Was Hitler a Socialist? - A Response to Steven Crowder and Others

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Thought Slime : "[hitler] was radically pro abortion" jesus what a weasley way to frame eugenics.

Big Joel : This is amazing work, one or your best!

Cory Fice : This is one of the Alt-Right giants? A talentless hack with an awful radio voice.

Toàn Khánh : But but but national “socialist”. Like how North Korea is democratic! Or like how prairie dogs are actually dogs!

Leo DB : “Hitler was a socialist, it was in his party’s name!” Yes Steven, take hitler’s word for it. Says a lot about you.

EmperorTigerstar : This video has been needed for a long time. Thank you.

David Wright : I'm not even left-wing, but this idea that Hitler was a socialist always annoyed me Thank you very much man

Lord of All Things Crispy : I find it funny that Steven Crowder also made a video on how the left should stop calling everyone nazis and should stop calling every prominent figure head Hitler. And then make a video on how the left are nazis

Kai Batter : "Hitler was a socialist because he said so!" "I will not refer to trans people by their preferred titles and pronouns just because they said so!" Well alrighty then. Anyway nice video.

Mackerel Phones : Saying "Hitler was a socialist" is to twentieth-century history what saying "Earth is flat" is to astronomy.

Kaiser Williams : You left Crowder's fake German accent in. You monster! ;_;

Joey : Communism is fascism, nazis are liberal socialists, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength...

Sean D. Daily : *WAS HITLAR A LEFT WING SOCIALIST ANTIFA COMMIE SNOWFLAKE?!?!?!!?!???!!!?!* No. Wow, that was easy!

Last Word : "The Nazis were left wing...Stalin was a fascist" Ben Shapiro

Zach Halepeska : I'm sorry- why is Shapiro lecturing about History? He's a lawyer... I've finished half my undergraduate in History and i'm more qualified to lecture about history to a classroom. His undergrad is in PoliSci. If he can't effectively communicate the phenomenon of Fascism better than "A top-Down *mumble mumble* rule every aspect of life," he owes California whatever it took to educate him, because he clearly didn't apply himself.

dathanlo : Better be careful about going after Crowder, he might challenge you to a debate and then chicken out at the last minute

Perfidy : Sigh. The argument seems to be "the Nazis weren't modern day US right wingers therefore they must be left wing." It's so lazy and US-centric. Good video as always.

András Agócs : Crowder is... well.. how do I put this nicely? He likes to present himself as an open-minded, critical thinking person that argues his positions well, but in reality he's a conservative douche who muddies the waters, misrepresents ideas he does not agree with and spouts ideas dangerously close to conspiracy theories and fake news. And we haven't even gotten to the myth that Hitler and the Nazis were somehow Atheists.

MCDexX : My take: they're liars. They know what they are saying and writing is untrue, but they know that it's their job to feed the growing right wing narrative in modern America. They simply have no principles or dignity.

Timelapsed : Yeah and North Korea is a "democratic People's Republic."

DemocraticSocialist01 : Kitty Werthmann also claimed that Austria's healthcare system, before Hitler, was privately insured even thought it is widely known(as you state here) that the Habsburg empire introduced public health insurance in 1888. She also claimed that Hitler introduced the "equal rights amendment"(I am not joking) that gave equal rights to women. The truth is that the National Socialists actively discouraged women from pursuing careers, kicking thousands out of the civil service etc. She also claimed that everyone was paid the same....even thought the stats show that income inequality grew under Nazi policies..

D. M. : I wonder what these galaxy brains think about the "Democratic People's Republic" of Korea

StuntpilootStef : Labelling Hitler as a communist. Labelling Hitler as an atheist. Equivocating evolution with social darwinism. It almost seems like the right lies to put everything that's bad in the shoes of the left for political gain. But of course, this is just coincidence right?

whosiskid : I used to walk my German Shepherd (not related to the issue at hand) along the beach north of Loyola "University in Chicago. I became friends with a woman from Germany who worked in the German Consulate there. We got to talking about Americans' knowledge of Germany and I mentioned to her that some Americans think that Hitler was a socialist and/or liberal. She broke into absolutely hysterical laughter, thinking I had made a joke about how dumb those on the right could be, until I assured her that I was serious. Her next comment was, "Have they read his speeches?" And of course they haven't. They foist obtuse reasons on top of that ridiculous "Nazi SOCIALIST" comment. Hitler called it the Socialist Workers' party. Not sure how he could be "Workers" when the first thing he did, almost, was end the labor unions. Not exactly a "workers" kind of thing to do. And Hitler did not attempt to recruit any Leftists of any kind to his movement, but instead went after other far right groups. What really lies behind these ridiculous statements by Crowder and others is an attempt at one and the same time to rid the Right of their greatest shame and saddle the Left with it instead. Invariably, these people know nothing about the Nazis. They just latch upon some inexact ideas and a word or two and run with it.

Uriah Jackson : I deeply dislike the term "cringe" in its current usage, but that Crowder video exemplifies cringe.

Elise M : Did these people go to school? One of the first things we learn is that the Nazis killed communists.

R. Duncan aka Australian Marxist : >liberal >socialist Pick one, Crowder..

Craig Morrison : Why can't the right acknowledge that fascism is far right. I mean, every single time fascism has rose it has been to counter and stop the rise of socialism. How thick can one be?

Dribrom Sunrock : I never thought I would suggest anyone to read Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. But Hitler clearly state that national socialism has nothing to do with socialism but is a rebranding of fascism.

Peter Smythe : "Up to an 80% tax" In a wartime economy, this is normal. The US and Britain had over 90%. Indeed, the only war economy of the era which did NOT have enormous taxes was the USSR! It opted instead to funnel all surplus from the state run civilian sectors of the economy into the state-run military sectors of the economy.

Amadeus : Hitler threw every socialist he could find into a concentration camp. But the Right aren't going to let FACTS get in the way of their narrative...

Paul Peart-Smith : Crowder is as thick as it gets. He has no idea how thick he is.

Robert Scannell : Crowder said up to 80 percent tax on the rich when comparing hitler to a socialist. America during the 1950s had a 90 percent tax on the rich and we fought communists all the time. Is he saying America was socialist in the 1950s?

MaggaraMarine : "Hitler was liberal" "Hitler was pro-choice" How can anyone take these arguments seriously? How can anyone argue these points seriously? Do these people even listen to their own arguments?

Onodera1980 : Nazi's are socialists in the same fashion that North Korea is democratic

oktopustrainer : "The Nazis were actually leftist. Also leftism is pure evil & Nazis aren't actually that bad."

KingGF07 : If Nazi Germany was a "democracy", does that mean the Germans could have voted Hiter out of power?

that one stormtrooper : This arguement has been so frustrating. So many times have I broken down to people how Hitler and the nazis didnt even remotely follow socialist doctrine and even killed and imprisoned socialists for being enemies of the state but each time the only real response I got was "but socialist is in the name." Its like they dont believe one of the worst dictators in human history may have lied a bit to achieve power. Edit: also thank you for taking a stab at the whole " we arent a democracy we are a consitutional republic" crap. it's so annoying and it's almost always used to deflect from an arguement

DeoMachina : The UK's 'The Telegraph' is now running this conspiracy theory. That's it, we lose this one, lefttube.

Vincent KUNG F U : I'll be honest, I was at first intrigued by the guy. Sitting down to talk about controversial topics wasn't something I'd seen that often, if at all. It seemed fine, until I noticed that he never actually changed his mind. Never acknowledged a single argument. Even when faced with a steadfast argument, he would avoid further debate. And that's where the problem started. I'm a socialist. But I also wholeheartedly agree with people finding an interesting way to make money. But ole Stevie-boy here is just 'cooking up a storm' and making a profit. That's a dirty way of making money that I simply cannot approve of.

franciszek do : socialism is when the government doles stuff. my favorite comrades are the roman empire.

M Gonzo : I like Steven Crowder, but I remember the "Hitler was a Socialist" video (which is quite old) and finding it to be obnoxiously disingenuous. Comparing European politics with US, that alone is senseless. Just one example; Germany had universal healthcare instilled under Otto von Bismarck, but that didn't make the German Empire a socialist state.

L0LWTF1337 : Were the nazis socialists? Dunno, Is the DPRK democratic?

Durango Savage : Crowder's politics are bad enough, but does he also have to be so aggressively, militantly unfunny?

ImaginaryMdA : These people's vocabulary lacks the word 'totalitarian', so they just mislabel everything that's totalitarian as "fascist". They forget that totalitarianism is a method of enforcing an ideology, historically used both on the right and the left. Btw, I applaud Three Arrows greatly for correcting all these purely republican misconceptions, as only a German could.

Sean Devine : Union of Soviet Socialist REPUBLICS. Looks like Republicans are the REAL Communists

Lucas Gonzalo salazar : The thing that baffles me is that they (right wingers) shows the nazi as a bad thing (eg: feminazi, socialism is nazism, etc) BUT at the same time they go around repeating nazi propaganda (eg: the holocaust is a hoax) and meeting neofascists and neonazis (eg: spencer)...

Harrison McKenzie : If the nazis are socialist, then North Korea is a democratic people's republic.

Nathan Sukaria : The fact that he uses the phrase "liberal socialist" automatically disqualifies him from political discourse.

deathbycoleslaw : @34:57 "instead of adhering to what it actually meant, he more or less constructed is own definition of the term" Oh my God... Hitler was a Socialist in the exact same way Steven Crowder is a comedian.