Subaru "Dream Weekend" commercial, extended 90 second edition
I never cry But my puppys first birthday is coming up and I have to admit that this commercial made some tears swell up Always remember to enjoy the good times

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For some reason Subaru removed this video from their YouTube channel. I don't know why because it's universally loved. The song is "I've Loved You All Over the World" by Willie Nelson. Note: I have not monetized this video, but YouTube automatically does because of the song, so you will get ads. Sorry.


Anne Clair : This is such a great commercial but I cry when I see it. Oh Subaru... As ever, another beautiful production.

Anjelykuh Aryzoula : i must say this bucket list video is my always get me teary eyed

Joefuss2 : My dog "is" my best friend.

Edward Minnell : My dog has trashed the back of my Subaru. We still have fun though.

barkybarkbarkbark : Best. Little film. Ever.

EminentStar : Oh gosh sent me into tears. You did it Subaru, I want another car

themarkl0813 : Anyone know breed of dog?

Ildiko Hruza : Yes, why did they remove this. It is beloved by many. Every time I see this video I get choked up bc I had 1 wish which was to take our 15 year old dog to Sanibel Island, Florida and walk on the beach collecting shells.  We did in November of 2007. He passed in January, 2008 at 16. He had a great life, which he deserved. We even sneaked him into  the pool of the hotel too. This commercial really tugs at my heart. Especially that last scene of them sitting on the beach. Brilliant whoever designed and produced this commercial.

Lorraine Williams : Considering my girl (avatar, okay, yes, she is a cat that hates car rides but still) and I have been together long enough to be common law something or the other, this commerical made me cry.

TigerSaint : I'm cutting onions

Nancy Regmund : I really love this commercial...but personally I am not a Willy Nelson voice liking person...if this is him singing...I have always liked his lyrics for songs or this etc. I just have  a difficult time listening to his constricted sounding whiny voice. Great commercial and lyrics though.