How Starbucks Trains Employees About Race

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Ian Kung : Posting Your Dead Dog On FB ► Subscribe ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

Gus Johnson : Absolutely excellent.

24 Frames Of Nick : Absolute comedic genius

Veridian : I just wanna know what kinda witchcraft goes into learning the coffee names

Kraison Frameworks : There it is

Mind : Oof

Faris_XD : *No*

Berry Allien : W H I T E P O W E R

Graham Crackers : skip to the good stuff

Kee Sama : I don't get it what's the joke? This is just a standard starbucks orientation

eerereps : 😂White Power

Zebra 082 : 2 videos in 2 days? I'm impressed

Karen ਕਰਮਨੀਤ : Comedic genius. But in all seriousness, literally the same thing has happened to me but I listen to the employee and either buy something or leave, instead of being an ass, oh and I'm *not* black so no one cares.

Beast : But what if the black guy is asian? Hmmm

Gingeas : hahahahaha

Kursed Egg : I like hentai

One Ton Productions : Say no to starbucks.

TakeThisification : What did we do to deserve consistent uploads from you, Ian? What can we do to keep this happening?!

Austin Powell : SJWs: *IT'S NOT ENOUGH*

Janovjev : I really feel bad for the poor employee that got fired. He dindu nuffin.

Derpy Derpy McDerpFace : I legitly search for "Starbuck Training Video" after watching this Sadly, I don't find the video :(

R3fug33 : A lot of idiots commenting about this story as though anything remotely racist happened. Two people walked into a store, were asked to leave because they weren't buying anything, then they refused and acted rude. If the people think they are completely innocent, then why didn't they leave the store when asked by the manager? Then again, by police. God, it's annoying how many people play the victim, when they get treated fairly.

cinnamonseahorse : Spend more time on your creative process. Quality over quantity. Love ya.

hypno159753 : I am absolutely in love with your videos

tenchichrono : What's so racist about them throwing out loiterers? In 2015 or something they denied bathroom access to a cop but I don't see anybody going crazy over that. The cop was White btw. I'm neither White or Black. As a former business owner, if you're not a patron of my business, please leave because I need that space for paying customers.

GloneThug : yo this guy is amazing

1G1 : The subtle white power at the end

AttilaTheBuns : Weren't they not buying anything and refusing to leave?

Jacob Hawkins : hella underrated editing skills

fedwinf4 : Lol this video got taken down for hate speech, leave it to YouTube

Jello : i'm so mad you don't have like 5 million subscribers you are just so god damn funny dude

MysteryIDK : ian is the only news source i trust these days

Ethan Buss : I personally don't think the situation had to do with race, but this was good! 😂

Jeremiah Sedler : 😂😂😂 Thank you for that! Please.... Never making these

Cyler Sullivan : Critically underrated channel

THE TYLER : How is this guy funny in every video?

rajj theman : My new favorite channel for sure

Norika Nam : perfect satire: succinct, straight up, provocative, punny, real.

King Kendrick Goat : Kinda getting to political Ian

Devon Palmer : I expected the ghost to reappear

Jayson Ducharme : This was clever

Cyril Vidal : Genius.

Dontae N Jones : So this is the second skit channel I've seen covering this topic. Evidently Starbucks did something then. Great 😒

john hoskins : I hate to say it, but I think you need a disclaimer. The left might actually take this seriously

Saber-Toothed Tiger : I don’t get it he just played the normal orientation video for Starbucks and trump tower

javalin597 : YES IT'S BACK!!!

ZThumper Chaddington : This channel is so under-rated.

_*Christiaan*_ [BL4H] : white power or powder? _hmm_

David O. : *person is respectfully asked to leave private property and refuses* Internet “rACiSm! BoYCoTT StaRBucKs!!1”

Jessica Parker : The afro-americans who were kicked out of starbucks were being unruly, loud and aggressive and the manager was right to kick them out for their behaviour. We can't let ourselves be in a position of believing anybody who cries racism, as the mob is a dangerous hivemind who can destroy lives over the lies of a thug.