trumpet fight

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filmschoolcomments : "In 1975...I walked Buuuuuuub Dillon up on stage" 

kwnyupstate : Meet Danny Devito's sister, Daniele.

WCAMStudios : Hobgoblin with a trash bag

Ranton : What a beautiful man

Axel Nussbaumer : My favorite NPC in the game. You have to practice the trumpet for an absurd amount of time before he actually gives you his side quest, though.


LackOfABetterWord : He looks like a kindergartner's drawing of a person

Stephen Lawless : What chest size are those pants

faster than you Black : What a pretentious merchant. Ive only met humble ones.

Open World Gamer : Rockstar should definitely add this guy to the GTA series

AdamPacitti : The best video on YouTube.

i ' m f u c k e d u p : He (she??) look like those weird crackhead in random encounters in GTA

Captain Pip : I wonder how much EXP I'd get for slaying that thing

kamu : I was just playing the trumpet in the street and this thing just appeared. It gave me a cool side quest but it was a bit annoying.

WhatsQuiet : Damn lord Farquaad really let himself go.


Doctor Patient : Adam Sandler is getting really good at improv in these roles.

Puerto Rican Cobain : This guy’s the voice in my head discouraging me from everything.

Open World Gamer : This dude seriously moves and talks like a NPC

K O : How you deal with others has some bearing upon the internal relationship one has with oneself. It’s an inkling of a reflection, and this guy is almost definitely projecting some internal shit.

WilliamBrothers : I want to put this guy in my pocket and unleash him on people who argue with me... contemporaneously.

EggRollex :D : Upset little Hebrew man.

swigitty swooty I'm coming for the booty : My mom when i show her something i made

Zack82102 : Are goblins hermaphrodites?

Brian : He looks like if Jerry Seinfeld, Gilbert Gottfried and Danny DeVito had a threesome

YungJamin : so this is what lord farquaad has been doing all these years

Jadon Preston : When the trumpet player takes all your sheckles.

Mistermax30 : In all fairness, the trumpet player is godawful.

Lewiss Stevens : He knew David Bowie when he was the goblin king.

Jameson Lovegrove : This video did me very well... this is art... this is great art...

Alex Zevallos : WHANG! GANG!

STOP : Skyrim side quest started <> Kill the goblin

Pedro Ventura : I thought Lord Farquaad was devoured by a dragon

Minifridge : Oblivion conversation irl

WhereDragonsDwell 220 : He is on his way to start his shift at gringotts

StupidShit Vlog : He is just angry because Leonidas didn't let him fight with the 300.

Colin the Rook Main : Man, Danny DeVito really went downhill in recent years...

Smiley Dog : He just wanted some peace and quiet is all. You would scream and make as much noise as possible if you were in his shoes, right?

Daniel Dietrich : Is this a cut GTA IV NPC?

Somali pirate who's actually somali : "In 1975 I walked Bob Shekel up on stage"

MrJarvishead : was his father killed by a trumpet or something?

akuma4u : This jews on a next level..

Joseph Komarnicki : Why is he being so short with him??

Kurtis : I just wanna push that person thing down

select899 : The rest of the video is on PornHub

Miguel Forero : Low budget Whiplash.

Air Balloon : The trumpet was his weakness

lil kim : G E T H I S A S S

Roystone : what is it he starts playing at 0:38?

xstnbrnx : Guy would be a great enemy in a video game.