibarra : Who else thought that was a fence 0:01


beta wave : When harry potter fans said that the cursed child was bad. I didn't know it was THIS AWFULLY BAD.

RussianDrago : I wish that I could have unseen this, but unfortunately for me I fell into your trap again.

The 747 : *T-pose tuesday*

Marcuss95 : *Disney stock market crashed after this video*

Ethan Pritstick : Truly one of the greatest movie franchises out there.

3rick 824 : *HARRY PETER*

aidan XP : In almost every video there is someone Flying in to the Sky.(it's Beatifull)😂😂

Pivotal Media : I T ‘ S L E V I O S A N O T L E V I O S A

The Strexil : The animations were just on top of the world. Splendid.

The Saucy Tiger : Wait till my dad hears about this... Just a crybaby

CapedCrusader318 : Please keep making original quality content like this

S1MPLY Greg : Peter saves us

Spirited Drive : Malfoy can no longer survive