Drug Deal on Live TV

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Sumukh : *You kidding ? Those two **_Gentlemen_** are teachers in a same school & were just exchanging notes.*

Ors180717 : That was not a drug deal. One guy needed salt and his neighbor gave him some in exchange for some pepper.

Roblox Otaku : Top 10 Anime Troll Scene

syd16packchicken : “arrest those *men”*

MeloDrippy : waste of internet data

David Bakovic : They trading pokemon cards😂

Tay : People plz don't click "Read more" I wrote something wrong. Something wrong.


Melvin Arthur : If you think about it, psychiatrists are licensed and educated drug dealers.

space aphid : Those guys were pranking. Perfect execution.

Your Boy Roy : This is the only reason the news should ever be watched to be honest

What ? : The cameraman was like *What*

Trump Russia : I don't think that was a drug deal, it looked like gave him sugar for warm coffee or tea.

Silent Jay : If that was a drug deal it was the First free drug deal

Can't Stop : I wasn't buying drugs guys, I was buying tickets to Disney on ice from someone on Craigslist!

sarah18497 : It’s okay. They are white.

Dylan Manni : It was obviously staged to get TV time

Senjey Michael : The news ain't no snitch

Anna Queen : I don't think this was an actual drug deal. Either way, hilarious troll

Florian Felder : I think they lost some cocain on the ground...

jays0909 : In a drug deal usually two things are exchanged. The guy on the right handed the other guy something but not vice verse

W0LF : They didn't realise a news cast going on.... That's why you don't get high on your own supply lmao

SHADOWNINE79 : Why do people always jump to the wrong conclusions, the man may have ran low on talcum powder for his new born and this good Samaritan was kind enough to give him some of his stash😏

Alex Haggar : Only in Worcester 😂

Charles Denison : Those guys were definitely trolling the live shot.

Jake Lowe : That would never sticc in court because they'd have to prove what it was. But from what l saw it didnt look like no sale cause l only saw one person receive something. A dope deal is trading something for drugs smh

SyberAmin : Me and my friend when we see a policeman

unturnedftw : People plz don't click "read more" I wrote something wrong Something wrong

TruWolf L : how do you even know it was drugs he could of been paying him money from a side job or even been loaning him money my point is it could of been anything!!!

Renārs Magone : I mean let's be honest, he would just do drug dealing infront of a live report...?

myia Hernandez : thug life moment

Jason C. : They probably did it as a joke. I doubt they actually would do that on tv.

Stratification Guarantee : Lol. How could anyone possibly assume that that was a drug deal. Don't judge a book by its cover lol.

BewbsAreAzum : Troll masters.

Luis Matos : Lol that’s why my dealer comes inside

Arion's Extras : Make America potheads again

Big Yams 05 : Getting ready to go on a trip when the blizzard hits

Figgas Naggot : This got to be a joke

Maitiu Ryota : Couple of pranksters ...Anyone believe this is real is dumb as can be....smh...

DollarDiego HD : This is old. People nowadays do murder live

arkJ7 _ : Dont beleive everything is real especially on the News

YouTube5000 : Why are they assuming this is a drug deal? I don’t get it... guilty conscience maybe because they done it before and know how does deals go.

Joshua Smith : Gotta score some weed! It's snowing out 😋

yolsty : it's just a trolling, relax 

Omer Osama : 😂😂😂 IM DEAD

Drew Elliott : Those pranksters should have their own YouTube channel. I'd subscribe, they're great! Haha

Marcel Huchwajda : Curb your drug dealing

Andrew Stewart : Not a real drug deal. The guy handed the "drugs" but no money was exchanged

Bear Stylazz : 0:18

Lun Hing : Lol fake news