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Spoolz07 : Love it - a huge 'live TV' build-up to the moment the legendary hacker uses a computer for the first time in eight years, and they don't actually show it happening! Fabulous editorial decision.

12dollarsand78cents : His Girlfriend at 2:59 is a hottie still to this day.

Darcy Hart : His girlfriend is immaculate.

bottle2lip : firefox came about Feb 2004...but had versions before that named Phoenix dating to 2002 and yes i highly doubt kevin had not touched a keyboard in that entire time...

Pheonix2022 : I love how overboard people go on videos about nerdy topics whenever there's a mildly attractive girl on screen. A girl who's maybe a 5 or 6 becomes an "immaculate hottie" in the comments lol.

12dollarsand78cents : Fuckin' still love watching this episode! Thank you for the upload.

Kattywampus : This is Internet history, right here. Thanks, Tech TV! I always wanted Kevin Mitnick's personal address

Jon Irenicus : Omg I had one of those Antec full tower ATX steel case. They were so big and heavy, it can probably stop a bullet or two.

cyberpunk64bit : i soooo miss tech tv... it sucks what happened with kevin. great side, he is doing well.. (as far as i know, and I hope he still does)

Eliran Zigdon : Legend

ÁUß Code : 5:50 windows xp

croquis24 : one smal step for uss a giant step for kevin

morph611 : holy shit that girlfriend of his is stacked

invalidusername : Leo looks so young here!

Lucas Ferreira : This is so amazing and fun, it was like a kid in DIsneyland

Nicholas Maietta : That put a majorly big smile on my face some of the greatest names and faces all in one place.

Anthony Rosamilia : letter was sloppy lol!

psykick77 : kevin and woz are cool

FortintePlayz : what are you doing here  kevin

zomgtehrei : Ghost in the wires.

21stCtesc : It's especially interesting, 3 years later, how much further the internet has come. Firefox has been usurped by Chrome, Digg, by Reddit. Interesting stuff.

daboffstraightqwe : i watched this just after reading his autobiography- a great story.

maak : what is the date of this episode?

inuysha360 : Gotta love Woz.

Josh FatalHCS : Because the internet has come far in that time. I don't know if you realized but technology exponentially grows each year, even back then.

MikeRoePhonicsMusic : Leo!

Beginners. Mind : i just want to watch more of this

Ryan Needham : wow he's never seen google before this

Andy Mesa : Wikipedia had already been around for a couple years; that's probably where I would've recommended he go even then.

QsoftStudios : gotta love mitnick XD

Semih Masat : and i still remember reading your comment. 2 years passed. wow.

burnzy3210 : how is it?

Steve Lockhart : You too, huh. I've been a LaPorte fan for a while too.

Medusa : Kevin Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Jim McAnally : Hell FREE DARCI ! ! !

James Bos : Woz is nothing short of a Gentleman!

Blackouti386 : Gregory J. Amantia, good thing you covered that phone number up you noob.

ouwetwarrior : This is the 5th time I'm watching this video LOOL

Neojhun : Wait, is that Vint Cerf in the audience.

Neojhun : @fireinmycrotch Not surprised, He is one of the many pioneer of digital Social Engineering. Meaning unlike the stereotpical nerd, he is very charming and is very good at socialising. But guess what, that was probably what got him into trouble.

er10b : This reminds me heaps about the 'Free Kevin' protest - I was only 1 year old but still I was out there with the protestors. Brings back memories.

BaKeDbEaN : @Isinia79 FYI Emmanuel Goldstein is from the novel 1984 and Eric Corley is the owner of 2600 magazine, his pen name is Emmanuel Goldstein

Doron Ben Chaim : Kevin Mitnick on most recent episode of Triangulation( watch?v=A6_Ysj7f5sE

rawdmon : I miss the screensavers, now we just have "The Lab with Leo" which is garbage in comparison.

Morpheus : youth should be guided about internet if the police had done that early at kevins times...than it wouldnt hv boooooooooooooooo

Ripplenator : I remember watching this "live" on TechTV.

Uriel Rivera : yeah

Nishan Lathhewage : kevinnnn start hacking agian..u are the man,i adore u

sjkdec18 : I love Woz!

girrrrrrr2 : @godmode9