Sink a nail in ONE HIT

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Conrad Andrew : I feel bad for the people who thought this would be serious

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Top 10 most powerful anime characters of all time

Justin Y. : That's quite the amount of damage


Royce Bacelonia : "I guess you could say he *nailed it*. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Lemi Kadriaj : That was unexpected.

Bone Daddy 69420 : In soviet Russia you don't nail the wood, the wood nails you (¬‿¬)

Joshua Weidner : instructions unclear used face instead of wood

Justin Y. : That's A LOT OF DAMAGE

Piroz Contractor : Lol it's how to basics carpenter cousin

Filip Kasprzyk : *_w h y i s t h i s i n m y r e c o m m e n d e d ?_*

GlitchytheGlitch : my trainee: This man is too strong we cannot defeat him we must retreat! ゲ尉アケ価 姻雲グイ音易 若 me: NO! if we do, then are efforts would be thrown away! this is our last chance. まこバソち温 ロ ゼ ざ奥ラむげ咽ばカ you (the master of all things nail): (sinks a nail with one hit) *my entire army dies* me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! YOU ARE EVIL! I WILL BE BACK AND I WILL BRING ONE LIKE YOU AND YOU WILL KNOW TRUE PAIN!!!! ヽ 宛愛 ナ威 ゠ ヾ鉛ヤ液のァ翁ー哀ー穏゜右宴グ you: (prepares another nail and plank) 【to be continued...】

Arka Chanda : Now we want the 0 hit version

yebook : why did I watch this?

The UNKN0WN : *C R I T I C A L* *H I T*

Samovar maker : yes but can you weld wood?

Richie Delgado : mr steal your girl

Naman Sood : *N A I L E D I T*

iDrakeZz ِ : thats technically 0 hits but gg no re

HankenORIGINAL : Steel hammer cant split wood, 9/11 was an inside job.

AndreJ HD : *Pin Me Daddy*


Peter Brown : What the?! HA! Are you asserting your alpha dominance over the YouTube pack! I'm no alpha, so I must follow... :)

Cristiano wallace hiu : A T-series logo getting nailed and hitted by a hammer

Wicked xRJ : *Alpha AF*

Chandler Tilton : Pocket used board. Its super effective!!

Blaze gamer3635 : Nigga im dead 😂😂😂

workhardism : So if you're building a house, in order to use your one hit method, you just have to figure out how to throw the entire house on the nail.

Topper : 10/9 would bang agang

TheAura Knight : Yeah let me just throw the entire seat onto the nail

Emperor Turtle boi : Lol I think it’s hilarious that people from 2018 are looking at at a video that was supposed to be super viral in 2014 and I personally think there should still be memes about this especially on VR chat


Jason Wheneger : "But only an alpha can sink a nail in one hit." *places nail upside down on ground* Me: this is gonna be good

leevikv : Its super effective. WOOD fainted

Dank Potato : Aah well ... didn't expect that 😂😂

MrEpic01 : Okay, I actually burst out laughing at 0:35. Well done.

Gurisa Yudistira : That's cute. In Indonesia, we can sent nails inside our enemy's belly.

Roze Z : "Why is it upside dow-... Oh.."

KULTURE ! : Who else watched because they didn’t understand the caption?

SheTookTheKids : Lel i thought he was gonna shove a whole bunch of nails in his arm or somethin😩😩

C R A I G O_o : Well that's a lot of Damage!

7.3B Views : * r u the ALPHA?*

heliarche : I've won a few dollars off this.

Mahoneywj : Lol that was funny af when he just slammed it into the nail.

HGC Puggy : Real Alphas can drive a piece of wood into a nail in one hit

Wrathhh : *N O W T H A T S A L O T O F D A M A G E*

zafeirop05 : THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE

fahir aruoba : Sink a nail in 0 hit. Thats chalenge

Tommy Maher : This is honestly the best video on YouTube

Sadboi 123 : I actually shat my pants when you smacked the log on the nail