Sink a nail in ONE HIT
Sink a nail in ONE HIT

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What else do I say? How to pound a nail with a single hit. Drive a nail like an alpha. ---*NEW* The following is my response to all of the "click-bait" accusations--- I am so sorry for wasting your precious time, so here's how you really do it: 1) Hold nail in position with one hand 2) Aim at nail and concentrate 3) Swing as hard as you possibly can Be sure to follow these steps exactly, and good luck! But remember that this must be at your own risk, as I cannot be held responsible for what you do with a hammer.


This Is The Future : “But only an alpha can sink a nail in one hit” *grabs Thor’s hammer*

Mark Zac : YouTube algorithm: ‘You’re not gonna believe what I just found you’

kendrick lmao : Me:I'm tired time to go to sleep Also me: how to sink a nail in ONE HIT

• Pepe • : Counting, carpenter style: *"thump, thump, thump, thump"* *"unk, unk, unk"* *"whack, thud"* *"wham!"*

Sundae : A true carpenter warrior, can sink a nail in 0 hits...

Dezmond Anderson : When he starts smacking tf out of the wood I died 😄😄😄

S T B : Not only did he sink a nail in ONE HIT, he did it without a hammer *POWER 100*

PewDiePie 4 Life Unsubscribe T-series : But only expert knows how to cut wood with hammer

ESPOSITO : My doctor uses the same method when doing stitches.

Facepalm : Youtube random recommendations never disappoints me.

Dominic Perez : I guess you can say... he nailed it!

Jirvex : Fact: you are not watching in full screen

Flame Clan : Pocket 83: sinks a nail in one hit Albert Einstein: genius, pure genius

Danny Deko : Nobody: YouTube: Nobody: YouTube: How to sink a nail in one hit Me: (@)____(@) it’s like 2am why am I here

Bob is Love : I laughed so hard when you showed how to do it with a single hit

KaloneMusic : The *true* alpha carpenter can sink wood into a nail in just 1 hit

Gustavo Orue : Thank you YouTube recomendations very cool

Jnic : Well this got recommended to everyone else in 2019 too

Gerardo Guerrero Bárcenas : Thanks for the advice. Definitely will try this tommorow at work. Will save a lot of time.

General Kenobi Daily : I showed this to my dad and he couldn’t stop laughing for a solid minute

I'm Morty : 0:46 JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS JINGG-- Got the tunes? 😂

Nicholas Enak : To the most recommended video I've ever gotten and watch every time 👏👏

Smalex1991 : Thanks a my house is destroyed from me trying to put up a painting

stoned drago : this gets recommended to me every so often, and let me tell you, i have never been disappointed watching this. not once. *ive watched this at least a dozen times*

Conrad Andrew : I feel bad for the people who thought this would be serious

Sapprine : The rise and fall of T-Series

Elite Soldier : ^House building theme intensifies^

Kyelen Arora : Me: Youtube Reccomended: This man ain't know how to sink nails

TakeAGanda : youtube algorythm strikes again!

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Top 10 most powerful anime characters of all time

Droidz Byn : In Russia you don't nail the wood, you wood the nail

Parker Ammar : Super powerful electromagnet and you could achieve 0 hits

Noviyan Dimas : *"dude, chill" intensifies*


aethertech : I don't know what I was expecting. I didn't come here for laughs. But I got them.

Rory mccallum : Thank you YouTube recommendations

Sir Cat : im so dumb to expect something knowledgeable from youtube recommendations.

x Rhenum x : The nail doesn’t find the wood, the wood finds the nail...

50,000 subscriber with No videos : 0:59 When you raged so bad that the wood flew away

CatBob : +1000% damage

Dj NutCracker : *~(MEMES FROM ESTONIA)~*

FBI : In mother Rusia, you don’t nail the wood, the wood nails you!

Parth Bhoiwala : No clue why YouTube recommended me this

Black Spider : So if i want to hang a photo on wall using your zero hit method ...................... *strange music starts* *Directed by: Robe........*

Edgar Velaman : This slowly turned into a how to basic video

TnT Baby : Im fed up with YouTube recommendations

Jack Zimmerman : Me: watches video game plays, and vlogs, and funny videos YouTube: YOU WOULD LOVE THIS

Dotadummy : This is it folks we found the alpha after 5 years

Matin Far : Scientists: *What if we used 100% of our brains* Carpenters: