trumpet fight

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Luke Games : I was expecting 2 people playing trumpets going at each other lol


ARDEACT : Jokes aside, his roasting game is on fire wtf

Edward Sanchez : Isn't that the little creature that sold the Spartans out on the 300!?

Brain Davison : The sad thing is, someone probably said all those mean things to him about his music talents when he was younger, perhaps his father.

Brian Tyler : I would pay good money to watch a 3 hour biographical documentary about this dude

J.D.1989 : This man is the real life Penguin from Batman.

Joe Blog : Anyone know his or her name? I need to find out more about this strange creature.

James Thompson : He sounds like an incoherent rambling NPC that you would drive past in the streets on GTA.

icecoldbongwater : The guy does suck at playing the trumpet though

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER : Decades of pent up sexual frustration.

The Doctornaut : Dude's a giant and a midget at the same time.

Oy Vey : He is 2/3 leg.

GlitchMod : *_Oy Vey Goyim Shut It Down!_*

OmniPotent Potato : Knockoff Danny Devito on his period

WCAMStudios : Hobgoblin with a trash bag

Bad Goy : When the Jew finally reveales his true nature.

eshock7 : I think goblin slayer let one escape.

Overrated : What oblivion character is this?

utUBEr00001 : ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️ Oy Vey! ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️

Bayz MacDonald : Guys look at Andre the midget.

kielan186 : A true alpha male

James McRae : I guess this guy must have had a really bad experience with trumpets, that's all I got to say. Maybe a trumpet player had an affair with his wife, pissed in his cheerios, shot his dog, who knows...

Jason Homs : In all seriousness who is this guy? Looking past his funny looks I'm curious about his past. Someone find out who this guy is. I don't think he would do all that for nothing.

NINJA's Depression : This has to be fake right? Speech too articulate to be real.

Luke Games : So this is the guy who trash talks you on Xbox

Captain Matticus : Well, he's not wrong. The guy sucks at the trumpet and he's making noise. NYC is full of no-talent buskers and this goblin has probably had enough of panhandlers who think that because they can catch your attention for a moment, then they're deserving of your money and accolades.

sonicwonic : Lmao he started getting short of breath at the end because of his small ass chest hahahahha

areli nevan : Never seen a turtle with a blue shell. What kind of contamination is this?

Mike Litterst : That short Jewish chick was pretty pissed

Hex Hub Music : I'm trying so hard to not Assume this person's Gender...

WIIFIGHT! : What species is it?

H3rBCantKill : This is what happens when you give grimlins water

Matt Sharpe : Damn, Tiny Tim got a mouth on him/her/it

The Doctornaut : I would just play one quick toot after each of his sentences

kwnyupstate : Meet Danny Devito's sister, Daniele.

Its Me Nexis : Trumpet has left the chat

Michael Vick : Man the guy from no county for old men really let himself go

Jordan Tsering : funny story, this is actually a new york regular (not sure if he's still alive), but Al Jean would actually run into this guy often enough and back in the day he would constantly be critiquing films and other mediums. Jean would run into him so often and each occasion would be so memorable, he used his mannerisms of speech and stance and created 'The Critic'

Dru Marrero : This dude looks like he was cropped in photoshop

Humornonymous : He looks like someone who is cursed and needs a kiss to break his spell to become a prince again.

Xavier Smith : This happened long before Trump got elected. Outbursts like this were rare back then.

Steven Universe : Whole stole this man's torso?

Xavier Smith : The trumpet player sucks. He deserves this tirade. At the same time, it's funny to watch that odd-looking person go mental.

Rayy PNW : *I was waiting for someone to beat his ass and stuff his body in that garbage bag he's carrying but alright I guess*


DanCelsing : First time the dwarf said something angry to someone

Adam Marshall : Mugsy High-Pockets over here!

Dale Cornibe : If you don't like what's on TV, change the channel or turn it off. If you don't like the live music being played on your street, WALK AWAY. VERY simple stuff here.

Leo : This dude is obviously some Jester from the medieval times that time traveled just to tell people they aren’t talented 😂😂😂😂