Peter saves Harry Potter

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LastBreath : *🅱️eter saved us all.*

EnhancedTube : They: Infinity war is the greatest crossover in the history of crossovers. Me: **Shows them this**

Night Terror : Maybe he'll help him defeat 🅱️oldemort

Zuzu : How It Should Have Ended : *Harry Potter*

That's a Pseudo on YT : Harry 🅱🅾tter and the cursed child *official trailer*

anonymous cheez : Peter:1 malfoy:0

nihonium : like if you cry every time

Brandon Reck : Harry 🅱️otter saved by 🅱️eter Griffin

Henry Badger : *this is canon*

Colox : Marvel: Infinite War is the most ambitious crossover of all time. Me:

SlackerTV : Top Ten Anime Crossovers

OG_nUb_Gaming : Wait Till My Father Hears About This

Dyskvd : Finally,a good adaptation

Dominic Perez : Top Ten Anime Deaths

Chris Gerth : +10 for Peter Griffindor!

Crazytrain2015 : *Best crossover I ever saw*

Nintenerd : WeNGardiUm LEviOuSA

ng jason : This is a bigger and more ambitious crossover than Marvel's infinity war

Cosmic Rift : *HahA yess*

Prottoy Islam : So you are using the spell to float everyone in your videos.. Now I finally get it

A Cat : I really want to go to bed, but then I saw this video on my notifications and though "no, this is important". Now here I am.

Internet gaming Hero : peter more like 🅱️eter

CebuliX : _"Avengers: Infinity War is the best crossover of cinematic history"_ Oh I don't think so.

CringeFire9 : F I L T H Y M U D B L U D

Trueblue Alien : National hero

JP Coasters : this is the definition of art

27 Artur : 0:21 when my friends are going out without telling me where they are going

Jonathan Zamudio : Next-Gen Santiago.

Infinite Sad : Harry peter

pyrogash : I closed pornhub for this

•Fetch• : I send these to my friends to scare them

BellyBro : You're a lizard, Harry

RAHUL BODH : God how do you make this ♥️♥️♥️

Murmaxy : *Hmm,Yes* this video is very *interesting*

Colin Steadland : herrmone’s har is a bit laggy, no?

Michael Jordan : You’re a *wizard* peter

Ani's Trash Can : Hips

beta wave : When harry potter fans said that the cursed child was bad. I didn't know it was THIS AWFULLY BAD.

I am the Globglogabgalab : Splendid

Petík Georgiev : Harry 🅱otter and the 🅱iliso🅱er's s🅱one Harry 🅱otter and the cham🅱er of secre🅱s Harry 🅱otter and the azka🅱an 🅱risoner Harry 🅱otter and the fire go🅱let Harry 🅱otter and the 🅱enix or🅱er Harry 🅱otter and the hal🅱 🅱lood prince Harry 🅱otter and the 🅱ea🅱ly hallows

3rick 824 : *HARRY PETER*

MR. KITKAT Brayan Ibarra : Who else thought that was a fence 0:01


Herpiderp Vlogs! : Truly one of the greatest movie franchises out there.

Arastoomii : This is way too erotic

The 747 : *T-pose tuesday*

Marcuss95 : *Disney stock market crashed after this video*

RussianDrago : I wish that I could have unseen this, but unfortunately for me I fell into your trap again.

Riccardo Abdine : 10 points for gryffindor

S1MPLY Greg : Peter saves us