Guy Without Teeth Tries To say car and bike names.

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Jamie Keatley : He sounds Finnish or something

Taxido : Kurwy te, Kurwy te! xD

CheeseSteakJim : he's also finnish, it's not just because he's got no teeth.

Seducer's Embrace : Well. "Saab" went OK.

FUREK młody : binkoln kontynentaly hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryslery hevrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroletti

Max Christman : He, do you have the videos where this guy (I think it's this guy) is hitting himself with a newspaper and in the other he's jumping in the lake? Would love to see those again!!

SUK MIKE HOK l : Guess Saab paid this dude off

Agnessa Verk : Hahahahahaha "SAAB" ise the best part :D

CheeseSteakJim : wat.

Margus Reimann : if hes finnish im not surprised he got no teeth, i have seen laku piippu u know

Mats Sebastian : he has only 1 tooth

TRIXSTER03 : Why the fuck does he make the rrrrrr...... sound before everything.... omg, hilarious

TRIXSTER03 : Che, chev, chevrolete, chevrolet

ChomiG : <3

ChomiG : 0:20 popłakałem sie ze śmiecky JA JEBIE !!

ChomiG : Powinien zostać logopedą :3

CloudFilmsProd : This title was obviously very misleading as he has at least one visible tooth. I still doubt whether it's a blue tooth though. It sure isn't a dental commercial one. But that's on a completely different topic, so I better should shut up now, otherwise I could continue to talk about one tooth, which still makes that title misleading.

Don Diegofajitas : hey alex is that you

Don Diegofajitas : hey dude nice channel

TearsOfWar1 : It must take him an hour trying to order food XD

Robin Axehed : Thats tykylevits 😂

brehnfred : Hhahhahah