Was Hitler a Socialist? - A Response to Steven Crowder and Others
Was Hitler a Socialist A Response to Steven Crowder and Others

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MinecraftBoy4237 : Ahh, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. My favorite Democracy.

Some Guy : "Hitler was a Marxist!" Huh. That must be why he threw communists into concentration camps.

The Dicktective : "Socialism is when the government does stuff, and the more stuff the government does, the more socialister it is." -Karl Marx

gtfrank : "Is educating people left-wing? I don't know, you tell me." Top 10 brutal anime deaths

2chin4u : I’m reporting this video for making me listen to Steven Crowder for so long.

Daylenify : As a german this was so insulting i dont even have words for that. Hitler a socialist...wow, just wow.

owen alioto : Next up: was Karl Marx a libertarian?

Yarwun : Stephen Crowder doesn't know his left from his right.

btf : i like how reactionaries try to distance themselves from Hitler while parroting the same propaganda Hitler did, ("cultural Marxism", etc)... lmfao.

Wham! : The workers didn't own or control the means of production in Nazi Germany. There, debunked.

Airisuwolf666 : Right winger: "Facts don't care about your feelings." Left Winger slams countless volumes of history, science, and philosophy on the desk. "Yep."

Gentleman of the Pen : So for Shapiro : Stalin was a fascist and Hitler a socialist... I have a feeling he is not very knowledgeable about History.

GeneticAlgorithm11111001000 : I'd like to tell all the righturds that think nazism is leftist ideology, to approach a neonazi gang and call them communists. I'll make sure to send your families my respects.

EmperorTigerstar : This video has been needed for a long time. Thank you.

Wilson : Funny when Shapiro meantioned Mien Kampf and used that as a reference for his revisionist history. I'd say he hasn't read a single page out of that book because when you read it Hitler clearly bashes 'the left,' by name incessantly. I guess he was banking on nobody in that audience calling him out on his snake oil horseshit.

Shadowww : 5:35 it’s funny how he implies that Abortion, free healthcare and gun control lead to Hitler seizing control. And even sadder to think a lot of right wing Americans actually believe him.

Zap Rowsdower : You have to understand that American Christians/conservatives/republicans confuse being oppressed with not getting their way all the time about everything.

Coda Mission : Right wing: Nationalism is individualism for countries, and it worked for the nazis because x Also right wing: The Nazis aren't really nationalist...

Jim Pickens : The reason Republicans say that Hitler was a socialist is that they dont want to be on the same political side as Hitler

Gautham Ramachandran : you don't actually have to explain it this much... the whole shebang gets exposed if you ask just one question : "if Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren are the Nazis, why are all the Nazi flags being waved at right-wing rallies?"

kevin rowe : You're wasting your time throwing facts at people like Crowder. A perfect example of Dunning Kruger effect.

the truth : Crowder - "Democracy = mob rule". Yeah very deep. Thumbs up for the detailed and well-researched information - anathema to right-wingers who litter You Tube.

92Beyo : Everybody who uses this argument has lost all credibility in an instant

Aleksandr Hovhannisyan : Welcome to the era of pseudo-intellectualism, where anyone and everyone is a reputable authority on any subject.

The Patriarchal Democrat : The Nazis were indisputably right-wing* In the months after Hitler took power, SA and Gestapo agents went from door to door looking for Hitler’s enemies. They arrested Socialists, Communists, trade union leaders, and others who had spoken out against the Nazi party; some were murdered By the summer of 1933, the Nazi party was the only legal political party in Germany. Nearly all organized opposition to the regime had been eliminated. Democracy was dead in Germany. However, the assumption that because the word “socialist” appeared in the party’s name and socialist words and ideas popped up in the writings and speeches of top Nazis then the Nazis must have been actual socialists i find this Mind-Numbingly naive and ahistorical. What the evidence shows, on the contrary, is that Nazi Party leaders paid mere lip service to socialist ideals on the way to achieving their one true goal: raw, right-wing totalitarian power Sometimes the claim is handed about that the Nazis were a left-wing party on economic questions, perhaps because the Nazis were called “National Socialist's”. This is flatly and completely wrong and a form of pseudo-historiography. Here’s why: The Nazi party was built on right-wing voters and a right-wing support base There are many disputes about the nature of Hitler’s voting base. What isn’t under dispute though is that prior to voting Nazi, Nazi voters voted for center-right and far-right parties, or didn’t vote at all. Support for the Nazis did not come from disaffected left-wing or center-left voters, but from right-wing voters frustrated with the existing parties of the right. In my view this point alone is decisive. The meaning of right-wing and left-wing is not an ahistorical abstraction, it’s created by the behavior of people and institutions. The right-wing citizens of Germany implicitly recognized the Nazis as right-wing by voting for them, case closed 2. The Nazis literally invented privatization: The Nazis were responsible for huge privatization programs. The extent of their privatization's was enormous, but it was particularly vast when compared with other countries at the time, who were generally moving in the opposite direction. The privatization's of Nazi Germany may indeed have been the first mass privatizations of public property in history and included “Steel, mining, banking, shipyard, ship-lines, and railways.” More on how Nazis bucked historical trends by privatizing when no one else was here: http://www.ub.edu/graap/nazi.pdf 3. Nazi policies greatly increased income inequality: Income inequality spiked under Hitler, as was observed even at the time. More here: http://piketty.pse.ens.fr/.../RefsHistorical.../Sweezy39.pdf 4. Capital as a share of factor income also spiked under Hitler, at the expense of wages: Factor income describes the division between the factors of production, with land receiving rent, capital receiving profit and labor receiving wages. The capital share, or profit as a proportion of total income, increased by about 50% in Nazi Germany and was much higher than the US’s capital share at the time. See the below graph from Capital in the Twenty-First Century reproduced in a Jacobin article by Corey Robin: I’m sorry if there’s not much in the way of Belles-lettres here. If I am blunt it is for a purpose. The Nazis were right-wing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong, much in the same way it is wrong to say that the world is flat, six-thousand years old, or made of cheese

Reddsoldier : If Hitler is a socialist, does that make the alt-right socialist sympathizers given their association with National Socialist groups such as the United States National Socialist Movement as seen at Charlottesville among other examples? Or am I missing something?

Foxtrot Hotel : To say "The Nazis were socialists" line is just taking Hitler at his word. The revisionists of the future will look back and say "Hey, but North Korea was a 'Democratic People's Republic'. It's in the name."

Lewis Palmer : Just because the Nazi stood for national socialist party or whatever is irrelevant. North Korea claims to be a democratic republic, that doesn't make it true.

owen alioto : People saying Nazism is socialism are like people saying the civil war was about states rights. It was all a means to an end, and it's all on paper.

The Purple Lies : If Nazi Germany was socialist why do Alt Righters align with it so much At Charlottesville they screamed "Blood and Soil". "The Daily Stormer" based off a old Nazi Newspaper. I mean, come on, pick a consistent viewpoint

Lil Video Mane : this video is exactly how these far-right propagandists should be exposed. thank you so much for this.

Carla : I almost spit out my water when I saw Crowder called Hitler "pro-choice" because of his eugenics programs. It must be because I'm a snowflake who can't handle LOGIC and FACTS

TheOmegajuice : Wait wait wait. Are you saying that we might not be able to trust the way that the Nazis presented their own agenda. Mind blown!

Not The Zodiac Killer : Conservatives are truly the most uninformed people ever, almost dumber than alt-righters (which is truly a huge achievement).

Matt Rodriguez : Crowder’s humor is so forced and bland. I’m glad to have found an outlet to let this out.

The Laughing Man : Even if you were fool enough to believe Crowders garbage, it's probably more relevant to be asking who do Nazis support *now?*

dathanlo : Better be careful about going after Crowder, he might challenge you to a debate and then chicken out at the last minute

Storm Lillebø Gambert : You forgot to address that Bernie is not a democratic socialist, he's a social democratic.

James Blackburn : Concerning 29:55: Speaking as an American currently living in one of the most liberal parts of the country -- no, none of that is even remotely real; it is completely and utterly imaginary. Perhaps Crowder is mistaking the concept of "somebody somewhere might call you a jerk" for "the government will throw you into a death camp".

thesilenceindustry : I can't believe how deceptive and moronic crowder is. It's mind blowing. I didn't think humans could be so ridiculous.

Torvald Sudmann Therkildsen : I'm really glad I found this channel. Although I wouldn't position myself on the left end of the political spectrum, I have the highest regard for well-articulated arguments. I'm so happy that there's been an insurgency in left-leaning YouTube-channels as a response to the dominance of right-wing ideologies on this platform. Keep up the great work!

Sean Devine : Union of Soviet Socialist REPUBLICS. Looks like Republicans are the REAL Communists

Squim : “Hitler was a socialist liberal” Spat out my tea (this has been happening to me a lot lately)

ooppaa ddooppaa : Great video. Great information on Germany's economy during the period.. I heard a little bit about the shell game they played with foreign investors, but I've found my wikihole for the day! Keep up the good work.

SFO14 : Hey Crowder, I'm an Indian tech support representative. I have to remote into your computer and resolve some issues. I will need you to pay me in advance for my services, so please provide me your bank account information. Thanks!

Ricky G : So basically Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, and Dinesh fell for Nazi Propaganda 80 years ago... Wow, just wow.

DerMeisterXZ : It's like, physically difficult to listen to Steven Crowder to say this shit. This is going to be a hard watch.

GFox : I really like your videos, but they make me realize that I don't know enough about History. Which is painful and good at once. Could you make a video about the new far right party in Germany, the AFD, and about the US alt-rights ties to them (Steven Bannon for example)? Would be interesting.

Ленивец Медицинский : Вау!!! Это очень конструктивная критика. Таких разборов не хватает русскоязычному ютубу. Моё уважение создателю видеоролика!