Was Hitler a Socialist? - A Response to Steven Crowder and Others

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Thought Slime : "[hitler] was radically pro abortion" jesus what a weasley way to frame eugenics.

Cory Fice : "True Socialism has never been tried" Steven Crowder "Hitler was a socialist" Steven Crowder

Jesus Cano : Crowder is so stupid he fell for propaganda from nearly 80 years ago

Sean Devine : Union of Soviet Socialist REPUBLICS. Looks like Republicans are the REAL Communists

Foxtrot Hotel : To say "The Nazis were socialists" line is just taking Hitler at his word. The revisionists of the future will look back and say "Hey, but North Korea was a 'Democratic People's Republic'. It's in the name."

jjmblue7 : "Okay Steven, here's two unlabeled cups of which you must drink one: one with water and one with hyrdogen peroxide. They're both just hydrogen and oxygen, so there's no difference, right?"

Kyle Jasvins : Wait... the far right idolizes Nazism... but equates leftists with Nazis... Did I miss anything?

Djentle Wolves : The more I listen to other viewpoints, the more I want to step away from the echo chamber of conservative viewpoints I put myself in. I appreitiate your work.

TheJadeFist : "He was heavily influnced by Marx"... Um yes Ben, he was, he was heavily influenced by it in the opposite way. He literally called it a threat to the level it'd wipe out humanity.

EmperorTigerstar : This video has been needed for a long time. Thank you.

Dustin D : Seriously, Night of Long Knives. Why does *no one* know what that is in the US. The Nazis literally murdered everyone to the left of them who had any power, both inside and out of their party.

Harrison McKenzie : If the nazis are socialist, then North Korea is a democratic people's republic.

Jamie Ogilvie : Honestly tho, it’s not like the problem with the Nazis was their economic policy..

Niclas Höhl : Videos like this are so important. Sadly, right-wingers won't even click on videos like these, because they are telling the truth, which wouldn't fit into their view of the world. Some friends of mine are fans of Shapiro, Peterson and their likes. You can't talk to them. Try to debunk one of their outrageously stupid statements, they'll immediately double down on them, totally denying the thuth

dathanlo : Better be careful about going after Crowder, he might challenge you to a debate and then chicken out at the last minute

Jonas Krumm : have any of the alt-right propaganda youtubers ever replied to one of your videos? I'd love to see how that would work

Carla M. : I almost spit out my water when I saw Crowder called Hitler "pro-choice" because of his eugenics programs. It must be because I'm a snowflake who can't handle LOGIC and FACTS

Steven Yourke : Crowder is just another ignorant loudmouth right winger. You can bet he’s never seriously studied National Socialism. Democracy means “mob rule”?! No, it means rule by the people. This man is an ignoramus and a chakra tan. To use a quote from Gregor Strasser in order to prove that Hitler was a socialist is completely dishonest. Strasser was a socialist. Hitler was not. That’s why Strasser quit the party in 1932, just before Hitler came to power. Hitler had Strasser murdered in 1934.

Annatar Lord of Gifts : Schools in the US need to do a better job teaching political terms. If people actually knew the definitions of socialism, nationalism, capitalism etc then they wouldn't be susceptible to political hacks like Crowder and Shapiro.

Kaiser Williams : You left Crowder's fake German accent in. You monster! ;_;

Fabi z : As a german I think it's really funny how so many right wing dudes think bernie sanders is an extremely left guy. On the german political spectrum he would probably be somewhere in the middle / slightly to the right. I don't get why people always get so upset about the opposing Parties instead of talking with each other.

Matthew Kopp : Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Sebastian Contreras : The right wing party in my country calls itself "Centro democrático" (Democratic Center). The name of a party doesn't always represent where they stand!

Ryan Perrin : So, basically he fell into believing the exact propoganda that kept people in check in Germany under the Nazi party; even though none of it was true. Someone fell for the real Fake News, that's great

Gabriel Rangel : Can I translate this to Portuguese? I'd gladly do it if you had it in written form. Brazil is in dire need to be educated about fascism.

Thomas Polaino : Hey everybody, Hitler wasn't far right. He just wanted to "Make Germany Great Again!" Ohh, wait a minute....

Melanoma : American conservatism is worst conservatism.

Simon Wood : Is the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" (a.k.a. North Korea) democratic? Is the "Democratic Republic of the Congo" democratic? Just because people use a certain label for themselves or others does not make it true.

Tyler Hardy : Crowder is no comedian... Just a moron with a microphone.

DemocraticSocialist01 : Kitty Werthmann also claimed that Austria's healthcare system, before Hitler, was privately insured even thought it is widely known(as you state here) that the Habsburg empire introduced public health insurance in 1888. She also claimed that Hitler introduced the "equal rights amendment"(I am not joking) that gave equal rights to women. The truth is that the National Socialists actively discouraged women from pursuing careers, kicking thousands out of the civil service etc. She also claimed that everyone was paid the same....even thought the stats show that income inequality grew under Nazi policies..

Ironinquisitor : If Hitler was a "socialist" then why did he kill socialists? Explain that to me Crowder.

Chris Weber : Whenever a republican is losing an argument they just start calling everyone a socialist.

Cassandra Cole : Man, I forgot how much Crowder was full of shit. Like, hadn't forgotten that he WAS full of shit, just the degree to which.

SpotOn : "Nationalized health care" which exists in many modern countries, will be the downfall of America alone? Lol. The right just slays me with the way they're willing to bend over backwards to tell the people how they can't have anything nice.

MaggaraMarine : "Hitler was liberal" "Hitler was pro-choice" How can anyone take these arguments seriously? How can anyone argue these points seriously? Do these people even listen to their own arguments?

SMERSH : They are gonna be surprised when they find out what buffalo wings are made of! Ancient meme,sorry.

Brad Hansen : Hitler only achieved power by declaring the Communist Party illegal. That allowed him to eject the communist members of parliament, leaving the Nazis with the most members. A real socialist party would have aligned itself with the communists, creating a super majority, not removed the communists from office.

TheLastAngryMan01 : Wow, you went hammer time on Crowder’s lies. Ich gratuliere dir.

Emmett Leone-Woods : Stephen Crowder has a face for Radio, and a voice for silent film.

Cory Fice : This is one of the Alt-Right giants? A talentless hack with an awful radio voice.

emscape2 : "the republicans might atually support Black Genocide" That wouldn't be that far from the truth i think

Danny Reilley : Saying Hitler was a Socialist is like saying Che was a Capitalist. Both statements are equally stupid.

Magnus Ballari : Missed opportunity at 12:15 to say Hitler jumped on the "bahn-wagon". Otherwise great video.

Michael Cozzi : The main reason why nazis picked the name National Socialist Workers Party was to appeal to numerous different groups in Germany at the time. While I am a one nation conservative, this is ridiculous. Hitler was extreme right - wing, not moderate right wing. But Hitler was a special kind of crazy to begin with. This is because anyone with a brain could know that Hitler was an idiot. For example, in Mein Kampf (German For "My Struggle") Hitler believed that people who practice Judaism were both socialists and capitalists, which is largely inefficient. Hitler was also an anti - communism (I am as well, but Hitler took it way too far). Hitler was also "pro - abortion", meaning that he was only for forced sterilization of different minority groups that Hitler deemed inferior. Eugenics is very different from being "pro - choice", even though I am pro - life. When discussing Nazism and where Nazi's locate on the political spectrum, one must understand that politics is divided into both an economic and social spectrum. Calling Hitler a socialist is just crazy and flat out insulting to people who died during the holocaust because of him.

Sunflower Socialist : How dare you subject me to 2 minutes of crowder :p

Lee Wilson : What is truly scary is a colt of personality fascist imbecile that is able to convince his followers that evading taxes makes him smart, not a criminal. I guess us stupid people who pay taxes, wanting those taxes to be used to benefit the good of the people, are the bad people.

_ annoyed : ok, I managed to watch till 2:40, and I'm sorry to say: If this is the level of stupidity you have to deal with in the USA, if those people are believed by more than - let's be generous and say 5% of the citizens, then there is something intrinsically wrong with your system of education. That Crowder guy is historically and logically illiterate. Then again.. when those people believe that all people are what they call themself, maybe Sanders should start a party called "Patriotic liberty-loving christian gunowners party against commis, gays, feminism, terrorism, taxes, low wages and bad weather as seen on TV and endorsed by Jesus Christ himself" and just keep doing what he does. edit: Ok, made it through. Thankfully it stops being cringeworthy as soon as that Crowder guy is gone. Sheesh! Good job explaining it, I think I'm going to be lazy from now on and just provide a link to your explanation whenever alt right revenants try the "Nazis are Socialists because they call themself that" 'argument'. Maybe you could have put a bit more emphasis on how the whole Socialism and workers rights act was designed to lure in more left oriented followers, and virtually all quotes about that topic that get quoted by the ahistorical right are from between 1926 and 1933, while after the Machtergreifung Hitler had Strasser killed and dropped the act almost completely. Anyway, thanks for this, and keep up the good work.

jacq danieles : If the Nazis were "socialists" because they had the word in their name, then by logical extension, former East Germany was democratic because it was called the German Democratic Republic, right? And likewise, North Korea is democratic because it's called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea? Crowder's a f**king joke. He's the stupid person's idea of an intellectual.

Rebecca L. : People like Steven Crowder have completely changed so many of my family members. They don't like reading for themselves, so they rely on pundits like Steven and Jordan Peterson to "inform" them. And now all they talk about is how the "radical leftists" are the Nazis of today and how Hitler was actually a socialist, and that socialists are trying to destroy this country. They think Antifa is equivalent to the Hitler Youth. My brother spends all of his free time at gun ranges preparing for the "fascist takeover". The sort of disinformation that pundits are spreading about Nazi Germany is so disconcerting and dangerous. I've been unable to get through to them. We need more videos like this. Thank you.

Danny Reilley : And I love it that a German actaully has to tell these slow Yanks how it actaully was.