Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen Shoot the Sh*t on MeatEater with Steven Rinella
Bryan Callen whispers shit stories to Joe Rogan while hunting

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Conversations can get weird when you're sitting out in the woods for too long... especially when you're out in the woods with comedians Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen! (details below) Steven Rinella and his buddy Doug Duren give Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen their first taste of the Midwest deer hunting culture in a Two-Part Special kicking off this Thursday, Feb 20th at 8pm ET and again on Thurs, Feb 27th -- only on the Sportsman Channel! ---------------- Find Sportsman Channel in your area here: Watch full MeatEater episodes here: Shop our Merch Store: Follow us: Web: Facebook: MeatEater on Twitter: Steven Rinella on Twitter: Google +: MeatEater Tumblr: Trophy Country on Tumblr: Pinterest: Instagram:


Cody Adams : I think it was 10x funnier because they were whispering

JacksInn : "Couldn't make it."

Primal Outdoors - Camping and Photography : I am sorry but that is funniest thing I heard all week.

Gmork13 : Hahaha, poor camera guy is dying filming this....that camera shake.

Unkn0wn Canadian : And not a single deer was shot that day lol

Michael Olson : How this came up on YouTube's recommendation 5 years later I'll never know. But thank you! This made me hurt from laughing so hard.

Iron Wrist Fighters : Lmao when the guide wheezes "stop it"

lilchopcone : Bryan Callen is a bit old and fragile to be out hunting isn’t he?

Chris Walls : These are the conversations that make time in the woods memorable and great.

Brandon Blair : Who down votes this?...When poo stops becoming funny, you have lost your humanity.

ThatOneGuy82 : "I'll do it for attention" LOL

cori : closest thing we'll ever get to joe rogan asmr

james D : callen use to kind of annoy me, but with fighter and the kid and stuff like this, i really apretiate him now.

RPF Creates : This totally reminds me of when we used to have sleepovers as kids, like twelve years old, and you’d try to crack each other up without waking someone’s parents up. Eventually someone would howl laughing and a light would go on, Jim’s dad would burst in shirtless and red faced, while we all pretended to be back asleep while he cursed and threatened us all. Love this video.

Trevor Paris : "I've never actually seen shit on a stick before."  hahahah hilarious

PHANTOM : I wish I had friends that were like Rogan and Callen.

EyeShotFirst : Do you ever laugh so hard, you think you're going to have a stroke? That happened to me watching this.

Justin Rycaj : Ahhh my ribs I can't breathe! 😂

LE0NSKA : I like how even the cameraman can't hold it together :D

jazon345 : My face hurts

Muka Muka : Why even need a gun? Rogan could kill this animals with his kicks

Budgetbomber : "gadododododododododoodoodoo" lmfao

Josh Robinson : i just laughed so hard that my job is probably in jeopardy. 

jaguardo : I'm in the library right now trying not to lose my shit. Good stuff.

vaevin : a good example of censorship making it funnier damn im in tears

Quintin Griffith : I was trying to suppress my laugh cuz I felt the need to be quiet.

mikail90 : omg this is the funniest shit ever! haha

Alan Czarnecki : Rogan was good but the rest seemed staged. Tho I’m sure it all was anyway lol

sa340x : what's even funnier is that I'm quietly laughing as them despite no one's around me

Nug zulla : 0:18 joe's amazed face

krakzy : i love these people

WishingIwasOffGrid Parker : What's sad is I have a lot of shit stories too.

Dacus Decebalus : Love hunting man,it is so awsome to feel that adrenaline and all that adventure.

Highland Outsider : Lmfao but tryin t be quiet wtf? I ain't huntin lol

Ztertis : Somehow i feel like it's weird whispering while u have such screaming colours, but yeah i bet many animals have better hearing than colour-vision.

Cspence024 : I shit 100 miles an hour. Dying.


Anneke de Bruyn : This is the best new podcast format. In the woods with rifles. Not even shooting, just whispering funny shit stories to each other.

7033Joe : As we have the laughing momentum going. On time my parents were checking their online banking statements. They read something along the lines of "BWW" and something. They didn't know what it was so they google searched it. But instead of typing "BWW", they typed "BBW". So my mother was about to rip my dad's head of thinking that he was buying bbw porn. They eventually realized that it was Buffalo Wild Wings that they dined at a few days ago.

David Y : Missing Joey Diaz, if he was there, it would've been game over

Mr.J : This is the funniest "Shit" I've heard today, lmao.

Christian W : Watching Joe Rogan laugh is one of the best therapies ever, you can't help but laugh with him

Hanouch1996 : This is exactly how men talk without their wifes around lmao.

Bianco Nero : So this explains what happened to Brian’s marriage.

Rachelstorrersings : Hilarious lol! Don't look for our marriage 🤣

Mikey MIV : Joe and Bryan should hunt with Steve and his crew every time. Those guys are hilarious.

Alec Rodriguez : 2 tryhards .....hard kay. Why why are you even trying to hunt? Esp with a actual hunter. Humans label joro as alpha. Lol hard kayyyyyyyy.your being lead out'not alpha

Jimothy Snooker : guide: if we could get Bryan to break the branch off and crush it up. Rogan: and put it in his mouth. guide: well, no.....

Leah Woroglian : I have watched this video for years. It never fails to make me smile. Everything about it is perfection.