Teaching My Dog To Box
a husky and its owner have a boxing match

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This is the greatest boxing training of All Time


Illuminati Potato : I think that this is the most emotion he’s ever shown in a video.

Nathorix : He starts to scream and the video gets cut off.

-Scout- the Invincible : *10 characters that can defeat Thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet)*

go commit neck rope : Youre doing it wrong the husky breed is accustomed to the southpaw stance.

sonicsaiyan07 : I'm pretty sure the dog's a husky, not a boxer.

Darth Celsius : What the trending page was really made for

Tactical Noodles : *BREAKING NEWS* : Man breaks neck after jumping across bed. Coming up: Does Fortnite cause school shootings?

Chase Allen : This gave me nostalgia of the old YouTube

Your fuckin nan : When his videos are actually monetized, I have to watch the Ad. This man is unpaid and is too good not to give him some money.

Judah B : Shouldnt this be in pay per view?

Rankus Music : 2017: Face reveal 2018: Bottom half reveal YouTube truly is a beautiful place...

labyrinthe : the cut off scream at the end is the best part

Oh my god Becky : Remember that “God creating things” joke. Like this one about spiders: God: make it have 8 legs Angel: excessive but ok God: and 8 eyes Angel: you need to calm down a lil- God: give it a butt rope I like to think God or whoever was making Charlie and said: “Make him weird. Like excessively weird.” “And he has to say asscheeks and make poop references every the other day. Also give him the depressed voice of a 45 year old.” “Now make him really hot.”

Steve Southivorarat : Now if only the JoJo torture dance scene could make it into the trending page.

macotello : 5'6 man boxes with husky and dies

BSJ IN YO HOUSE : _We did guys, penguinz0 is trending._

Adrian : That dog should fight Logan and ksi he looks better at boxing than them.

RELEASEtheRHYS : *gets 40 on trending * Memes are finally funny again boys

ReviewTechUSSR : The trending tab is good for once.

Kai Toyata : Disgusting video of animal abuse. Tetra was unnecessarily cruel to that animal. Hope he finds a good home somewhere.

Carter Hutsell : When you are teaching your dog how to box and he beats u

Justin Y's Stand : 0:16 "going below the belt action, I like that, playing dirty" This dog is an *absolute madlad*

Madison Price : Oh man... she even threw Charlie over the bed an' wrestled him to the floor? Tetra's vicious o3o

YouTube Algorithm : Lmao *FINALLY WE'RE ON TRENDING BOYS* at #45 and a day after it was uploaded

drumr828 : this is what that noisy upstairs neighbor is doing

Yeetasauras : And this is where this dogs story begins as it beats KSI and L0gen pUaL in a 1v2 winning the YouTube Boxing Champion Ship!

ASLucifer : Best part of the video-seeing charlie play with petra Worst part-knowing that PETA will find a way to get this vid taken down

Subscribe To Me For A Reason : Penguinz0 on trending? Christmas came early this year wowww!

Darshan Sen - The Composer : Liii, whea aa eu? Hold on sweat pea

Zeino : Penguinz0 on trending? Christmas came early this year wowww!

dub2459 : Still better than Conor vs Floyd ;)

Ajsha Reddick : The dog is already a champ, this is just for fun

JakeOG : *this is Drago’s son in the new creed*

Mauricio Pérez : #10 on Trending, holy ballsack

Depression Session : *The new Creed movie leaked*

liz glover : Finally a good Youtuber on trending! Love you Critical ❤️

Alexander : Hmm I wonder if I can make it to the trending list if I teach my turtle MMA

Investing Book Summaries : Needs a training montage with inspirational music in the background.

LeoGreck : when you search for "stock fotage - dude boxing with dog"

Darth Balls : Day 1 of helping to get the lego star wars complete saga on the moist meter

kosdff tkallday : Lmao #16 on trending 😂🤣

Reese Fens : Charlie's on trending, that must be a mistake

BusyPigsWeekly 3 : This is the quality content I subscribed to

William Joseph : Holy shit bois, were trending? In the big leagues now. Just start pumping out those Minecraft let's plays and you'll be on top of the world in no time.

Mechafinch Personal : A man yells at his dog for 43 seconds

Iloveravioilis Jeb : Me:I need the most terrifying beast you have Dog: B A R F Me: ... This is perfect

Leonil Pena : He Protecc He Attacc But most importantly... He boxes bacc!

Bela Gard : this is the content i came for

Black Knight : Congrats this is trending now