Could You Be A Parasite?

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StickMaster500 : The only parasite that we have a full understanding about is Ajit Pai

Rain Roth : I swear Vsause is always trying to give me an existential crisis

this is scout rainbows makes me wet : My thoughts on the ending 1. Jake refuses to be helped by the rescue team because he knows that he's already infected thus his sacrifice himself for the hunanity Or 2. It's the parasite itself refusing the rescue team to help him so it can reprodce by itself before they can teminate it

Ethan Clarke : Is anybody else getting itchy lmao

Pawelq07 : I'm scared of drinking water now

Vsauce3 : Are you you?

MyBoringLife : hey, that's pretty good

Primaski : That ending gave me shivers....

Peter Parker : bad idea watching this at dinner time

NoizyBoy201 : I love all the allusions to John Carpenter's _the Thing_ ! The theme at the beginning, the reference to Outpost 31, the parasite that imitates humans to survive, and especially the awesome recreation of the burning logo at the end!!

The Ace Of Spades : If by parasite, you mean leeching food and money from the people around me, then yes.

2skins : Love all the foreshadowing in the video about Jake being a parasite

PizzamanN64 : Not good to watch after the Parasite anime.

Angel Martinez : Man you should watch parasyte the maxim is anime

getoutofherestalker : the actual writing gone into this video deserves a whole book of its own.

Alex Koch : Ajit Pai seems to be one, better off asking him.

Joshua Hidalgo : What’s the outro music?

WTD Productions : *_SquidWard_* from Agents of SHIELD 😂

Xrenyn the MusicMage : Wow, that gives me an idea: If negative emotions (like hate, rage, jealousy,...) were the effects of a parasite, would there be a method to cure these symptoms? I know these are probably evolutionary benifits for situations where resources are limited but it would make humanity seem a bit more sympathic and likable to me...

Lennox : Jake can you put a video about what a EMP detenation can do to you if your infront of it like if you agree

Whoandwhy : Jake, I love your videos, but god damn they can be some of the most depressing (yet at the same time, extremely fascinating) videos I've ever seen.

alex6am : What if vsauce 3 is a parasite?

Mert261 : This video is just so good! He can make literally every subject interesting to learn about!


Diego Tejada : ...I was eating, man...

Melanie Anne Ahern : my parents think so

Hubert Cumberdale : "See that, that's not dog... It's immitation."

Scout : getting "the thing" vibes from the ending

rgb-meloetta : reminds me of The Thing

john johnson : ive never been this disturbed in my life

Cyranek : vsauce 3 best vsauce

Dan’s : This was last year FLIP I’m late…

serena allgaier : i regret watching this, not cuz its a bad video, life just was easier without knowing


the.abhiram.r : Sponsored by Netflix

Spoonies : if a Parasite could fully control the Host (EVERYTHING), is the Parasite then considered a self aware being ?

Demonic Angel : Watching this after the how to make a Vsauce3 video ..

Jake Shire : I genuinely think jake would make a decent actor

NOAH : Damn that ending tho

Quercu Nigrum : *WHEN YOU REALIZES THE FINAL!* Damn, that was brilliant!

Daddy Donald : I’m already a parasite upon my parents


Simon Lewin : Beautiful film making and a poignant narrative, as always. Another video well done Jake :)

meancloth : Why did you change this thumbnail

Splorpop : Nice fake mountains

Seni Peni : I feel itchy lol

Schect3r : Wow, great production and still extremely informative! Love the content Jake!

v1tell _ : i shouldnt have watched this before bed... or at any time tbh

magzilaisawesome : This diservers way more views than it has

Asexual MemeLord : When you use your friends Netflix account without them knowing