The 'Diff'rent Strokes' With The Bicycle Man Child Molester

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The Haves and the Have Nots Review : Difficult to tell which laugh track was more awkwardly used; the one in this 2-part OR the AIDS episode of Mr. Belvidere

Ensign MJS : I hope the next "To Catch A Predator" is in a bike shop.

Mindd Kidzag : Mr. Horton: Who wants to Nickelodeon and Chill?


hipnhappenin : So special it was a 2-episoder

♡venuz_babi♡ : *VERY WEIRD LAUGH TRACK*

GirlGeek : I will never understand why Arnold just leaves Dudley there!!

Bucky Henrí : Do “A Different World” when Freddie almost got raped. Or when Tisha Campbell had AIDS. Or when that Gina chick was in an abusive relationship...

wstine79 : The Citizen Kane of A Very Special Episodes.

Skyler Sampson : "Then makes a face that says 'goddamn you white people'" hahaha


Marvin the Martian : Ugh, that laugh track this is the generation that talks shit about millennials though.

Michael Smith : I remember that episode from when I was a kid! It creeped me out even then, but it's way worse now! Arnold's hummingbird tongue! Those writers were some sick fucks.

MrParkerman6 : Child Molesters are trraaassshhhh!!!!

Arica B. Alien : The dialogue is so cringey like fuuuuuuck an the laugh tracks like fuuuuuck

Requiem4aDr3Am : OMG I love you. You got around to doing the greatest different strokes episode of all time:P Thank you!


VictoriaTarui : I love this show but honestly the Michael jokes were too much for me. He was never convicted of child molestation but once accused you're automatically guilty in everyone's eyes forever. The families of the victims tried to extort Michael for money before ever pressing charges but if someone hurt your child wouldn't justice be the first thing on your mind and not money? It just saddens me when I see people still joke about this topic. He has passed away already and he has living children in this world and imagine how painful it must be to lose your father not only at such a young age but to hear these types of things.

Mr O : White people will never leave MJ alone even though he was innocent.

TheSchmuck2 : Michael Jackson was found innocent in a court of law. People always leave that part out.

Craig Fulton : "God Damn, White People!

Kayla Willams : The MJ jokes are annoying and not funny it got old the first time

schmickler 83! : Alright, I just want you boys to scream real loud at my ass.

Mamacita8701 : Would have enjoyed this so much better without the Michael Jackson jokes...

Christopher Edwards : All I can say is WOW

Leticia Castro : "Arnold sees his daddy speaking with the man he lives with" I'm dead. I died. Pls don't revive me.

Lester Green : MJ doesn't deserve this.

Proffesor Pyg : I just realized Boston cream pies are white cakes... covered in chocolate. I see what Mr Horton meant now.

Ciara : It's like Micheal Jackson's house!

Ina Y : “ Arnold please say less right now “ LMAOOO

jbleichman : Oh, my god... "You're a terrific passer-outer"... did ANYONE proofread this script?

Bethany O'Neal : The laugh track just makes this so much worse

Timothy Turner-Parrish : You DISSIN Michael Jackson? Unsubscribe!

Angie Alzalde : That laugh track is really disturbing...what the hell??

Poka Dot : Arnold just left dudly back at the bike shop

EternalMelancholy1 : I had to dislike it, you could’ve made it really funny but the unnecessary attack on Michael Jackson was to much!!! MJ was never convicted of any sexual abuse towards kids but yet you still compared him to that fictional child molester character. It was a low blow to a great artist who’s not alive anymore. You and the writers are pathetic!

Boom tendo : the estate of MJ should prob sue the makers of this video for slander

Nauseous Dolphin : I love Michael Jackson, but oh my God, Everytime he referenced to Michael Jacksons house I was fucking dying 🤣🤣🤣 the entire video had me dead (just like Michael Jackson)

Personal Account : Dude, HOW are you going to top this one?? This has always been the EPITOME of terrible special episodes.

Daniel Mallett : I have often found, things that are "free" are too expensive

Evelyn Mcneil : JUST like Michael Jackson’s House.

astro360 : The Micheal Jackson jokes were unnecessary

Shardae Jobson : The number of times Michael Jackson’s name was dropped as shade, was as bad as the laugh track or forced audience laughter in this episode. 🙄

j ss : Mr Horton is the golden girls neighbor that argued over who's responsibility it was too take away a fallen Palm tree

H F : I remember watching that episode as a kid scared the shit out of me

David Strange : What makes this worse was that Shavar Ross, the actor in the role of Dudley, was actually molested in real life.

Douglas Butcher : Somebody should just post this episode in full and remove the laugh track.

Doctor4077 : Good to see that the laugh track guy from the "Mr. Belvedere" AIDs episode still managed to find work. : Yo what dat mouf do Arnold!? 😩😩😩

Lia Smith : Before he mentioned it I was going to say "who thought that laugh track was appropriate for molesting?"