Was Hitler a Socialist? - A Response to Steven Crowder and Others

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dathanlo : Better be careful about going after Crowder, he might challenge you to a debate and then chicken out at the last minute

Jesus Cano : Crowder is so stupid he fell for propaganda from nearly 80 years ago

Lil Harv : Conservatives: just calling yourself another gender doesnt make you one. Also Conservatives: NAZIS WERE SOCIALIST ITS IN THE NAME SNOWFLAKE

Carla M. : I almost spit out my water when I saw Crowder called Hitler "pro-choice" because of his eugenics programs. It must be because I'm a snowflake who can't handle LOGIC and FACTS

Revy : Steven Crowder is an idiot. Change my mind.

EmperorTigerstar : This video has been needed for a long time. Thank you.

owen alioto : Next up: was Karl Marx a libertarian?

ali zarkami : When someone thinks that American democrats are the same as Bolshevik communists, you know that they don't know anything about politics...

Annatar Lord of Gifts : Schools in the US need to do a better job teaching political terms. If people actually knew the definitions of socialism, nationalism, capitalism etc then they wouldn't be susceptible to political hacks like Crowder and Shapiro.

Yarwun : Stephen Crowder doesn't know his left from his right.

Kaiser Williams : You left Crowder's fake German accent in. You monster! ;_;

Zap Rowsdower : You have to understand that American Christians/conservatives/republicans confuse being oppressed with not getting their way all the time about everything.

Some Guy : "Hitler was a Marxist!" Huh. That must be why he threw communists into concentration camps.

HitchensImmortal : If Hitler isn't right wing then there is no such thing as right wing.

Jack Gordon : 32:04 Ben Shapiro: > The Nazis were of the Left > Hitler was heavily influenced by Marx > The split between the National Socialists and the Communists was over "power", not fundamental principles > The Communists were, in fact, Fascists > Stalin was a Fascist > Fascism and Communism are the same The amount of cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics he gets through in less than a minute is astonishing. It's difficult to know where to start, let alone how to untangle it. - He says that Nazis were of the Left because Hitler was influenced by Marx. Regardless of the fundamental intellectual dishonesty of that statement, it implies that Marx/Marxism is of the Left. - He says that the National Socialists and the Communists only disagreed over "power" (whatever that means), not principles. This suggests that Hitler's supposed Marxism equates to the party policy of the National Socialists, which we know to be untrue by looking at the Night of the Long Knives for one stark example. - In any case, the Communists were Fascists.  - Shapiro doesn't dispute (or mention) that Fascism is a Right wing ideology. - He previously acknowledged that Marx was of the Left. - He MUST recognise that Communism is directly linked to Marx. Mustn't he? - He had literally just stated that the National Socialist Party had no disagreement on principles with the Communist Party - Communists = Fascists?! - Stalin was a Fascist? Without getting into that, what on Earth does that have to do with the German Communist Party of the early 1930s? - Fascism and Communism are the same because Hitler and Stalin both did bad things and the more government the more Socialist something is and what the bloody hell is he talking about... This is the guy that people hold up as being rational, and his facts don't care about your feelings, and he destroys X with logic. He's a fast-talking huckster and no more than that.

Gabriel Rangel : Can I translate this to Portuguese? I'd gladly do it if you had it in written form. Brazil is in dire need to be educated about fascism.

fede : "Steven Crowder" is anagram of "Credo Sewer TV". Not relevant or anything, just thought it was funny.

steven durrant : Hitler said Bolshevism itself was a Jewish plot. Socialists, communists and trade unionists went to the death camps.

Justin Reid : This video was desperately needed and your content has been a Godsend due to the rise of far-right ideas here in the USA. One person my dad knows called single payer health care "Communism" so you have understand just how right-wing and ill-informed US society truly is. I've always known that the term "National Socialist" was a propaganda misdirection and that the Nazis were viciously anti-Marxist and anti-Socialist, but I would get into actual arguments with people about this who just see the word "Socialist" in the NSDAP name and jump to conclusions. Also people here think any expansion of government is "Socialist", which it isn't. Socialism is workers owning the means of production vs. Nazism where the state is the number priority in life and also that the Aryan race should dominate the planet. Those two aren't the same thing as Marx advocated the ultimate extinction of the state in the Communist Manifesto (and from what I know wasn't an anti-Semitic lunatic). And like you said capitalism remained throughout most of the Third Reich but always subservient to the needs of their racist agenda. This is a scary time in the USA where fear and hatred of the other have become mainstream and vast social inequities and government corruption dominate. Thank you again for clearing up the far-right lies.

Michael Cozzi : The main reason why nazis picked the name National Socialist Workers Party was to appeal to numerous different groups in Germany at the time. While I am a one nation conservative, this is ridiculous. Hitler was extreme right - wing, not moderate right wing. But Hitler was a special kind of crazy to begin with. This is because anyone with a brain could know that Hitler was an idiot. For example, in Mein Kampf (German For "My Struggle") Hitler believed that people who practice Judaism were both socialists and capitalists, which is largely inefficient. Hitler was also an anti - communism (I am as well, but Hitler took it way too far). Hitler was also "pro - abortion", meaning that he was only for forced sterilization of different minority groups that Hitler deemed inferior. Eugenics is very different from being "pro - choice", even though I am pro - life. When discussing Nazism and where Nazi's locate on the political spectrum, one must understand that politics is divided into both an economic and social spectrum. Calling Hitler a socialist is just crazy and flat out insulting to people who died during the holocaust because of him.

Cory Fice : This is one of the Alt-Right giants? A talentless hack with an awful radio voice.

Tuo Mas : They say America is not a democracy, because it would be a mob rule. Still they worship free market and want the consumer impulses to decide things. If there is some minority that tries to put some sense into things (the academic elite), they appeal to the "silent majority".

Magnus Ballari : Missed opportunity at 12:15 to say Hitler jumped on the "bahn-wagon". Otherwise great video.

Daniel Schmitt : Steven Crowder "Bananas aren't fruit, they're bananas." He's so stupid he doesn't understand catagory. An elected republic is a form of democracy. But at least the right wing is finally being honest that they have democracy.

Adam Mann : Hitler was not a socialist, he was a nationalist who was encouraged to embrace socialist ideas publically by Josef goebbels. It's documented in his diaries. This is a great video. Well done.

DemocraticSocialist01 : Kitty Werthmann also claimed that Austria's healthcare system, before Hitler, was privately insured even thought it is widely known(as you state here) that the Habsburg empire introduced public health insurance in 1888. She also claimed that Hitler introduced the "equal rights amendment"(I am not joking) that gave equal rights to women. The truth is that the National Socialists actively discouraged women from pursuing careers, kicking thousands out of the civil service etc. She also claimed that everyone was paid the same....even thought the stats show that income inequality grew under Nazi policies..

TheFluffyDuck : I guess the Indian elephant, and elephant seal are the same animal at the end of the day, and North Korea is a democratic republic.

RedZeshinX : Demagogues like Crowder, Shapiro and D'Souza have cornered the market on specious logic.

Reza Lustig : BTW the Nazis privatized loads of state-owned enterprises when they took power. They also outlawed strikes and lockouts. Corporate investment and profits soared.

akeel brown : When it really comes down to it, you don't see left wing people walking around with Nazi flags and tattoos all over them. Only right wing freaks.

JR : >When Hitler isn't right enough for you >Tfw Steven Crowder

owen alioto : People saying Nazism is socialism are like people saying the civil war was about states rights. It was all a means to an end, and it's all on paper.

Daylenify : As a german this was so insulting i dont even have words for that. Hitler a socialist...wow, just wow.

Jonathan : Wie immer ein sehr informatives und spannendes Video! Du vertrittst nicht eine klar politische Agenda, sondern widerlegst diese Kommentatoren mit klaren Fakten und perfekter Argumentation! Menschen wie dich braucht man mehr in der politischen Szene, egal ob in den USA oder Deutschland.

Christian M. : Next Video by Crowder: „ The German Democratic Republic was really democractic.“

Reddsoldier : If Hitler is a socialist, does that make the alt-right socialist sympathizers given their association with National Socialist groups such as the United States National Socialist Movement as seen at Charlottesville among other examples? Or am I missing something?

kevin rowe : You're wasting your time throwing facts at people like Crowder. A perfect example of Dunning Kruger effect.

OHM-968692 : One of the most ironic things is that the modern alt-right has more in common with Nazis than the left wingers do, but they still see Nazism as a bad thing and try to paint Leftists as Nazis. Does that mean that they disagree with their own ideology? Do they know that what they support is wrong?

DeoMachina : The UK's 'The Telegraph' is now running this conspiracy theory. That's it, we lose this one, lefttube.

Shadowww : 5:35 it’s funny how he implies that Abortion, free healthcare and gun control lead to Hitler seizing control. And even sadder to think a lot of right wing Americans actually believe him.

s70rk : Reminds me of when Paul Joseph Watson blamed homelessness on the left. Up is down, black is white, obfuscation and distortion is modus operandi for authoritarian movements.

Punlshed Snake : Oh noooooo I've been meme-idolizing an ACTUAL idiot? I always thought Ben Shapiro was just a kinda unfunny comedian OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO

citiZen : It's such ridiculously obvious Orwellian newspeak. There's a reason that socialists and leftists have hated Nazis and fascists, white supremacists, and right wingers have glorified Nazis.

Foxtrot Hotel : To say "The Nazis were socialists" line is just taking Hitler at his word. The revisionists of the future will look back and say "Hey, but North Korea was a 'Democratic People's Republic'. It's in the name."

スペクトル : What a pleasure it was to witness the logical and flawless mind of a German putting an imbecile and ignorant American in its right place.

Ariel Openmind : How dare you use historical facts!

Медбрат Макс : the americans they have no idea about socialism and so on

Colin Labrie Gagné : the more i listen to the left, the more i realise that the far right is actually just a bunch of "comedians" i.e.: steven crowder, gavin mcinnes, dave rubin, who make people believe all sorts of fallacies just because they say it with enough confidence and moral certainty.

Big Joel : This is amazing work, one or your best!

wisetrollman : Crowder might be the most disgusting “new wave” right wing propagandist in the US currently.