Baby emotionally moved by Bocelli song to Elmo

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GaryChap : I know, it hits me the same way little man ... exactly the same way ; ) Anyway, Welcome to the world... it's hectic, it;'s confusing, it can be very sad at times ... but in all of it there are moments of breathtaking beauty. Remember those, seek them out and never let go of them. I wish you many : )

jaelzion : Such a sensitive child. I bet anything he grows up to be artistic. Killer smile too. :-)

Trisha Evans-Lutterodt : This is one of the purest things I've ever seen 😍😍😍

Lal Media Magic : Precious little one! His eyes are too precious! 😃😍

tess macie : Wish all the babies in the world had food, warmth and emotional comfort.

Ashley Rose : I wish Bocelli could see this 😢

Kari Short : Omg what a beautiful baby 💓

Ursula Locke : I could stare at his adorable face forever! I have never seen a little one so young exhibit a roller coaster of emotions in such a short span. It gives me hope that kids can be raised to be emotionally intelligent and make the world a better place for everyone. 💗💗💗😀

Robin : Why did I cry?

Christine Thornhill : This is wonderful to watch , and should remind us ALL that emotional feelings begin at a Very early age . Babies and very young children are influenced by all they see . We must therefore try to keep conflict far away from them as it messes up the rest of their lives . 🕊

Lorna Doone : The Image of God is so clear in such a little soul. What’s beautiful video! Thank you for sharing. She is precious.

Tracy Gomez : This is being human at its most pure..❤️

lee brogdon : I know how you feel little one, I’m a grown man and bocelli’s voice chokes me up too


ed low : Babies are bundles of abilities waiting to be discovered. Even at this age, this little guy recognizes beauty. Amazing.

Eddie R : What a handsome little guy, he’s soooo cute

Patricia Lopez : Sometimes when I feel down or anxious for uncertain reason I finish watching this always makes me cry ...but somehow leave me with a peaceful..healing feeling..this baby is so special as it is this song... Thank you Abiel!!

Tyrone Taylor : *Elmo sings* "Elmo! Yay!" *Andrea sing hauntingly* "Wait.. what's...what's is this...? I feel...strange, like a cloud. I can't describe this feeling. This trance like state of being! It's beautiful! Terrifying! I'm afraid, but I'm also not!"

Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach : Absolutely lovely. What a precious little soul. I'm glad I've never lost the ability to feel that way about both beautiful music... and Elmo. :)

Happy 1feather : I'm so in love with this little human.


pompeo alfonsi : This is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. So innocent.

louise lill : Absolutely adorable this is life at its best seen from a babe's eyes much love sent to you and I hope all your dreams as you grow cone true beautiful baby x

Ali Al-Mahdi : I was literally hooked to the screen staring at his little face to the point that I totally disconnected from everything around me, it is like I have been transcended to another dimension altogether!

WHITE WOLF : god bless you little angel👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Nick P. : OMG I can't! The way he can already differentiate between feelings is amazing. Bless his little heart!

LibraAndPisces Productions : I think when people say classical music and opera can raise a baby's IQ, they should say it actually raises emotional intelligence... even when babies don't know how to label the beautiful and varied feelings music causes, they are still there and very real.

Tippy Magoo : I am with the baby on this one, Bocelli's voice is fantastic.

Molly Mayor : What a beautiful baby , babys absolutely feed off emotional voices and music . Children are far more advanced today or is it we now pick up cameras and film every detail either way wonderful xoxo

The Great Googly Woogly : Bocelli would make me cry.

Joyce Chan : i have baby fever

Rebecca Bradshaw : We would love to see more of him. I just love this little guy.

Neh-Bih Sangbong : At 0:49 you could see him really struggling to hold back on his emotions. So cute.

STEPHANIE MOORE : Now, that's an old soul! And, quite cultured!

barbaro267 : Never heard of the name Abriel before. It is beautiful. I looked it up because I was curious of its Hebrew meaning :)

HelenHighwater : Babies should be routinely exposed to good music, not pop trash, for the sake of their emotions and brain development.

General Lee N Knass /knot retired/ : *I guess we all know* what he's going to be, when he grows up. *A Muppeteer.*

NeonsStyle : LOL that made me emotional lmao

Tineke Williams : Probably wondering where Elmo is hahaha, baby smiles each time Elmo comes on

fraziermay : Oh the wonderful power of music❣️🎶💗

niceguy217 : I know beautiful baby, Bocelli has much of the same affect on me. And that piece with Elmo is extra special ;)

Christopher Leyva : Que hermoso video me encanto 😍😍😍😍 hermoso como desde niños saben diferenciar el amor 💖

Crystal SaysSo : He is beautiful. That smile... Isn't it amazing how a child, so young, can discern between "Happy" music and "Sad" music. Music is and has always been a magical force. Thanks so much for sharing this touching and beautiful moment in time with us. ❤

GILBERT WILLIAMS : I get the same way when I hear Bocelli LOL

Xaoz Kort : Whoever posted this. Thank you. You will never know the impact it just had on me.. Genuinely.

Maya Kozyrava : 709 idiots disliked the video! Absolutely adorable and pure!

Inter-Galactic Anarchist : So there are universal patterns in music which evoke emotion?

ternitamas : that's how moving Bocelli's voice is, when there is a sensitive person on the other side magic happens

Miss Piggy : So, so, so ein liebes, wunderschönes Kind!!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Susanne Duscha : Cute and emotionally touching! There's nothing else to add! 💟💟💟