The 'Diff'rent Strokes' With The Bicycle Man Child Molester

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The Haves and the Have Nots Review : Difficult to tell which laugh track was more awkwardly used; the one in this 2-part OR the AIDS episode of Mr. Belvidere

horrorfanatic78 : "My tongue is faster than a hummingbird's wings!" Arnold, please say less right now.

hipnhappenin : So special it was a 2-episoder

Rocky Gems : What's sad is that the actor who played Willis actually was molested by a producer. He said in an interview later on that he really didn't want to do this episode because it brought back too many awful memories

Ina Y : “ Arnold please say less right now “ LMAOOO

Ensign MJS : I hope the next "To Catch A Predator" is in a bike shop.

Queen LeLe : Then he makes a face that says god damn you white people. 😂

G A M E B O Y 69 EDITION : "don't advertise what dat mouth do"🤣🤣

Lia Smith : Before he mentioned it I was going to say "who thought that laugh track was appropriate for molesting?"

The Kaylee Films : “... and then makes a face that says god damn you white people. “ Im wheezing 😂😂😂

♡venuz_babi♡ : *VERY WEIRD LAUGH TRACK*

ela iero : “Thats a titty thats a titty whole book full of titties “ lmaoo

mojo : Even Zack Morris is offended and hes trash!

Christian McNellie : Ok, this guy has a bone to pick with Michael Jackson.

Gabriel Schleifer : "Dammit, you white people." I'm white and that's my favorite line in this video. XD

Mindd Kidzag : Mr. Horton: Who wants to Nickelodeon and Chill?

CS Jobson : The number of times Michael Jackson’s name was dropped as shade, was as bad as the laugh track or forced audience laughter in this episode. 🙄

마리야ᄏᄏᄏ : I think it must've been awkward to do this episode for Willis, because he came forward and said that he was molested as a child by his manager.

BklynGuy87 : "Maybe don't advertise what dat mouth do" That shit took me out!

Poka Dot : Arnold just left dudly back at the bike shop

Requiem4aDr3Am : OMG I love you. You got around to doing the greatest different strokes episode of all time:P Thank you!

Nauseous Dolphin : I love Michael Jackson, but oh my God, Everytime he referenced to Michael Jacksons house I was fucking dying 🤣🤣🤣 the entire video had me dead (just like Michael Jackson)

Joe st. george : How about no laugh tracks for shows when shit gets serious

David Strange : What makes this worse was that Shavar Ross, the actor in the role of Dudley, was actually molested in real life.

SuperDevolution : 2:25 "Joey, have you ever seen a grown man naked?"

Christopher Edwards : All I can say is WOW

Elephants Are Cool : Good god that was awkward. It's kind of like watching an episode of Sesame Street where Big Bird slips one of the kids a date rape drug.

Danii Elle : The bicycle man child molester😂. I hated this episode. Scratch me all over I can’t

Captain Freedom : “It’s like Michael Jackson’s house. JUST like Michael Jackson’s house.”

Cam'ron Williams : "Arnold is not about that life " 😂😂😂


ETphone home : I dont get why people are saying how horrible this episode and other shows are. This episode is supposed to be creepy, its supposed to teach the audience something. Another example is in static shock, richie gets shot. It is hard to deal with for a kid show, but its informative, and helps children learn things tgat are hard to grasp.

skinger skanger : Chris Hansen: "Why don't you have a seat right here on this cactus, can I get you anything to drink: bleach, cyanide, arsenic?"

Avery Pack : Would y'all please get up off poor Michael Jackson? One of the accuser kids even admitted his mom coached him to lie on the man..... (RIP MJ!)

EmiMac20 : Moral of the story: if a grownup offers you wine in a whiskey glass, DON’T trust ‘em.

Angie Alzalde : That laugh track is really disturbing...what the hell??

Gopher & Tuk : I feel like people took the Michael Jackson bit too seriously. I've seen plenty of people who know Michael was innocent make jokes about it because the stigma is already there and they're just playing off of that. It's one of those things that people will always make jokes about, despite the lack of truth behind it, because jokes have been made for so long, like the Richard Gere gerbil thing, Lady Gaga having a penis and Tupac still being alive. I mean Lady Gaga DOES have a penis, so that wasn't the best example, but that's not the point.

Logan Wheeler : Wow, Michael Jackson's house sounds like fun.

Charles Bailey : The episode where "Diff'rent Strokes" takes on a very Diff'rent meaning...

astro360 : The Micheal Jackson jokes were unnecessary

David Strange : Did they really have to have Arnold saying so many sexual innuendos during this episode?

DirtyBird760 : wow this would never be allowed on tv today

Cavalr! : But what if I'm in Michael Jackson's vacation house in France can I still drink wine then?

sda chik : my reaction is horror. as a kid, if i had seen this, i would have ha-ha'd and looked around awkwardly for reassurance that this was a joke--an attempt to raise public awareness about bad men exploiting kids. now, as an adult i realize this was paedo indoctrination...this is not funny or informative. i am sickened. maybe i missed the point somehow...

Eden-louise Maye : It’s like Michael Jackson’s house... Just like Michael Jackson’s house...😂

Marquee Sound : "Then makes a face that says god damn you, white people,"

lily suessine : tfw you're watching this video in Micheal Jackson's house in France

EternalMelancholy1 : I had to dislike it, you could’ve made it really funny but the unnecessary attack on Michael Jackson was to much!!! MJ was never convicted of any sexual abuse towards kids but yet you still compared him to that fictional child molester character. It was a low blow to a great artist who’s not alive anymore. You and the writers are pathetic!

Marissa Wilson : MJ was innocent.

Ben Ridsdale : Isn't there a few of these 'Special Episodes of this series? I remember one about a kid hitting the bottle, and one where Sam (?) gets kidnapped.