Ultra-light gloves let users “touch” virtual objects

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Scientists from EPFL and ETH Zurich have developed an ultra-light glove – weighing less than 8 grams per finger– that enables users to feel and manipulate virtual objects. Their system provides extremely realistic haptic feedback and could run on a battery, allowing for unparalleled freedom of movement.


NicoM Pictures® : Brilliant. When I read about the "electric current that made you stop your fingers" I thought the gloves were meant to immobilize your muscles by electrocuting you, haha.

Randy James : Awesome work! You gotta... _hand_ it to them!

Jonah Solorzano : This might be good for "holding" objects, but what about tiny sensations such as a bug crawling on your hand? I remember the larger haptic gloves were good at that

Tom Gunn : If this works as good as it sounds I predict complete global saturation.

Their God not mine : So, does that mean we can touch/feel boobies 🤗

Waluigi : This is honestly soooo exciting.

Zack Lee : Would it allow the user to feel when simply touching on the virtual flat surface say, pressing a button for example?

Ajflash : Actually the normal steel strips won't work ,the 2000 voltage will only result in a spark in-spite of the dielectric .A super magnet at the ends could prove useful though

RaDiumDrummer : That's such a smart and simple solution to haptic feedback. And the some peltier elements to simulate heat and cold.

ca1ib0s : Is Herbet Shea Irish and has picked up a bit of Swiss accented English or is he Swiss who has studied in Ireland and picked up a bit of Irish accented English?

NochSoEinKaddiFan : I think you should talk to the youtube channels Corridor, Node and Smarter every day :) This system looks so simple, sleek and effective that more people in the loop should know about it!

Llaw Liet : I think these gloves are made perfectly for VR-Gaming with no hyperrealistic intentions. Its more natural than the existing controlling devices and I think alot of players would enjoy using their Hands freely ingame. I also like that efficiency and effectiveness were kept in mind during develeopement og these.

Ghroznak : So between VR and Teledildonics we will now have proper boob squeezers too. I can see this product getting some hefty support from various content-not-allowed-on-Youtube websites.

Paul van Dinther : Curious under which conditions the lock is released again.

Sho Jo : Dexmo did something exactly like this. These companies have it right but they just don't get the backing needed from the major VR headset suppliers.

aoeu256 : These can be good for virtual keyboards, controllers, and virtual stenotypes for android. Stenotypes can input text at 2.5x the speed of normal keyboards, but they are difficult to learn. With plover and a "n-rollover" keyboard you can learn plover, but using this you could create a virtual stenotype and use it to practice your stenotyping while outside.

शिविर : 🙂

skyson b pei : Who wants to bet they made a “special” glove in japan?

Robz Workz : Tron

wayfaring stranger : How is this not being sold yet?????

XR Admin : I know a company that has more better haptic gloves more light and it’s completed.This guy is cheating by showing just the animation and it cannot be used without multiple sensors to track. Kindly do not get misguided

Little Robot Fairy, Formerly named Princess Core : VRChat headpats are going to get so fun!


2D : Can it be used on penises? Asking for a friend.