Life in Parallel Universe

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Tornadith : Copenhagen! Beautiful city :)

Wolf Drake : Great job! Feels like Inception.

Rex0rz : krow doog eht pu peeK .ty åp nelanak atsäb ned tittah rah gaj tta åp rekäs ttär rÄ

15SecNut : This was fucking hilarious dude; I can't wait to see more of your shtuff!

Elijah Thomas : sedun dnes

Wotterblue : Where we're from, there's always music in the air, and the birds sing a pretty song.

Tiztu : lol It says 666 views right now

Deividas Gedgaudas : Vilnius? Prie lukiškių aikštės ?

Lorien : Beautiful :.) (And the world really do seem to go backwards lately, sadly!)

zMuZZleTv : please tell me you have the original video

SpookyKid94 : ...elihwneaM

SomeHomies : W.. wh.... what kind of sorcery is this?! °o°

egguy : This is actually so amazing I'm

Pan Damasque : !ycaripsnoc a s'tI

White Knight : its like that one world shujinko visits in Mk Deception....

lovec3 : this kinda really looks amazing :D

AppleEncore : ah so he was walking backwards and talking backwards and then reversed the footage so he looks like the only normal guy there but then in reality he probably got some funny looks

Peef19 : Is it future or is it past?