Why iPhones Autocorrect to "Ducking"

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CoolMoon : You mans were ducking

NosTeraFuTV : Fis guy ducks.

I'm Blind : *F U C K A D U C K*

Marcus Aurelius : Ian Kung for youtube rewind

Jonathan Truong : And a quack quack quack. You men were ducking.

DKTAz00 : Accurate

TheLegend27 : That was ducking hilarious... Wait, I have an Android phone...

LUNATEK CC : Dolan Dark would approve of this one

Unusual Enigma : You should have ducked..... ;p

Makdavian : Here before it goes viral. Remember us Ian.

UnReal Psycho : this is a Christian cellphone, we advise our users to avoid using such Vulgar language while using our product.

Mystic p00ky : What the duck

Opsidill : Not what I expected

Rini2g : the ting went quack quack quack so damn quickly

Moto Play : When the ting goes quack quack quack You mans were ducking

Fetch_my_laptop : 0:02 Nicholas Cage?

wqsr : lmaoooo the ending

CrownedCyrilU 『Betty Noire』 : *quack quack quack*

Joey Langdon : is this tom scott

Ryan McDonough : So underrated

Christopher Williams : 0:26 Unfortunately for Ian he walked in on the making of a Dolan Dark Hentai.

Lord Haberdasher : Yes.

Luisa : What a ducking well-made video

Kashish : I've been promoting your channel on twitter. I deserve a like at least. Btw another hilarious video!

Shravan Parthasarathy : ian i hope you're ok

Excited Cat : at least he had time to send the video now everyone will know the truth.

Homie Nanavati : We tryna find an open window or something? I think there's no window in apple hq

Greatest Ever : Your videos are funny as hell how do you only have 60k subs?

Jimothy Jimbob : they should turn that last part into a psychological first person horror game

Fat Samurai : Top 10 Found Footage Horror Films

Rasul Avtorhanov : This was ducking hilarious!

MasterofDemise : This was ducking beautiful.

Elisa Harris : You and the guy who runs the TierZoo channel are my favourite YouTubers at the moment! Keep up the awesome work! Duck yeah!

C-AZ : video of the ducking year

iJoey95 : you guys nail every single video. keep it up!

Johnny Rainbow : incredible

Liam Dunning : Every video of yours that comes out is absolute gold. Keep it up man, ridiculously funny stuff.

Martin Coder : Hey you were by my house! I live right by apple HQ

the al : Where'd you get the shirt?

Mpmpz 14 : Ian . I said when I come back you'll be having 1 million subscriber ... What happened Ian ?

derMemory : The next day, the muthafucka was dead

Random Stranger : help u find some *windows* to break

Tiki Omzee : RIP Ian

krabby kakes : Ducking hell. That was a funny video.

MrRiggyRiggs : I like to duck yo!

VincentVeryVile : What the for real duck did I ducking watch?

Devon Palmer : Eyes wide duck

Rose Castillo : Why does this channel have only 65k subscribers?! 11/10

THOT DESTROYER : "Imma try to open a window or something"... at Apple headquarters😂😂😂