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Ashwin Ramdas : Why do people keep commenting "cx" I'm very confused

plop010 : runs red light. "I'm sorry, you guys didn't look". lel

Amanda Miranda : I think I love you. Kaw!

Mateo Gg : Kaw!

Adam Chandler : I'm learning about so many new products from you. Meals shipped to my home and now ride-sharing scooters! Luckily, all of these things sound like they'e solving problems that don't exist.

Me Auntie Nora : We're truly living in the future. Who knows what tomorrow holds?

Craig Crossley : Having recently visited San Francisco and San Diego, I can confirm that this is outrageously accurate. Ashwin spittin' gospel 🔥📖🔥

Carry Spice : another banger

Julian Haardt : With this beeping you get noticed by pedestrians. It's a probably the only positive feature and it's not even intended for that.

F. K. : Ashwin, please never stop!

Sammi Bo-Bammi : This was hilarious. Kaw!

Kaiden Latin : Yo ashwin, I really am happy to see you at 48k it blows me away that When I first watched you it was only 6k and you were still making some really damn good content. I hope your youtube career keeps taking off and I hope you can keep making these funny videos! P.S I always hated these comments, but I really am genuinely happy that he has come this far.

Mukund Bali : I recognize that clip. CX in chat boys.

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : BIRD the bird.

Matic Satler : killed it when you just start riding it without power, back to basics!

wavenp : We have something like that in Montreal but with bicycles. It's working great and I have never seen one left to rot on the side of the road. I think if you don't return the bike in one of the hangar you have to pay for it, must be why it's working to great.

BoriZ : the Bird logo look so smug

Shawn Peters : BIRD UP!

nightmare in action : This guy just hates these scooters they are real fun and I hope they arent shut down they all would just go to dumpsters and if they would get shutdown I'll take as many as i can

Garrett Moffitt : Says they block sidewalks, yet none of the shots are of them blocking sidewalks.

The Rü : Nice beard!

Eric Spangenberg : They put a bunch of these in downtown Cleveland. After two weeks, they've all disappeared.

Auriam : Ca-CAW!

Dez : This channel is gonna blow up soon.

Ziing : Cx, love your vids!

Jake Harvey : Whaaat, you live in West campus??

SKemkar : You have a fb, an insta, and a snap. You have to get a Twitter so I can pimp out more of your videos. Great content.

Carlton Lee : My favorite one yet. Beh-caw!

xChrisS41x : We have the same thing with bicycles in Vienna. By like 3 different companys. People just dump the bikes on the pedestrian walk or on a driveway. Or wreck them

Nils Kleimeier : Good Job Boyyy !

kbamm69 : the sqwawking was funny

Anime Fun : Cx

Fe Temp : Cx

Jaan : Cx

Constant Gains : Cx

dxxPacmanxxb : Is this an ad?

N. Machado : Cx

Xoned : Cx

ohhmydino 123 : Cx

something in current year : Cx

TheNervousPenguin : Cx

Gabanatora : cx

BigOlBrandon93 : Cx

Just Frank : cx

zeus God of noobs : Cx

_ : ENZA DENINO.👌🏽👈🏻👌🏽👈🏻👌🏽👈🏻👌🏽👈🏻👌🏽👈🏻👌🏽👈🏻

Jeremy Brown : There are two bike shares here. One with a docking station, and one without. The ones without a docking station LITTER everywhere. Dumped in yards, parking spaces, in the middle of sidewalks, etc.

McDavitt : killing the game my dude. keep up the great work

Big Gear Zantey usually 5th : I see these where I live everywhere!! I was always like this is such a trap lol its probably tied up & cops are waiting for someone to take them lol still don't know what these are for and people here don't even use them lol

Duncan McMillan : CAAAW!