Seven ending with puppets
The ending of Se7en with stuffed animals

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The end to the movie Seven, only with stuffed animals. I did not make this, just found it somewhere and uploaded it.


Kushfohead45 : Fucking funny good work


NoLifeGamer17 : @dean0waterz Yeah and the wierd glitchy sounds with all it's bad quality didn't help either.

LucidCharade : "Shut up!"...."Shut up!"

handsomepigg : Love It

professorquack : lmao

Sammstein08 : It織s disconcerting how much the puppet looks like Kevin Spacy 0o

jameson : best part 2:40 - 2:45 LOLOLOLOL

atomofish : That Boobah seems like the perfect evil toy. XD

clowno : YOU LIE!! YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR!! Lmfao

finehomemadewine : oh the blue thing uses the exact facial expressions as Mr. Spacey in that movie. Convincingly mad blue =better than original :-)

Eddie : Great but could have used more head downward motions before BP shoots KS. Othewise great!

Dekroken : jus pop em in the fucking head!!!!!!lol the puss the pain the black voodoo the wet jigsaw pzzles!!!

Dekroken : dude i love you youre the best this is the funniest thing ever

FXerGerFra : Realy grat stuff

shepmesiter : absolutely fucking fantastic

MadManix : omg sooooooooooo funny

Rich711 : I so hope they make more.

Ricardo Aguero : 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

Carter Yasutake : How does this only have 33,012 views?!?

Peter Stawicki : Awesome

Yomama Bin Fartin : this.. this is the youtube i remember. this was what youtube was made for