Drug Deal on Live TV

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Sumukh : *You kidding ? Those two **_Gentlemen_** are teachers in a same school & were just exchanging notes.*


Alex Haggar : Only in Worcester 😂

Roblox Otaku : Top 10 Anime Troll Scene

Ors180717 : That was not a drug deal. One guy needed salt and his neighbor gave him some in exchange for some pepper.

Gabe M Beats : Why tf is this in my recommendations cmon YouTube gotta do better than that 😂😂

David Bakovic : They trading pokemon cards😂

myia Hernandez : thug life moment

Tootsie Roll : Ha Ha Ha So funny!😂 I'm sure they saw the cameras and thought they would REALLY leave a lasting impression!

syd16packchicken : “arrest those *men”*

Your Boy Roy : This is the only reason the news should ever be watched to be honest

AnonyWolf : They didn't realise a news cast going on.... That's why you don't get high on your own supply lmao

The Intelligent Atheist : If you think about it, psychiatrists are licensed and educated drug dealers.

Benger2185 : Where dey at doe

Da Wea : People plz don't click "Read more" I wrote something wrong. Something wrong.

What ? : The cameraman was like *What*

Dylan Manni : It was obviously staged to get TV time

SyberAmin : Me and my friend when we see a policeman

BewbsAreAzum : Troll masters.

Renārs Magone : I mean let's be honest, he would just do drug dealing infront of a live report...?

Silent Jay : If that was a drug deal it was the First free drug deal

unturnedftw : People plz don't click "read more" I wrote something wrong Something wrong

Omer Osama : 😂😂😂 IM DEAD

Charles Denison : Those guys were definitely trolling the live shot.

Bear Stylazz : 0:18

Senjey Michael : The news ain't no snitch

Trump Russia : I don't think that was a drug deal, it looked like gave him sugar for warm coffee or tea.

Figgas Naggot : This got to be a joke

Stratification Guarantee : Lol. How could anyone possibly assume that that was a drug deal. Don't judge a book by its cover lol.

jays0909 : In a drug deal usually two things are exchanged. The guy on the right handed the other guy something but not vice verse

Lil uzi Verticusss : Getting ready to go on a trip when the blizzard hits

TruWolf L : how do you even know it was drugs he could of been paying him money from a side job or even been loaning him money my point is it could of been anything!!!

Can't Stop : I wasn't buying drugs guys, I was buying tickets to Disney on ice from someone on Craigslist!

Jake Lowe : That would never sticc in court because they'd have to prove what it was. But from what l saw it didnt look like no sale cause l only saw one person receive something. A dope deal is trading something for drugs smh

Drew Elliott : Those pranksters should have their own YouTube channel. I'd subscribe, they're great! Haha


Luis Matos : Lol that’s why my dealer comes inside

tiago83pt : FAKE VIDEO a im not a stupid person.

Arion's Extras : Make America potheads again

Jason C. : They probably did it as a joke. I doubt they actually would do that on tv.

Dominik Święciński : Kękę?

Florian Felder : I think they lost some cocain on the ground...

sarah18497 : It’s okay. They are white.

Mangle and Foxy, Sonickitty Jessica : Oh wow XD

Josh-G Ronghi : it was staged btw

M 1009 : Live drug deal committed on live nation television LOL 😂

Joshua Smith : Gotta score some weed! It's snowing out 😋

Josh-G Ronghi : massachusetts rep

Mr. Savage : LOL

KΛl WΛRDIΞN : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂