DIY: 2 Second Shirt Folding Board!
Fold a shirt in 2 seconds using cardboard

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Hey you! Thanks for watching my SimplyCraftsy video! In today’s video, I showed you how to make a really easy DIY folding board! If you enjoyed the video, please leave a thumbs up and subscribe for weekly vids!! :) What you will need: - Tape - An exacto knife - Cardboard - Pencil - Ruler - Cutting Board Intro and Outro music in this video is by Luke Christopher: • Luke Christopher - Background Music: “Playful” iMovie Music DIY 2 Second Shirt Folding Board! Keywords: DIY 2 Second Shirt Folding Board, SimplyCraftsy, Folding board, Easy, DIY, 2 second, Shirt, Clothes, Fun, Cardboard, Creative, Fast, Quick, How to, make, Organization, room DIY,


Peggy Cleary : Absolute best. I'll be designing a couple to fit the dimensions of my travel packing cubes too! A friend gave me a very expensive ready made one for Christmas but it's too big to fit in my suitcase!

Bhavesh Mangwani : u R great.....u have shown it in a much simpler way I hv watched many videos bt they were so confusing

Channel Fiend : I will be making some of these as Christmas gifts ... mainly for my sons!!!

Toby Lemieux : Your audio is unbearable.

music : what is this black magic!

Ob Bop : Shirt inside-out. Send the wench back to the distribution center. Defective. Get money back. Purchase different dame from a different source.