Sink a nail in ONE HIT

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Conrad Andrew : I feel bad for the people who thought this would be serious

Justin Y. : That's A LOT OF DAMAGE

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Top 10 most powerful anime characters of all time

Justin Y. : That's quite the amount of damage

yebook : why did I watch this?


John Pappalardo : ...if HowToBasic did carpentry

Lemi Kadriaj : That was unexpected.

Phone Guy : A truly experienced carpenter could sink it in 0. You put it under water.

Tiksup : wait wait no no. This is sinking a *board* into a *nail!*

pc_da_ one_84 : Lol it's how to basics carpenter cousin

Royce Bacelonia : "I guess you could say he *nailed it*. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

*1.25Speed on everything : Patched as of Update *2-01.8v5* for anyone still attempting the glitch...

Joshua Weidner : instructions unclear used face instead of wood

THeLaGgErBoYiE : Pessimist- "the nail is crooked" Optimist- "well, we can do it again" Feminist- "that nail raped me"

GlitchytheGlitch : my trainee: This man is too strong we cannot defeat him we must retreat! ゲ尉アケ価 姻雲グイ音易 若 me: NO! if we do, then are efforts would be thrown away! this is our last chance. まこバソち温 ロ ゼ ざ奥ラむげ咽ばカ you (the master of all things nail): (sinks a nail with one hit) *my entire army dies* me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! YOU ARE EVIL! I WILL BE BACK AND I WILL BRING ONE LIKE YOU AND YOU WILL KNOW TRUE PAIN!!!! ヽ 宛愛 ナ威 ゠ ヾ鉛ヤ液のァ翁ー哀ー穏゜右宴グ you: (prepares another nail and plank) 【to be continued...】

Fire Ninja : E N E M Y S P O T T E D

Peter Brown : What the?! HA! Are you asserting your alpha dominance over the YouTube pack! I'm no alpha, so I must follow... :)

Filip Kasprzyk : *_w h y i s t h i s i n m y r e c o m m e n d e d ?_*

The UNKN0WN : *C R I T I C A L* *H I T*

4me 4you : When u hack life so hard 7k people dislike ur video

lol who did this : In soviet Russia you don't nail the wood, the wood nails you (¬‿¬)

*_Salty Bih_* : *Nailed it*

Arka Chanda : Now we want the 0 hit version

Naman Sood : *N A I L E D I T*

Help Me Get 500 Subs Without A Video. Plays : RIP floor xD he smashed it at the floor

workhardism : So if you're building a house, in order to use your one hit method, you just have to figure out how to throw the entire house on the nail.


B҉e҉n҉a҉D҉o҉n҉a҉l҉d҉_҉C҉u҉m҉b҉e҉r҉T҉r҉u҉m҉p҉ XD : It’s smart and all.. but in what sircumstance are you to do this when actually building something “Hey can you stick this nail into the roof Before we start adding the boards?” Yeah sure just let me grab my stick of wood and SLAM IT INTO THE FLOOR!

Emperor Turtle boi : Lol I think it’s hilarious that people from 2018 are looking at at a video that was supposed to be super viral in 2014 and I personally think there should still be memes about this especially on VR chat

Justin Moore : Years later and this continues to be my favorite video ever

aethertech : I don't know what I was expecting. I didn't come here for laughs. But I got them.

1000 Subscribers without video challenge : thump thump thump unk unk unk whack THUD WHAM! Love,Hammer

vassdeniss : I laughed so hard at this one xDDD

ORO 0147 : HowToBasic voice reveal

Wholemanatee : 7.7K people thought this was real

Roze Z : "Why is it upside dow-... Oh.."

Tree Trunk : 0:25 "But only an alpha knows how to drive a nail with a single hit"

Altorro : That did about 9 damage from the looks of it

P0T4T0Turtlez. : *ONLY AN A L P H A KNOWS THIS TRICK!* blop


heliarche : I've won a few dollars off this.

Phosnerd : thanks can you tell me how to lift my house so i can smash it on a nail please?

The Legend of _iPhoenix_ : Genius.

Jason Wheneger : Yeah I'll just topple the whole building to drive a single nail. Nvm that's actually pretty alpha

Samovar maker : yes but can you weld wood?

Edgar Velaman : This slowly turned into a how to basic video

Sam Smith : that’s a cool way to trick your friends into a challenge where you tell them to do it in one hit.

amoto ghy : do i need to have a carpenter certificate to do this?

Blaze gamer3635 : Nigga im dead 😂😂😂