Teaching My Dog To Box

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Judah B : Shouldnt this be in pay per view?

Nathorix : He starts to scream and the video gets cut off.

-Scout- the Invincible : *10 characters that can defeat Thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet)*

Illuminati Potato : I think that this is the most emotion he’s ever shown in a video.

go commit neck rope : Youre doing it wrong the husky breed is accustomed to the southpaw stance.

aZombieDictator : Charlies comment section is the greatest and most devoted comment section on YouTube.

Darth Celsius : What the trending page was really made for

Oh my god Becky : Remember that “God creating things” joke. Like this one about spiders: God: make it have 8 legs Angel: excessive but ok God: and 8 eyes Angel: you need to calm down a lil- God: give it a butt rope I like to think God or whoever was making Charlie and said: “Make him weird. Like excessively weird.” “And he has to say asscheeks and make poop references every the other day. Also give him the depressed voice of a 45 year old.” “Now make him really hot.”

Idiot with a mask : *BREAKING NEWS* : Man breaks neck after jumping across bed. Coming up: Does Fortnite cause school shootings?

Is this a name? : When his videos are actually monetized, I have to watch the Ad. This man is unpaid and is too good not to give him some money.

Zeino : Penguinz0 on trending? Christmas came early this year wowww!

Chase Allen : This gave me nostalgia of the old YouTube

Steve Southivorarat : Now if only the JoJo torture dance scene could make it into the trending page.

Subscribe To Me For No Reason : Penguinz0 on trending? Christmas came early this year wowww!

BSJ IN YO HOUSE : _We did guys, penguinz0 is trending._

Daniel Sambar : ok, now this is -epic- wholesome.

Rankus Music : 2017: Face reveal 2018: Bottom half reveal YouTube truly is a beautiful place...

Adrian Solano : That dog should fight Logan and ksi he looks better at boxing than them.

Vinz Clortho : Why do people feel the need to thumbs down a perfectly fine video, just cuz the option is available?!

TheTaterTotP80 : Don't scream or shout too loud though. Animals have sensitive ears and it can be really uncomfortable (or even painful) for them. Also unsettles them.

drumr828 : this is what that noisy upstairs neighbor is doing

LinxX : How to become a furry

labyrinthe : the cut off scream at the end is the best part

ReviewTechUSSR : The trending tab is good for once.

Carter Hutsell : When you are teaching your dog how to box and he beats u

Solo Wing Pixy : But can she beat Captain Asshole?

RELEASEtheRHYS , : *gets 40 on trending * Memes are finally funny again boys

Cowboy Decchi : r/videosthatendtoosoon

Mr Manga : #35 Ranked For *AnImAl CrUeLtY AnD AbUsE*

K U : Remember, this is the guy that made "the time I nearly ejaculated preforming a school play" and "masturbation diaries"

Depression Session : *The new Creed movie leaked*

Sam. F : *intense*

King of Spades : _Ends with a tie_

Jaquan McMillan : This dog could knock out khabib LMAO.

Adam Kwarren : The only thing that would make this thing better is if she was a boxer breed

i-win : *Wii sports boxing theme plays*

Adil Y : *human friends left the chat*

Adnan A : My cat would just sit there

xd_Crayfish _ : This is what YouTube is about, this is the origin of YouTube and I miss it.

XSupreme Lettuce : No wonder my parents room is so loud

JellyBeanTV : I came here thinking this was a joke because it was on trending, but no it wasn't and I was not let down lol

Mr. Jazz moose : *cats gonna be alll over that dog.*

Alexander : Hmm I wonder if I can make it to the trending list if I teach my turtle MMA

Soap -_- : my soul has been cleansed

Blane Ries : Wait critical on trending what’s going on here

Dio Drando : Floyd Mayweather would get pummeled by this canine.

Professional YouTube Commentator : PETA is going wild rn

Justin Y's Stand : 0:16 "going below the belt action, I like that, playing dirty" This dog is an *absolute madlad*


Hb Droid : Esses gringo tudo retardado oxe