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Sumukh : sHe sO PaLE

HENRY THE RC CAR : 0:32 staring at her like: "don't make this worse than it is..."


Rectus Rectumius : Two pretty ladies.

INTROVERTOMEGA : What did the bucket say to the sand castle? I so pail.

Christian Carroll : her grammar went from 0-100 real quick 😂😂😂

Hubert Applebaum : I so lonely

Hinarf Narfy : DUDE... that lady on my right, I bet you 100 million dollars she's a great friend.

La Sombra Del LoBo : You have to give her credit, she probably makes one of the worse/best mistakes of her career. When she realizes what she has done she locks it up and pushes through the story. Bravo

J Matt : I wish I could see the conversation that went on after the segment ended lol

College P : That eye contact they had though.

TheSisi786 : The love and they dynamic between these two is so sweet. It's like they're best friends in middle school, doing a presentation at an all school assembly. Love both of them. I think the beginning of this might be my favourite 10 seconds of YouTube ever.

Jesse Burleson : "I so pale." Who thinks to say something like that. This could be a catchphrase now. Hilarious!

NOn Playable character : Lmfao! She switched gears like lightening 😅😂😂😂

Dave Brittain : I just love watching the little cute blond shaking inside with laughter. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

Real Faction / Piercing Lazer : The funniest part is the way she looks at the camera... "Oh...shit." XD haha

sarcasmo57 : What does "I so pale" even mean?

Mj Carandang : Dont worry you pale, you hot.

Rex H : You can see that poor girl's Life flashing before her eyes when she realizes she's on live TV. This is one of the funniest clips on YouTube.

Ron : The one on the left would be fun to hang out with

Aოε Rεἶʂ : _"AH SO PAYEL"_

pandemic7 : Part of the charm is seeing two young, attractive women being sweet with each other in the work place instead of being competitive, mean, etc., with one another. I think we've become jaded with the stereotype of office bickering and backbiting that we often see with women in the work place. I don't think I'm being sexist, I'm only in my 30s but my wife, my sisters, friends would all agree with me and have shared countless tales of this nature. In fact, most of the women I've worked have been equal to, if not more competent than the men I've worked with. Perhaps that's why you see more and more women kicking ass in positions of power. Anyway yeah, and the blonde has such a kind smile, and the brunette sucks it up, doesn't panic and marches on. Plus they're both super cute. Classic vid.

MrBook : They're both so charming, in totally different ways. They're Betty and Veronica!

mr. h4ck3rm4n : She went from innocent naive southern girl to district attorney in just a few awkward seconds.

MKM : The blonde girl's so cute.

Roger Mello : Cathy smile could end wars and cure cancer.

vrother : They seem so in love with eachother lmao

Yoshinori Todo : I suspect that's how they always talk when they're not on air! "I so pale!" "You not! You beautiful!" "Today weather bad"! 😂

Nuxarc : I think we're ALL pale

mapleleaf123456789 : I'm actually so damn impressed with that recovery. Holy shit, if I was in her situation I would NOT be able to stop laughing. She's good at her job.

Stella24Bella : Holo and welcome my fellow holosexuals. Have some cookies.

M Alc : I feel these two could have a sitcom together.

A M : Pale is so attractive on girls. You can tell these women are great friends.

Colby and Brennen : I so depressed

DaveSimonH : "You're on air." 0_0... "Today snow is crippling..."

3adhalat : YEARS later and I still love watching this :)))

Gaurav Kulkarni : Me texting vs Me writing an essay.

Adam Nicely : This takes me back. MISS YOU GUYS!

Ias Howle : I so crippled from depression

USAFMike : Such a classic. The one on the right is adorbs. Hope there weren't any lame repercussions for this.

iTz Adzii : Who says I instead of i'm

Biggie Smalls : It’s okay to be white

Charles Darwin : They're both so hot

Squidgy Quijabo : Those eyes as she realizes....

Ano Nym : Where are the MK ultra comments.......

Elijah Shane : Her name is Erin Conrad, she's from Texas. You can hear the camera man giggle when she tells her she's on air. The one on the right reminds me of Elizabeth Shue

Alan Q. Wake : *Pale girls so pretty* 😍

george mikal : When you trynna be thug but remember you are hella educated

Ranger : she went from slang to professional so fast *claps

Premier Stingy : Yeah they're definitely best friends. Won't be long until one suddenly pushes the other onto a bed one day.