iPad Pro Bend Test! - Be gentle with Apples new iPad...

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Marques Brownlee : Weird flex but ok

hate czt : *casually draws Spider-Man with a knife on iPad pro’s back while complementing how nice it is* edit: also guys this is not hate, just it was funny to me UwU

ot : he destroys a perfectly good ipad but saves thousands of others

Cristina Solis Lopez : God what a sound when he scratched the IPad

Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah : Who's here after Samsung's foldable phone

Dr. Ieshitva : Apple beat Samsung making the first foldable tablet.

CheezeBurger43 : I am still wondering how long it will be until Apple users realize how cheaply made Apple products are and they stop trying to say Apple is superior and amazing.

Unknown : *6:28** B-BRO!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???*


Indo Raptor : Brush this guy should make a device lol, it would be such good quality I would buy it at any price

Karim Jovian : That Spider-Man actually looked pretty good

Taehyung snatch My wig with he’s beautiful adilbs : This video hurts so much 😭

Edmaster2005 : Imagine if he made mistakes... "Smith, I'mma need a new one... I said a naughty word..." "Dude, it's your 36th iPad... Today...

leane.ventura p : him:be gentle with the ipad pro me: *scratching is the new gentle*

Chloe Burger : Oh I got really sad when u broke it cuz I've been saving up to get one

enzo almeida da silva : We should make a petition for Jack to mute the aluminum scratching


SOLO : He bends the ipad with spiderman and says "i feel bad for spiderman".. He bends it the other way further than he wanted and said "perfect". I guess he has a little bit of enthusiasm for spiderman.

Dustin Wilt : Please cut away from yourself next time! I would rather see you cut into tech instead of your fingers.

JakePlayzRoblox : 2:46-2:56 = Hell.

Mohd. Moazzam : Seems Apple is working on foldable gadget's 😉

Galaxy Arts : I'm enjoying this because I'm not a fan of Apple

Serenity : 9M people just watched this man destroy a $700 iPad. Im Pissed

Please like this comment LOL : Aarrgghh this hurts so much to watch!

Dhanush Annamale : You are fool

D I M A T R O N : 2:46 i have no words for how awful this felt

LatchIBoi 57016 : Not such a pro huh

Texting Girl1479 : Watching this on an ipad pro and this ipad pro has been dropped many times and its still ok so....its a fine electronic also the reason the one you got is breaking is because you’re purposely trying to break it so.....idk

OVERDATE GT : You should have gave me that ipad rather than destroying it

Sassy Pusheen : ASMRRRRRRRR :OOO Edit: also now I don't feel comfortable using my apple pen and iPad pro ;-;

awkward audi : *this destroys me.*

LesleyGoldenHeart : I don know why but this makes me depressed seeing this

bana bana : Apple viewers:ugh!im in pain Samsung viewers:MUAHAHAHAAH

LionTutorials. : Why are you wasting a so expensive ipad!

Corgi Gaming : Did any one die while watching this

Debasish Patro : Hats off to Apple. Apple uses some strongest metal in the world that can be only be broken by hand.

PolrFlare : Yo wtf!!! 😂😂😂😂Let's see if this is durable *Screeeetch!!!

Venom Player 97 : Steve Jobs would be disappointed about the Apple Pencil 😨

Sebastian Eddy : This hurt me to watch

Vineeth Joseph : This video is definitely sponsored by *SAMSUNG*

COMBO : Zack, how are you gonna do bend tests on Samsung foldable phones when it arrives?

Victor Villatoro Gamboa : this video reminds me of that girl who had 4 macbooks. one to receive, one to send, one to read and another one for something else messages. she opened a website to get more money and made 70k+. This guy is probably the father of that girl.

Neukx L : I wanted to buy one but it's too weak ... and I'm a rough user.

Alg 2003 : Stan lee is dead... RIP

canard : “to compete with the galaxy fold we have created our own type of folding device, ipad fold”

Jesus Christ : Whatever you do, do not try and snort the little tiny shards of glass off the table, that would be very bad.

Lawrence Chan : Anyone else want to see Jerry sit on the iPad instead of breaking it with his hands? I mean, he looks pretty strong, and I doubt the average person would do that on purpose even if they were that strong. Sitting on it would be replicating a realistic scenario.

Zivla : Am I really the only one who noticed what's inside app at 1:26 ???

Cocobär Cupcake : I HATE The new ipad design and just that iPad itself! It’s soooooooo overpriced forma peace of Aluminium! I habe The iPad Air 2 and i bought it for about 200 Dollars! And it Works Perfect! The only thing that realy anoys me is that i cant have a Apple pencil! But its like realy anoing when you have to have a adapter wich you have to buy extra to just hear Music!

df : Ill fight u