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Subscribe to the OpieRadio podcast and/or stream any episode now: http://www.westwoodonepodcasts.com/pods/opie-radio/ Homeless Mustard Sings "Creep" GREATEST Cover EVER http://www.opieradio.com Twitter - @OpieRadio Homeless Mustard's YOUTUBE CHANNEL - www.youtube.com/MrDanielMustard Homeless Mustard's TWITTER - @DanielMustardNY ***THE STORY*** Homeless Mustard came in after being up all night after being in jail and hospital. Learned he was living on the streets of nyc for quite some time. Told us he was a musician. I got him a Taylor that we had laying around. The rest is history!


Colin : Bro this shit was posted exactly 9 years ago today. Still the best cover of this song I’ve found.

ARZZIO : The fact that he's a homeless man and says i'm a creep and wierdo makes me just want to cry all day

Cory Carmichael : I hope they took care of him after this.

William McCarthy : the $$$ earned from this should have been sent to him.

D Man & The Pound : That pain though.

ThrasherSkeets : “It’s okay if it hurts”.

Jeff Swett : If this guy can keep trying to live another day, I guess I can to.

sint nicolaas : Give this man an independent life and a beautiful home. this is more beautiful than the 80% of the artists now and comes in much better. what a beautiful person is this.

Perpetually Drunk : maybe if radiohead found this dude, they'd finally play creep live

Zero : when a homeless dude does your song better than you

Flavia Toranzo : Why? The most beautiful talented people, have to be forgotten.

Muse뮤즈 : 2019?😊💓

Николай Агония : В его голосе чувствуется боль...

Ashlee Suggs : I love how he says, "It's okay if it hurts.." Instead of, "I dont care if it hurts."

Matt Noneya : A woman fell in love with me because of this song. I was at friends house and asked him to play this version of this song. Unbeknownst to me this woman, a friend of his, was a huge Radiohead fan, we dated four years but grew apart and one day she was gone......I miss her some times.

T L B : Better than the original 💯%......

Dominique Pearce : It's not pretty. That's good. The ugliness is so beautiful.

Jesse Johnson : Every time, I promise myself I'm not gonna cry. Every time, promise broken.

Matt Curley : He looks like a true nord of Skyrim.

YourAverageGuy : 2:21 When i finally open my mouth and try and talk to my crush Ah Ah ah Ah....

Sherman Nip : He's absolutely awesome. BTW, are those hospital wristbands on his right wrist?

Explodingtraps : 2:00 pretty sure he just dropped a bomb

Marquitos Pino : When someone can transcribe a song to different feel. I can't help wondering what the Fuck??? And do they know their level of talant

Roger Robinson : Right from his heart.. ❤️

Um Yeah : Whoever disliked this is a heartless bastard with no taste in music their favorite artist is probably lil pump.

Aria Khademi : This is THE BEST cover of the song online!

codeine vision : You can hear the pain in his voice

Playing For Change : You can tell music is this guys whole life and it helps him get through rough times. Heres to music!!!

константин прокофьев : This is the best homeless man in America, with such a voice he could speak in Russia. Very cool singing!!! Good boy!

Elijah Flores : I never know if I'm crying tears of joy or sadness when I listen to this cover... it's just so beautiful!!!! All I can say is Thank You! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Player 51 : If u got money a home appreciate it

Amina Chaud : When his voice breaks ahhh wowww I love it❤️

Don't agree w/me I'm being sarcastic : This man's emotions are beautiful. Does he have more music out?

Noëlle SANCHEZ : Bonjour, Quel talent ! Une voix exceptionnelle ! Merci, merci, merci ! Je vs souhaite le meilleur.

M. F. : WTF, when emotions cross you through all your body !!! I had chills... I hope this person is still alive 10 years after this video and that he is safe... Thanks to him from France for this wonderfull moment !

Joseph Anderson : beautiful guitar.... and very well done brother.

Billy Gaffin : Sign this man. I want more

easternpleasure : You ARE Special Brother

mike varvara : Still powerful . Hope all is well my man . God bless

Pierre METAL 32 : God it'll soon be 10 years ago Still sending shivers to my spine :x

Martin Denny : I think thats better than the original, holy crap that guy is great.

Ki11ers0da : To anybody who wants to play along... Tuning: D#/Eb Standard......Chords in order: C, E, F, Fm Have fun (:

liverpoolfc8nov : The way how he said "But I'm a creep" is incredible. U trully feel passion, pain and soul

Sim April : но я охрип!!!можно я выййдууу,и что я вообще делаю сдесь?)))но я на долго сдесь))

John Smith : Did I hear freebeer and hotwings at the end?

Johnny oh : Still my favorite song and cover.. but I am a late bloomer.

John Heimdal : Looks like he's about to cry, he felt the song man

Андрей Шевченко : This ,cool ,this voices !!!!!!!!!

Александр Касперович : спустя много лет про него вспомнил и захотел пересмотреть) красавчик