trumpet fight

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filmschoolcomments : "In 1975...I walked Buuuuuuub Dillon up on stage" 


Miguel Forero : Low budget Whiplash.

StupidShit Vlog : He is just angry because Leonidas didn't let him fight with the 300.

Cuff : if people want to take crack and yell at kids practising music that's their right to do so.

fis : I wish the trumpet guy punched him...

Dillon Aubin : "An artist respects the silence that serves as the foundation of creativity". That line gets me every time.

AnAngryBigfoot : If you watch closely as the clip progresses you can see the little guy start to come to the realization that he's an asshole. The volume of his voice starts to tone down and he starts to become reflective as he tries to brag about his personal accomplishments. It's almost as if he slowly comes to the conclusion, in his mind, of "holy shit, I need to get my life together," but his ego won't let him stop yelling. Sad really.

Meat : probably carrying the rest of his torso in that bag

MrJarvishead : was his father killed by a trumpet or something?

AdamPacitti : The best video on YouTube.

YungJamin : so this is what lord farquaad has been doing all these years

Petonchio Spataponchio : I don't see what's wrong with him....he sounds like an average youtube comment section

RemTreeFiddy : Is the rest of his torso in the bag?

charlespennywhacker : now there's a true new yorker

Father Karras : This guy is the most Jewish man I have ever seen.

S1K675RR : I wanted to re-watch this video, so i googled "goblin play on street" and it actually worked lol

Jon : I got angry again re-watching this video, then I remembered that this guy single-handedly fucked up the rest of his life by going on this rant. He can no longer have a credible career, and most people will recognize him instantly as "angry trumpet guy." As if living life as like half a dude wasn't hard enough.. now you have to live with being an open target for ridicule.. oh well, the asshole deserved it anyway.


A quality magenta chicken mask : He looks like someone accordion folded a Rabbi into a suitcase.

Chief : I feel like this little guy just jumped straight out of a cartoon lol

xtranormal23 : He starts crying a little when he says "you don't have the talent. You don't have the respect for yourself or other people or what it is to express yourself." Methinks the jew is projecting a little.

Ian Sterner : I'm just amazed that 2160p quality exists.

Redwood Original : Lord Farquad has spoken

Dont Threaten Me : You can pick a Jewish New Yorker accent from a Kosher  shop away. This guy must be one of Bibbys advisers, and this guy is known as reserved amongest the group

ChocoToken : It feels like I'm watching a skit on Family Guy.

Doxi99 : /pol/ was right again

badjujuwan : The top half of his body is a dwarf, the bottom have is regular and the head...well, see for yourself.

jasonx165 : YOU NOTHING

Real Human Bean : RIP Schlomo Sheklesteinberg  1956-2014

Nintendog140 : I bet this guy has a last name with "stein" at the end.

Shadicon : Wow the new Epson projectors are looking great

Steven Bowser : Either this guy has been somehow bothered by the trumpet for like 25 years straight and can't stand it anymore, or he's totally redirecting all his anger on a random musician. Bizarre.

JD21 : I watch this every morning to get pumped for my day

Propayne : muh shekels

Avraham Shekelstein : It's all true I was der!

trumpet skelton of the abyss : *_if you see this comment while scrolling_* *_you have been visited by trumpet skelton of the abyss_* *_good bones and calcium will come to you_* *_but only if you reply "thank mr skeltal" to this comment_*


exorcie : He looks like Lord Farquaad from Shrek, only older. And alive.

AcceleratingUniverse : I always thought it was funny that this guy's crowning artistic achievement was knowing talented artists.

astarothification : what a goblin

BASED MANU : Danny Devito's diet has really put him on edge

Psykotika : It's actually kind of sad. About halfway through I realized all the vitriol he's spewing at the kid with a trumpet? It's what he really thinks about himself, it's what he tells himself when he wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror, and it's what he tells himself before he goes to bed. He just can't bring himself to admit it to himself, so he's trying to place the burden of a worthless, talentless, wasted life on someone else so he can try to feel marginally better about himself. It won't work of course, it can't, and it's sad to see him try.

Propayne : Hey, if he doesn't have musical talent then at least the guy has a torso.

Chocolate Milk : the small dude was just taking his insecurities on that poor guy

Marla H : old man yells at cloud.jpeg

sagn : Directed by David Lynch.

Billcasey : Holy shit. It's a physical manifestation of the internet...

Nick B : Whiplash 2

Victor O : This is what youtube comments look like