How EVERYTHING sounds when you're trying to sleep.

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Dio Drando : Hearing: 100

Crazy Boris Productions : I've seen enough of these videos to where whenever a social encounter escalates in real life, I start hearing the ambient wobbly ghost music.

DRDHE : Bro... the tv is off I must be crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Copper Creek Cuts Lawn Care : Caleb hits me with the plot twists and I am never ready for them 😂

Unstable Dino : Bro the tv is off *_VROOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM_*

Heavenly Controller : He was so shook he broke the 4th wall to ask the audience

Slenda Killa : Caleb with these adjectives man "YOUR HEARING IS OUTRAGEOUS!"

FrukiLukiGaming : "Can you tell me what the neighbours are doing too!" XD 2:11


ZamnBro : I be so irritated when people be stomping the floor and slamming their doors

Foresight Mystery : My parents every time I make the slightest sound at night

Gaara The Fifth Kazekage : I literally replayed the video just to hear the stand up😂

jgr8d : Okay but why does he look like frozone in the thumbnail

rothy : 2:06 that fourth wall breaking tho

Anime Hype : *Bro the tv is off XD*

Kastyc : Top 10 paranormal activities caught on camera

awsometrot 57 : why the hell did the gunshots scare me XD

Super nova : Dis man has 60/60 hearing

Crazy Chris : Easy solution: *Keep the door cracked*

Gucci God : He should be a comedian like Kevin Hart on the tv it was hella funny lolol 20/20 vision

GODMODELAGGER : So true my God man My mom be yelling at me to turn down the volume and it's just like this

mookiez18 : What channel can I find that stand up special on?

Kavonoo Kee : I died when he turned it down but the volume stayed the same😂

Aphrican Cat : Sleep?? Just get Caleb to fold you

Dat1Artist : YOU HIT 800,000 SUBS. Congrats dude!

FOH Bitch : Im crying rn😂😂 i wasnt expecting that i thought he was gone say it was muted but it was actually OFF bruh💀💀 WTF

sponge boi : Who else watching at night?

10000subs with some videos : 1:02 I choked on my Lipton I need to start watching you more😭💯

Dat : i sleep with headphones

aj barney : I SWEAR...MY INSOMNIA IS BAD! This is why 😃😄😂🤣

cristalMice gamez : can you tell me what the neighbors are doing too,?

Jonolas : I love how quick your videos scale XD

Metallic Bascinet : Is this what Joel from The Last of Us goes through, too?

Blank Ripple : WE DON'T HAVE A T.V

RayNow : Hearing: 100

The FuzzyDice Podcast : He doesn’t have 20/20 hearing

The Tri-Mond : Why in the thumbnail do you look like Frozone?!

Alieu Camara : For real 😂😂😂😂

hey hey : caleb i dont even know how you keep posting consistently good content like, u deserve way more man, thats why i dont skip the ads lol

TLA Sinister : I thought this was going to be about how when you're trying to sleep and you hear any sound in your house and think someone broke in

xXFoxy JrXx : And so he thinks its the neighbors tv and tells them to turn their tv down and off....rinse and repeat this till the whole worlds tv is off and he still hears things

The Vigilante : When i'm trying to sleep my brother bothering me he talks with his teammates in PUBG really annoying *-*

Kermit the frog : What are those hairs doing on that guy's chin , are they cool or something ?

Unstable Dino : That’s some great quality stand up ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

bo om : *turns to us* why is it that loud Me: *looks around* you expect me to know that??

DTkinetic : It's also how everything sounds when you're trying to read or do homework xD

Metal : This man is funny as hell, Keep it man you will go big I just know it.

Prince Dre : Everyone says I have a 20 20 hearing *Troll face*

Yousef Gamer : It’s 10 times worst if you have a headache and trying to sleep

Ashley Mitchell : I sleep with my ear plugs in have been for years. I'm evil af if somebody wakes me up. I don't want to hear no TV,kids outside, dog barking nothing but my dreams.