Sink a nail in ONE HIT

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yebook : why did I watch this?

TheSickOldToad : that board will come back in 20 years and accuse you of abuse

spalaX : Please nerf

Boltzzzs : *press f to pay respects for board*

John Pappalardo : ...if HowToBasic did carpentry

heliarche : I've won a few dollars off this.

Lemi Kadriaj : That was unexpected.

Tiksup : wait wait no no. This is sinking a *board* into a *nail!*

Roronoa Zoro : Zero F given to precision and accuracy

Conrad Andrew : I feel bad for the people who thought this would be serious

kr4zyy : Pure gold

Groovy NiBBa : But only and alpha knows how to drive a nail in a single hi

Scorpio_GC : Alot of people are stealing your videos and putting watermarks over them

Justin Y. : That's A LOT OF DAMAGE

Phone Guy : A truly experienced carpenter could sink it in 0. You put it under water.

Peter Brown : What the?! HA! Are you asserting your alpha dominance over the YouTube pack! I'm no alpha, so I must follow... :)

Royce Bacelonia : "I guess you could say he *nailed it*. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

The Old Blender : How to sink a nail if your weak Do it on styrofoam or cardboard

Ethan Shohet : *B u t c a n y o u d o t h i s*

Ice Ninja : E N E M Y S P O T T E D

Roze Z : "Why is it upside dow-... Oh.."

Filip Kasprzyk : *_w h y i s t h i s i n m y r e c o m m e n d e d ?_*

Tim M : Humorous but very soft wood babe


Boi : Yall need tyler1

Brandon Newman : This got patched in the latest update

iDrakeZz ِ : anyone can if u hit it hard enough

The Legend of _iPhoenix_ : Genius.


Joshua Weidner : instructions unclear used face instead of wood

Davyd Futryk : he has showed his dominance

Justin Moore : Years later and this continues to be my favorite video ever

TheNinJustice : In Soviet Russia, Nail does not hammer wood, wood hammers nail.

Armand Da Goat : My whole life is a lie.....

MLG-antivirus detected : Carpenter: I'm a carpenter, I can do this 0:07 Better carpenter: I'm a better carpenter, and I can do this 0:15 Experienced carpenter: I'm a step ahead of you, just look at what I can do 0:23 *Alpha: BUT CAN YOU DO THIS* 0:36

Edgar Velaman : This slowly turned into a how to basic video

Uncle Uncle : The Chad of Nail Hits

mrkkristal : now we do not pinch nails in boards but boards on nails

Anthony Beard : Don't do this, for the love of god. Your just going to spend more money on extra wood due to mistakes.

Jordans Jordan : But only an omega can smash he's finger

aethertech : I don't know what I was expecting. I didn't come here for laughs. But I got them.

Lil Lampa : This is in a try not to laugh video

Josh Van Rooy Josh : Is this a joke 😂😂😂

Jorn de Vries : You Nailed it!!

Jorn de Vries : _But only an alpha can do the single hit_

Im bad at Editing : method is questionable but the outcome is fantastic

JK : 🐻 First I eat some honey, Then I bang your mommy

Hanan Tikvesa : you are HowToBasic

XerRact : I must say u *nailed it* 😂😂

*_Mariana Gomes_* : *Nailed it*