DIY: 2 Second Shirt Folding Board!

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Lafayette19P : 😊☺😊 REALLY GREAT VIDEO, THANKS!!!👍👍👍I've been seeing this way to fold clothes for years but in The Netherlands you can't find them. And the DIY-video's I saw were never clear about HOW.. so you end up with something stupid wich cannot flap over or move. Logical thinking is not something which comes naturally to me.😉 But with this video you just CAN'T make any mistakes. And with you naming the measurements I also thought: you can adjust it to your closet space, you can also make a smaller one for spagetti-tops etc etc... Was near to getting psychotic breaks😨😁from all the channels where you see hacks or DIY's in in less than 2 seconds and 100 at the time. So watching this was a releave!!!🌹🍀🌺🌹 and absolutely nothing wrong with the audio IMO😊. Seriously, THANKS a LOT!!! Now I can finally make one of these!!!👍👍👍

music : what is this black magic!

Channel Fiend : I will be making some of these as Christmas gifts ... mainly for my sons!!!

Toby Lemieux : Your audio is unbearable.

Bhavesh Mangwani : u R great.....u have shown it in a much simpler way I hv watched many videos bt they were so confusing