iPad Pro Bend Test! - Be gentle with Apples new iPad...

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Dr. Ieshitva : Apple beat Samsung making the first foldable tablet.

Sara Rice : It hurts my soul when he snaps the Apple Pencil then ... breaks iPad in half *faints*

jake alba : This video hurts me

Francisco Conchos : Is anyone else watching this on an ipad

spilling tea bitch : When he broke the pencil i was like " its one of these vids"

Marques Brownlee : Weird flex but ok

Akash Binnu : I tried to upload it on pornhub but they don't let upload a rape video

Alexzander Conde : Samsung: We'll be releasing our first Foldable Galaxy in early 2019, Wait for our event! Apple: "Releases the iPad Pro" Zack: Let's bend test the iPad Pro Me: *sees the incredible test* Also Me: Wow, well Apple made it's first Foldable Tablet!! I'm gonna buy it!! Surprised They managed to beat Samsung in terms of Folding!!

Zas Juanpa : Who else finds this satisfying? No? Just me? Oh O-Okay...

Alexzander Conde : *All Dislikes are Apple Fanboys that don't know what True Durability really means*

enzo almeida da silva : We should make a petition for Jack to mute the aluminum scratching

Mustard With Mustache : *Ipad Max Pro Has Been Slain*

Maurizio Capparelli : You should change the title with: "How to destroy an IPad Pro"

Ole Meyer : You can actually screw off the Apple Pencil tip


D I M A T R O N : 2:46 i have no words for how awful this felt

Devon Williams : I’ve never heard so much shade in one video before.

Jeff P : What did you expect...it's a thin piece of aluminum with a thin piece of glass. It would be weirder if it didn't bend at all

RudolphGaming18 : I can't tell if this is a computer voice or his voice! xD I don't mean for this to be insulting.

Jack Taylor : **inserts "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good" meme**

Debasish Patro : Hats off to Apple. Apple uses some strongest metal in the world that can be only be broken by hand.

YoJohnnyTM : I can finally see how apple ipads get abused. Samsung wins.

XXxxnikolasxx YT : 1:27 Rookin that new app "what's inside,,

Nexis : *Samsung Users Laughing*

INTJ Mind : Rest in peace Stanley.

COMBO : Zack, how are you gonna do bend tests on Samsung foldable phones when it arrives?

Jack Taylor : The iPad pro be like "Mr. Jobs, I don't feel so good"

Galaxy Angel : I love apple's iPad but hate their phones I just don't know why

fluffi bby : i am apart of a family who is struggling financially, and i also concenter myself a bit of an artist. when the new ipad pro and apple pencil came out i’ve been determined to save up enough money to buy it. let me just tell you that this ABSOLUTELY MURDERED MY SOUL

Keira K : I got one for my birthday and it hasn’t broke yet it’s perfectly fine

Mohd. Moazzam : Seems Apple is working on foldable gadget's 😉

W1CK3D DJ : Apple: Retards Microsoft and other likewise companies: Geniuses

Damaxus : Who saw the "What's Inside" App when he said "What's Inside" as he cracked open the pencil?

DaBestGuy Bruh : the sound of the exacto knife against the metal killed me. Oof. Nice vid tho

Malik Johnson : Congratulations wasting another 600-1000 dollars

Jesus Christ : Whatever you do, do not try and snort the little tiny shards of glass off the table, that would be very bad.

Someone Normal : Half way in the video my teeth fell out because of that squeaky cut noise

Lol Lol : this ipad have so shit quality, and the pen 😂😂😂 i hope it's a joke..it's so shit the pen... loool... sPen from Galaxy is 1000000 more good than all the ipad

Shahd Hatem : Omg why did you destroyed it 😭

ItzSeeK- GaminG : 3:54 4:30 **Rape ASMR** *Headphone Users only*

Hajira S. : When he ran that knife down the side I actually started twitching uncontrollably. Please give warnings, that sound is what makes many humans malfunction

Errr Reee : samsung users laughing in the backround

Cosmic Kitty Time : I shouldn’t get this iPad because when I get mad at my iPad I bend it

Yoyo Yoyo : No! R.I.P ipad pro 😣 so sad 😭

nikita adeshara : Instead of wasting it giveaway to me

Koushik Rajaa : Your Spiderman drawing Is better than my whole life 😓

Rami Lamb : He’s joking right......why would he break that......

Cristiano Ronaldo : Who destroys this much money

- Pineapple - : 2:42 - 4:50 Turn your volume down unless you would love to hear some scratching sounds!

Ramsay Dixon : Why you waste an ipad its so un gratefull