Rent-a-Foreigner in China | Op-Docs | The New York Times

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Viraj : "The price of white people is expensive" "Black people are cheaper" "Indians would be about the same price as black people" WOW. I want to say so many things but I can't find any words.

Tyrah Knight : They should come to America a pick up some of these white homeless dudes near Walmart .

/ : capitalism at its finest


Luey Vivant : This is so superficial and sad.

Jia'nan Zhang : Chinese people don't worship white people, let's get this straight. The only reason why they have foreigners is because it gives a more exotic feel. There aren't a lot of foreigners in China. it's actually pretty rare when you go into the interior of China. the more rare something is the more interest is paid to it. that how it works everywhere. For example in Shanghai (tier 1 city) there are barely any advertising showing a foreign face of some kind because Shanghai has 80,000+ foreigners so it isn't so rare. While if you go to the middle of no where (tier 3 or lower city) in the interior seeing a foreigner on an advert or live will attract a lot more attetion. I know this from personal experience because I'm from Shanghai China. I also went to the interior for a family event, the fact that I could barely speak Chinese attracted a lot of attention. I basically only speak English (British) because I was raised in South Africa (former British colony).

Gregory Hervet : I m living in this city for years.90% of those models from Russia ukraine and they re pretending they are Americans .

BF3blog : This is no different than using pretty people to sell cosmetics and clothes and cars and what not.

Chad Zeller : This is so friggin sad. Well, at least I now have a fall-back plan as a white person if I get laid off from work - go to China and be a "token white guy."

Generation Fallout : Once again being white comes in handy. I will make a good well paid servant for the new Chinese masters of the world!! Bow down to china!!


Saying it direct : I knew it, we white people are very "classy, beautiful and expensive" as that Chinese lady explains. Blacks are "cheap", that is sad...

Rose Red : this is hilarious

Jinyang Wang : better be thankful for this country as it provides the opportunities for those white people to survive here who might be just losers in their home country

obsidianstatue : did you know right after the meiji restoration in 1860s the japanese were seriously considering to artificially introduce European genes into their country, to make them more European and less Asian. China is simply going through a phase, a nation of developing people trying to be more confident, they will grow out of it as japan did.

Nereus : china is a fake country, probably it's real name is something else but they don't even remember it cause it's faakkee ahah i wonder what the people who buy the houses will do after figuring out the neighbourhood is almost non existent!! ahah

ARVIN : Their white slave owning colonial forefathers would be proud to see their works paid off. Their kids don't even have to work hard to be rich.

Stargate Academy : China - the Twilight Zone made manifest.

Nicholas M : In America we purposefully try to fill a checklist of minorities for advertising even if the population of an area is mostly one ethnicity. Not as bad as different ethnicities being worth more or less in China, but a similar idea.

John T. Wolfbanger : Mao Ze Dong is turning in his grave. Or rather, glass show case.

Xpace : SMH. People in the comments actin like Americans aren't as superficial. Sigh. Why do businessmen in New York spend thousands on Saville Row suits? Why do they tell you to look, act, and speak your best during job interviews? Has nobody here ever seen Mad Men, ffs?

Amber Sullivan : This is just wrong in so many levels ...

dead poet : "A man's world but a white man's planet" - capital steez. RIP

Jonas Herbstritter : are we back to the slave-trading time?

David Wu : Chinese really does have low standards. The supposed "handsome" white guys they are casting are 5/10 at best. No wonder white people are egomaniacs and feel so good around minorities.

Dr.Sanjog Sharma : And the Chinese are supposedly about to take over the world...

Arthur Dent : A government programme to send unemployed to China is on the way I imagine. All the self-entitled jerks will be happy to get paid just for being white/black/whatever

itsinmynamechap : I hope this is the Chinese remake of The Office.

miudinho zn : is this a kind of privilege? ok muve to china white people of the whole world !!!! LOL

MegaTycoon831 : I for one welcome our new chinese overlords although i am latino so maybe im worth half a white person darn...

Wong Tik Ki : European face = good, trustworthy, classy etc...White priviledge at its finest. But hey, thats no different from some brands trying to find asain/ afriacan models to gain 'diversity' points. So, no complaint.

sydandtaytum : as a chinese-american, i find this aspect of china to be pretty despicable. at the same time, what she says in the end is true. image is a fluid thing that can be manipulated. american companies do it all the time- they are just a lot less brash about it.

Joshua James : We call this "affirmative action" in the U.S.. Not qualified? It's ok - you're black. Same concept in China? RACIST!!!!!

Andryan Sinulingga : It's quite similar like Indonesia, I'm 30 years old guy, Indonesian and live in Jakarta (born and raised), i had worked in advertising, in advertising we use a lot of foreigner actors to create a prestige image of our Indonesian Product and sometimes we use them as a (fake) English teacher to fools Indonesian people who want learn English. The fact is they are not even an actor nor English Teacher, they are just random drunk white people tourist we found in the local Bars. I'm not a bad guy, i'm just a worker who only get paid 300 usd per month. it's not my fault and i got to live bro... But now i work as a video editor. The way to stop this thing is we have to educate peoples that there is no such thing like racial superiority, all races are the same it's just a different skin color and we must confidence of our race and nationality! I'm proud to be Asian! Peace!

宋波 : I am Chinese. Since childhood we are educated, foreigners (European and American white) need to be respected by us, and Africa is poor. I hate this kind of education, first and foremost because it obliterates the dignity of the individual, followed by its racial discrimination. Even the dignity of the educated (us) are obliterated, and the other races are more difficult to be friendly. 我是中国人。从小我们就被教育,外国人(欧美白人)需要被我们尊重,而非洲都很穷。我讨厌这种教育,首先是因为它抹杀个人尊严,其次才是它的种族歧视。连受教育者(我们)的尊严都被抹杀,对其他种族更难以友好。 所以,现状是,中国人崇拜白人,歧视黑人以及印度人,仇恨日本人以及韩国人。 So, the status quo is that the Chinese worship white people, discrimination against blacks and Indians, hatred of the Japanese and Koreans.

cat luva : are the y called house honkys? Yes I know I'm going to hell for that.

echolot : wrong on so many levels

Don Whelan : A 60 year old white man cannot get a job in USA. They hire other races first.

Trisha Kanadi : Okay I'm ethnically Chinese and currently live in Shang Hai. I think this isn't a Chinese thing but more of a rural thing. Using foreigners to just stand around isn't a thing in the big cities.

Jianmin Zeng : 老子把这视频发国内去,让人们知道狗婊子的包装,扭曲的价值观。

Martin Rayner : Maybe the real estate developers should try aiming their marketing efforts at anti-social misanthropes. It would seem to be the ideal target demographic for these desolate megacities in the middle of nowhere.

Cel Gar : I wonder what Latin faces would go for o.o

Daniel Lee : This is commercial promotion, it's normal. Nothing to criticize!

cumartesisaat5 : It is said to be documentary, but I feel like half documentary half fiction

d mark : Same thing all over Japan, just more subtle. White wedding unqualified ministers, "English teachers" from Russia or Iran, etc etc. Problem for "white" or "black" people with legitimate jobs is that they are not taken seriously (or seen as normal human beings) because of this kind of special treatment for what I can only call "clowns"

Gary Phillips : What NYT doesn't say is that China is beautiful. The infrastructure is 10x better than usa. Most large cities have bullet trains and huge freeways. I was in Chengdu and didn't want to leave.

wysiwyg43 : Wow. China is just playing "catch-up" when it comes to capitalism. I don't see the harm except, that these jobs make foreigners look like idiots. LMAO at the Queen's royal guard costumes! Little do they know that their fortunes won't be made in China. #cringeworthy

Ken Powers : Funny how it works...marginalized Asians emigrated to the new world to find work back in the 19th century, and now marginalized Whites are emigrating to the previous land of immigrants to better their positions. The circle of life, I guess.

Gregory Teter : integrity /In"tEgrIti/ · n. 1 the quality of having strong moral principles. 2 the state of being whole. Ø the condition of being unified or sound in construction. Ø internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data. – ORIGIN ME: from Fr. intégrité or L. integritas, from integer (see integer).

Celipon : What I find more shocking than them using exotic models is that they build commie blocks with fake castles on top of them. And not just one, many of them together. Who designed this, a ten year old?