Could You Be A Parasite?

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Willy Z : Yay. Thanks for uploading Jake! I know you put a lot of effort into these videos and it really shows!

Top Geek : Omg!!! This is brilliant!

Shmozone : Could it be? A 21:9 upload? Greatest day ever.

MyBoringLife : hey, that's pretty good

Primaski : That ending gave me shivers....

Melanie Anne Ahern : my parents think so

Lun Hing : Mmmm guinea worm

Peter Parker : bad idea watching this at dinner time

Nafi N : If I'm thinking then I must be the parasite controlling the host Human. But I am very sure that I am the human but thats what a parasite controlling a human would say.

Angel Martinez : Man you should watch parasyte the maxim is anime

Seni Peni : I feel itchy lol

this is scout rainbows makes me wet : My thoughts on the ending 1. Jake refuses to be helped by the rescue team because he knows that he's already infected thus his sacrifice himself for the hunanity Or 2. It's the parasite itself refusing the rescue team to help him so it can reprodce by itself before they can teminate it

Rain Roth : I swear Vsause is always trying to give me an existential crisis

KamboKelvin : The ending with him refusing help is a bit unsettling or should I say controlled

VY Canis Majoris : Lol

Vsauce3 : Are you you?

WTD Productions : *_SquidWard_* from Agents of SHIELD 😂

RandomStuffFixer : Michael hosts a VSauce parasite that makes people talk like him!

Electricwater378 : Ive never used this as it meant, but this video made my skin crawl. Amazing stuff as always jake!

omer michaely : at first i thought it said "could you be a pirate" XD

The Ace Of Spades : If by parasite, you mean leeching food and money from the people around me, then yes.

Jesús Martínez : Why do you talk, like... This Why do the other vsauce hosts, ALSO... Talk like this...

Ryan Cordero : I like the John Carpenter's 1982 "The Thing" reference you made by the fire.

Ethan Clarke : Is anybody else getting itchy lmao

Mottflyer : What's the song from 9:40 to 10:30 ? I can't find it on Audio Network anywhere!

Whoandwhy : Jake, I love your videos, but god damn they can be some of the most depressing (yet at the same time, extremely fascinating) videos I've ever seen.


PeppyHydra : Feels very Thing-esque. Nice, love it!

Intellectium : Where was this filmed?

Brody Yancey : Jake can you put a video about what a EMP detenation can do to you if your infront of it like if you agree

mrcomp : Well ain't that a thumbnail that's going to keep me up at night.

Joshua Hidalgo : What’s the outro music?

Xrenyn the MusicMage : Wow, that gives me an idea: If negative emotions (like hate, rage, jealousy,...) were the effects of a parasite, would there be a method to cure these symptoms? I know these are probably evolutionary benifits for situations where resources are limited but it would make humanity seem a bit more sympathic and likable to me...

HelloAlice/Alexcinder : music at 1:50 reminds me of the stranger things intro

2skins : Love all the foreshadowing in the video about Jake being a parasite

SpO0n : if a Parasite could fully control the Host (EVERYTHING), is the Parasite then considered a self aware being ?

Matthew Spencer : Used stranger things music. I like your style

Kaif Amir : You look a bit like yannick carrasco, search him up if you dont kno who he is

alex6am : What if vsauce 3 is a parasite?

The Silent Saboteur : HE HAS A PARASITE!!!!!!! lol

FD : Hey, that's pretty good!

BUZOOKi -GAME : The V of the Vsauce logo should have been the shadow of Jake forming V shape using the light from the fire And your V shaped legs in the end of 'could you live forever' seposed to be the V starting the Vesauce logo **sorry I don't speak English as mother langue**

Nathen bluefire8bit : Damn this video is deep now i started to think i a parasite.

JpStark : what jacket are you wearing

PizzamanN64 : Not good to watch after the Parasite anime.

Breeka : Your videos are always so artsy and I love it! Great job as always! I love the cinematography and editing that goes into these videos. Also in my opinion if I am controlled by a parasite, then that means that I am a parasite, and if I am a parasite nothing changes. I am still me only what I thought I was is different, who I am is still the same.

SivaRoso : Waw Jake ! I think this is your best Video so far.

Dan Loves cats : This was last year FLIP I’m late…

Lochan Lightning : so he was infected!!!!!!!!!!

Schect3r : Wow, great production and still extremely informative! Love the content Jake!