Julia Child The French Chef- The Omlette Show

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VF : she just cooked like 72 omlettes like it was nothing. gotdamn

Carol Melancon : I watched these shows religiously as a child. I made my first cheese souffle (successfully) for a family dinner party at 12 years old when you used to have to transcribe the recipes by hand because there was no internet to download the recipes; I still have that recipe written in my juvenile handwriting in my recipe collection. I remember telling our guests, most urgently, that they must come to the table NOW so the souffle wouldn't fall. I bought a pepper grinder for my family at about the same time when I learned how vastly better it tasted than pre-ground pepper. Partly from her influence, and partly from being from Louisiana; I was the only student I knew in college that had a VERY large spice collection. I owe my enduring hobby of cooking (and my expanding waistline) to Madame Julia.

Replicant Nexus 6 : she is quite generous with that parsley lolol

Joe Ray : I love when she throws away the plate of beans and says: "voila!"

Carol Melancon : "Oh, here comes my mother-in-law, I guess I'll give her a liver omelette; that'll fix her up, I guess" Ha.

CallMeBronco : She is the Bob Ross of cooking.

hwoods01 : The French Chef, brought to you by The Parsley Growers CO-OP's of America

Peter Hughes : "So, that's not it!" (Chucks pan to the floor)  Julia, we miss you!  :-(

Your awesome : I think some people in the comments are calling it "messy" or "inauthentic" or "unappetizing" because they are so used to seeing fake food like fast food and prepackaged foods. Julia is teaching how to make food the old fashioned way - food with REAL ingredients and most of all, food made at home, in the kitchen, with fun and flair!

fjvideo : It's something seeing a cooking show host who doesn't always have a fake smile plastered onto her face.

Monomakh : I actually saw this episode when it was aired when I was a kid - I made all sorts of omelettes for my family in the ensuing weeks, and I must have been friggin adorable.

Tobito : Let's all thank the Polaroid corporation lol.

leftyfourguns : What a stark contrast watching videos of other people gently poking their omelette's, watching them slowly cook for a minute or so then slowly trying to fold them like origami. Then coming to this video and watching her make a perfect one in literally 10 seconds with one hand. How the hell do you do that!

Marylu3172 : One take. No editing. 28 minutes straight through. That’s how all her French Chef shows were done. They don’t make tv like that anymore.

Joseph Charles : This was worth it just for the mother-in-law jokes at the end.

Dan Lewis : I love that she choose the pan from Woolworth's over the Status Pan, love you Julia!

Darth Belal : +Aaron Koo  Yeah, I can't tell you how many times I sit down for a quiet evening, and 300 hungry guests show up at my house.  Lucky for me, I ALWAYS have 50 dozen eggs on standby!

Hank Austin : I just learned more about omlettes in 28 minutes than I EVER learned in all the years I've been preparing them for my family, this is fantastic stuff!!

Buffy Koehler : Oh Julia.. I love you.. How many bottles of wine were you in on this one.. My sweet slurring stumbilina.

Ian Butler : I don't care how many times I am told I should like my omelettes runny, I just don't. Call me a barbarian......

Lin Morell : I just find her way of explaining very simple and effective

Midas Report : A last minute dinner party for 300 people? Those exist?

Christopher Sheffield : a last minute 300 person dinner party requiring 900 eggs? what universe is this? id have to go to 5 grocery stores to get that many eggs for 300 people coincidentally showing up at my front door to a house that the fire dept would have a shit fit about if they knew it was going on? i love that woman.

Elena : I can't stop watching her shows. They are so comforting and satisfying. Today she would be a crazy popular blogger.

Lindsay Alberts : I love it when she just chucks stuff on the floor! Off to make my lunch now- a cheese omlette!

13Gladius 2 : IDK why so many people think she's throwing things on the floor. surely there's a waste pail under the table.

meadslosh : Child was so baller.

Thomas Dawkins : 9:12 "Voilà!" and she cracks up... so good!

Patrick Merheb : Julia, you deserve the légion d'honneur :)

Cherokee M : She was such an Amazing Cool Lady!!!!!!! Love & Miss Ya Julia!!!!!!! I'm gunna make us Omlettes now LoL

Gigabomber : One thing about Julia: you know what she serves tastes good even if it isn't the prettiest. She has fun too. Watch Jacques Pepin too.

Joseph Cunin : It’s exhausting just watching this. She did an entire 28 minute show without a break and never lost her composure or train of thought even when she burnt her hand accidentally touching the pan that was in the oven. In modern cooking shows everything is so carefully choreographed and anything that’s not perfect is edited out. She was ahead of her time and gave so many of us the confidence to try cooking. Genius!

bea kittelscherz : just watched julia &juliet (movie). Meryl Streep did a pretty goo job. both awesome :-D

opwave79 : She makes it look so easy. My omelettes always burn.

Jackie Martinez-Kaufman : wow..i learned so much about omelettes...thank you sooo much Julia :) my childhood friend

milmech43 : alton brown is a lot like her when it comes to cooking shows

CappsJD : Such a better place in time! THE WORLD NEEDS ANOTHER JULIA!!!

Justin Kalman : It's a simple thing, and I assume that it's a simple thing for anyone with some talent at cooking! But I'm extremely impressed by how she was able to two-hand crack and plop those eggs in the beginning. That's always a surgical procedure for me. Very delicate because I always wind up losing some shell into it.

Holly Leblanc : I just made one and I died and went to heaven. Oh my goodness the best I have ever eaten in my entire life. Thanks Julia

hannah tamimi : she is just the cutest :)) i think now days if u have chef using butter like that the critics would have a ball critiquing lol but really she is the whole reason why we even have a food network , that is one legendary lady and i love her mother in law jokes toward the end

BnaBreaker : Who's throwing dinner parties for 300 people ever, much less last minute dinner parties for 300 people, like 300 people are just going to randomly roll up to your house in ten buses? Who even has 300 friends they'd want in their house? How many people have a home that will accommodate 300 people without there being some triple-decker lap sitting? I love you Julia, but there are a lot of questions I need answered.

Tonithenightowl : For myself I like carbon steel rather than non stick and cast iron rather than stainless or aluminum. You only have to buy them once. They will last generations. I have a small cast iron fry pan from my grandmother that's 100 yrs old.

Rueben R : I watched this and promptly made a salsa-and-cheese omelette...and yes, once the pan got hot, it took about 20 seconds. My favorite JC is Julia Child!

Rusty S : I learned  how  to make an  omlette  from  julia  child,,,shes  great

Head Bitch In Charge : I don't think I even know 300 people and I'm sure as shit not inviting them over for omelettes...God, I loved this woman...still do

Kirk Barkley : A little heavy on the parsley on that first omelette, Julie Baby!

Jerome O'Mara : In 1990 I took an 8 week intensive cooking class in New York for two days Julia Child was an instructor she made 6 omelets faster than even today I can make one she was a wonderful person and teacher. Early in the day I had a glass of wine with her I arrived before openig and asked her what would you say to someone who wants to be serious cook who only had electric not gas she looked at me and said move then laughed. There is a great Biography of her life do read it!

davidvinc : i can only imagine that this show is why Ina Garten and Martha Stewart had omelet parties. For the record, both of them said the party was a disaster. LOL

hrblocked : At around 8:18 you can hear a crew member giggle 😆

Charlie Sill : metal fork in a "no stick" paaaaaaan...terribly sinful!