2 shots of vodka

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Venom : It's the Russian metric system so she's correct.

Feat_45 : She probably meant 2 shots of vodka left in the bottle

Dan Bate : She meant an alcoholics equivalent of 2 shots.

DsRz Dagger : I finally found it

Zero Pitu : Boneless vodka

Ghost : 2 shots of subs

Caleb Carr : The scene of the drunk guy is from the amazing show of Trailer Park Boys. The drunk is the park supervisor.

sophie : Showed my mom this and she laughed haha. It's pretty funny!

No Raisin : i don't see a problem here

Zech Yt : that cured my caancer

ALLTHE MONEY : Y'all play too much this is too funny

XxKingDcxX : I can't breath rn 💀

GianniTZG 69 : Somebody in 2019?

CTStyles31 : My friends every time I tell them to fix a drink for me.

T 2 : Randy, I got $100 here for grocies, and I got $1400 here for 0:00

Psibot FX : 2 shots of Bodka

TrifALo : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

xXRINDERXx : Esto q quiere decir Papá Oso?

PleaseHelp Mee : *2 shots of ivan braginski*

Skeet : lol

princess_jess09 GAMES! : 2 shots of sweet tea *pours in 500 shots of sweet tea* woo it is going to be hyper

woresh GamePlus : Autoreplay needed here

Jeremy Hill : 😂😂

Riley Scannell : RIP

al : Pipo

Tiger Mendez : I thought she meant half of vodka

whypeoplewhy 2 : Well the Russians must love that drink

Ghost sz : meia um :3

VapeFace : Am I the only one that knows what this is from?

10,008 Agent-8 Bridgett : 0:05 when you realize you have no idea what’s going on

Jack Of Spades : frigg of lahey

spaghett : *_okay heather chandler_*

Lumber Baron of Jasper County : That's pretty lightweight right there! Queeeesh!

spart030 : haha, I remember talking with my mom about how much of an alcoholic sandra lee was xD

Snow Mercy : My spirit mammal.

Tipsylou : my spirit animal

At Skillz : 😂😂😂😂😂😂

variabl3 : lmaox1000

Teblaze : 0:03

rafeels : 61

Vegito Blue : Biggest shots I have ever seen.

LV LV : Pipo

darkasar kataclismo : Pipo

Raccoon the mighty : Pipo

Carlebo 012 : PIPO

waflexz RODriguez : Boneless