Cyclists' hearts: can you be so fit that you die?

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starguy9 : subscription earned

Jernetta Smith : Wonderful work and I learned alot of interesting things watching your film...Waiting for many more films by you.

Frank May : Excellent content! Imagine how much trust you have to put in your heart rate monitor, knowing that if it doesn't alert you, you might die. I'd imagine some athletes saw it was easier to take some stimulants in the moment instead, and cocaine is a hard-hitting solution. Makes you wonder if athletes in that era got into cocaine use to at first just stay alive, but then to keep a high.

Juan Marquez : Bep beep subbed, not fake

Dale Drake : This is a brilliant video. Make some more bud a real gem!!!

Dave G : Subbed. Do you know if Lance Armstrong has come out and spoke about this issue? I imagine he was well aware that he was at risk of having this happen to him too.

CircadiaMicroGrow : Commenting just to help promote you in the algorithm. YouTube needs more of you!

Target51 : I'm in, that was super cool :)

Patrick L : Great production value, excellent script! Make more.

MSIGuy6461 : Please do a video on PED's! This video rocked.

Madman5698 : Subbed

Victor Obi : This was a really good video! Keep it up!

Titty Shepard : Well, that was just thoroughly enjoyable. Great presentation

10mmPig : GREAT narrator.

Jeffrey Scanlan : subbed! nice video!

TheDanzilla7 : Probably poisoned by poor commuters stuck behind the pricks cycling in the middle of the road half the speed of all other traffic.

deviantartfan1 : Awwww shit, these vids are like crack for me. First ChubbyEmu, now you. Excellent video, I'm excited to see what you bring to the table!

St1ff : did not watch. It's because of EPO. /thread

Dr Manhattan : If people think that biking 100 miles on the weekend after sitting in a chair all week is a good idea- I would disagree.

Der Eidgenosse : good video, much entertaining

Jorge Yagüe París : How sad to buy yourself fake comments.

Gary Smith : very well put together and narrated, very informative, subscription earned

Luke Hoskovec : That was put together pretty dang well for being your 2nd video.

Melissa Hall : Well done.

Staci Smith : very well presented, thanks

William : Subscribed. Quality video and funny!

Anjelica Dixon : I love You!

Chooglin' with Snubby : I'm very much interested in health and fitness. I'd like to see more on sports supplements. What really works and what's just snake oil. And yes, I subscribed.

Joe Blogs : Great video. Thank you.

MsSunhappy : 4:26 wtf

RonMD : How dangerous is a resting heart beat, of say, 48 bpm? I've encountered a few marathon runners in the ER at their 60s/70s/even 80s who at the end, inevitably, needed a pacemaker due to extreme bradycardia. I don't know, I still think it's worth it, and I always get excited when I measure my heart rate from time to time and see it gradually become slower. The equivalent of a bodybuilder admiring his own muscles when staring at the mirror.

RonMD : This was incredibly interesting. Subscribing.

Brett Cochrane : Exceptional content!

Julia Walczak : Very informative video!

syntaxerorr : Drugs. Lots of drugs.

asgard69 : brilliant stuff!

htdtr : Yo, I'll take that cycling road race challenge to stop you making videos!

No Nothing : I wish you were my doctor...actually, I'm in America on Medicaid, I wish I had a doctor at all. It's fucking stupid how we treat health here