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Spoolz07 : Love it - a huge 'live TV' build-up to the moment the legendary hacker uses a computer for the first time in eight years, and they don't actually show it happening! Fabulous editorial decision.

Ivan : Look at that girlfriend men....

morph611 : holy shit that girlfriend of his is stacked

psykick77 : kevin and woz are cool

Darcy Hart : His girlfriend is immaculate.

Kattywampus : This is Internet history, right here. Thanks, Tech TV! I always wanted Kevin Mitnick's personal address

QsoftStudios : gotta love mitnick XD

12dollarsand78cents : His Girlfriend at 2:59 is a hottie still to this day.

M T : HQ my ass, this is worse than the other video on YT

James Bos : Woz is nothing short of a Gentleman!

Jon Irenicus : Omg I had one of those Antec full tower ATX steel case. They were so big and heavy, it can probably stop a bullet or two.

bottle2lip : firefox came about Feb 2004...but had versions before that named Phoenix dating to 2002 and yes i highly doubt kevin had not touched a keyboard in that entire time...

FortintePlayz : what are you doing here  kevin

cyberpunk64bit : i soooo miss tech tv... it sucks what happened with kevin. great side, he is doing well.. (as far as i know, and I hope he still does)

Nicholas Maietta : That put a majorly big smile on my face some of the greatest names and faces all in one place.

invalidusername : Leo looks so young here!

MikeRoePhonicsMusic : Leo!

zomgtehrei : Ghost in the wires.

Medusa : Kevin Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

XTERM XTERM : Free Kevin!!

inuysha360 : Gotta love Woz.

Bungle : Fuck the police!

er10b : This reminds me heaps about the 'Free Kevin' protest - I was only 1 year old but still I was out there with the protestors. Brings back memories.

Semih Masat : and i still remember reading your comment. 2 years passed. wow.

maak : what is the date of this episode?

rawdmon : I miss the screensavers, now we just have "The Lab with Leo" which is garbage in comparison.

Anthony Rosamilia : letter was sloppy lol!

Doron Ben Chaim : Kevin Mitnick on most recent episode of Triangulation( watch?v=A6_Ysj7f5sE

godmode9 : Its funny they talk about how far the internet had come. But this was before Firefox, G-mail, Wikipedia, Digg, Facebook, Twiiter and all that stuff.

Jim McAnally : Hell FREE DARCI ! ! !

Nishan Lathhewage : kevinnnn start hacking agian..u are the man,i adore u

Josh FatalHCS : Because the internet has come far in that time. I don't know if you realized but technology exponentially grows each year, even back then.

Ryan Needham : wow he's never seen google before this

BaKeDbEaN : @Isinia79 FYI Emmanuel Goldstein is from the novel 1984 and Eric Corley is the owner of 2600 magazine, his pen name is Emmanuel Goldstein

AceTracer : Wikipedia had already been around for a couple years; that's probably where I would've recommended he go even then.

Beginners. Mind : i just want to watch more of this

croquis24 : one smal step for uss a giant step for kevin

Steve Lockhart : You too, huh. I've been a LaPorte fan for a while too.

Blackouti386 : Gregory J. Amantia, good thing you covered that phone number up you noob.

sjkdec18 : I love Woz!

67576856666478964567 : KEVIN FREE!

Pheonix2022 : I love how overboard people go on videos about nerdy topics whenever there's a mildly attractive girl on screen. A girl who's maybe a 5 or 6 becomes an "immaculate hottie" in the comments lol.

12dollarsand78cents : Fuckin' still love watching this episode! Thank you for the upload.

Ripplenator : I remember watching this "live" on TechTV.

21stCtesc : It's especially interesting, 3 years later, how much further the internet has come. Firefox has been usurped by Chrome, Digg, by Reddit. Interesting stuff.

girrrrrrr2 : @godmode9

ouwetwarrior : This is the 5th time I'm watching this video LOOL

Deric Roshan : youth should be guided about internet if the police had done that early at kevins times...than it wouldnt hv boooooooooooooooo

daboffstraightqwe : i watched this just after reading his autobiography- a great story.

Uriel Rivera : yeah