Cyclists' hearts: can you be so fit that you die?

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St1ff : did not watch. It's because of EPO. /thread

Patrick L : Great production value, excellent script! Make more.

starguy9 : subscription earned

Neal Archer : I am an amateur time triallist getting ready for next season at 60 yoa, I am doing about 20 miles of high intensity training daily and limiting my calorie intake to have a better power to weight and am currently about 11 st at 6 foot tall. Recently in an evening I saw my pulse rate hit 33 bpm and it is nearly always below 40 bmp I.e. I have absolute bracicardia. I don't know what it gets down to when I sleep but I always have woken up at the end of the night. I feel aok and think that low pulse rates are directly proportional to stroke capacity and ultimately heart size. Hearts are muscular pumps and just like any other muscle grow with a training impulse. As long as you are not filling your body with injected shite and there is no congenital heart fault like footballer muamba, then there is absolutely no cause for concern.

Der Eidgenosse : good video, much entertaining

RGCastro7 : This was super interesting! I look forward to checking out more of your videos. Keep up the factual and excellent work, man.

Lizzie No : Oh god. I think I love you. I need you as my cardiologist (mitral valve regurgitation and arrhythmia). I’d be laughing so much during consultations and not crying 😂

Frank May : Excellent content! Imagine how much trust you have to put in your heart rate monitor, knowing that if it doesn't alert you, you might die. I'd imagine some athletes saw it was easier to take some stimulants in the moment instead, and cocaine is a hard-hitting solution. Makes you wonder if athletes in that era got into cocaine use to at first just stay alive, but then to keep a high.

Noi Jadis Cailleach : I love it. Looking forward to seeing more vids from you! Got interested in this cause up until around 5 years ago when i still had access to a heart rate monitor and was an active cyclist, i could ramp it up to 310 bpm. And when I'm not on my bike i noticed that i was always calm and relaxed. As well as super focused. I was always wondering why it was like that. Now i know why!

JD Hutchinson : Found you from a link from CubbyEmu! great content.

Radu Grovu : this channel is absolutely genius! love it watched all the videos.

J M : Bep beep subbed, not fake

rad_woah : Your videos are fantastic!

red00tl : Very nicely done. I learned a great deal in a well-informed, persuasive presentation. I might challenge you to a duel of bike runs where there’s no hills, but until that time, keep up the good work. ;)

Sniper Pro nerf mods : Uuuuh, how is the quality so high, I thought you were at 1.2mil not k, you are just outdoing your self man! Keep it up!

Jashen Thakur : Serious Potential in this channel , great content.

Jesse Krim : Great videos!!

Cycle Justice Warrior : Only good teachers can make something complicated sound simple. I look forward to more videos like this.

Martin : Unfortunately quite a relevant video, when a young cyclist has died in France due to a heart attack

Robin Hood : Mysteriously? Mid-Life EPOsis.

WorldEngineer42 : This is such a riveting video!!

Lachezar Krastev : Great video - keep the good work!

Dale Drake : This is a brilliant video. Make some more bud a real gem!!!

Fernando Barreto : It's sad to see a lots of "youtubers" with millions of views and good videos like yours with so few views... Keep doing, you're just amazing!

The Ademerckx Files : Well done bro! Keep them coming. I had an ECG recently and have been referred to a cardiologist- I hope they still let me race and do Sportives

Target51 : I'm in, that was super cool :)

Sam : As a youth, I keep hearing my friends talk about cocaine, and the pleasure derived from it; Hearing the explanation of what exactly cocaine does to the heart, Christ, it would literally kill me. I don't want to touch cocaine. And if my friends are gonna do cocaine, I'll tell them that it will make the blood supply of their hearts spasm and cause blood clots, I think this is what people talk about when they speak of "infarct"

Philadelphia Construction Engineering : AWESOME - mine is around 50 and below - but above 40 - when I sleep    Scary... to wake up and check... This is also why heart attacks happen in the a.m.... the ''start up''  time of the heart - to ''get it going''...

Luke Hoskovec : That was put together pretty dang well for being your 2nd video.

Lisa : New subscriber here! What about runners who have dropped dead of heart attacks?

Stavers50 : Hey, keep up the videos! Try to reach a length of at least 7-10mins per informative video. High information + length will win you subscribers

Bad Motherfucker : Umm… My resting HR is 39. And max is 195. Damn, I’m gonna die, yeah?

Gary Smith : very well put together and narrated, very informative, subscription earned

Dave G : Subbed. Do you know if Lance Armstrong has come out and spoke about this issue? I imagine he was well aware that he was at risk of having this happen to him too.

Baran Sönmez : Very good video! I hope you keep up the good work

Dr Manhattan : If people think that biking 100 miles on the weekend after sitting in a chair all week is a good idea- I would disagree.

Melissa Hall : Well done.

M4X THR0TT1E : LMAO no hills

Titty Shepard : Well, that was just thoroughly enjoyable. Great presentation

Jeffrey Scanlan : subbed! nice video!

Victor Obi : This was a really good video! Keep it up!

10mmPig : GREAT narrator.

TheDanzilla7 : Probably poisoned by poor commuters stuck behind the pricks cycling in the middle of the road half the speed of all other traffic.

Madman5698 : Subbed

diego f : My heart rate is about 55 bpm at rest , I developed a skip Whenever my heart rate drops lower , I feel the skips sometimes around 55 bpm Not higher , so weird.i do cardio 6 out of 7 days a week for several years.

WebbyCS : 'Dawg'

breathestrongcycling : The Pantani thing was caused by EPO, but I still love him. My resting HR is around 40 and in the last 2 yrs I've had 5 arrhythmia incidents...guess I'll die on my bike then 😉👍

Jesse Compton : No. You can die from EPO though.

RonMD : This was incredibly interesting. Subscribing.

simonshutup : Excellent content indeed! You should definitely publish more, your work is amazing.