Life in Parallel Universe

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15SecNut : This was fucking hilarious dude; I can't wait to see more of your shtuff!

SpookyKid94 : ...elihwneaM

egguy : This is actually so amazing I'm

Arin Sheb : JP, iH

Wolf Drake : Great job! Feels like Inception.

Elijah Thomas : sedun dnes

Deividas Gedgaudas : Vilnius? Prie lukiškių aikštės ?

Lorien : Beautiful :.) (And the world really do seem to go backwards lately, sadly!)

zMuZZleTv : please tell me you have the original video

SomeHomies : W.. wh.... what kind of sorcery is this?! °o°

Wotterblue : Where we're from, there's always music in the air, and the birds sing a pretty song.

Rex0rz : krow doog eht pu peeK .ty åp nelanak atsäb ned tittah rah gaj tta åp rekäs ttär rÄ

Pan Damasque : !ycaripsnoc a s'tI

lovec3 : this kinda really looks amazing :D

Peef19 : Is it future or is it past?

Tornadith : Copenhagen! Beautiful city :)

Tiztu : lol It says 666 views right now

AppleEncore : ah so he was walking backwards and talking backwards and then reversed the footage so he looks like the only normal guy there but then in reality he probably got some funny looks