Henning Wehn Live at the Apollo

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jev : Love his cockney accent mixed with a german accent.

Matty Reynolds : He is really underrated in my opinion.

geekofix : As a German I have to say this guy is very underrated. Have seen his show 1,2, DIY. Loved it! Hope more people will watch him in the future.

Sabine Piprek : Germans are amused by the fact that nobody thinks them funny. They're hilarious when you come to know them. It's a mistake to view them through the prism of a selected time period. There is such a thing as being funny, and being funny at another's expense - be nice without being nasty. A lesson in etiquette! Prosit!

nikinnorway : That bit in German was a good risk...

XPUni.com : 0:18 omfg... why is that SO funny xD

Mal Wal : Henning has got the ability to laugh at himself........ he must be part British.

A. J. R. Wilde : he now speaks German with a cockney accent! love it

acer.b : What did he say in German?! Anyone can translate??

LifeShorts : Effortlessly funny

La1 : Saw this on BBC Two and had to come on here to watch again. He likes anything German when abroad like the royal baby, and he felt British when he was on all fours in a kebab shop with wee on his trousers lol

Nitroville Band : That guy is seriously funny

Brian Edward : So sharp and observant. Why are we Brits so crap at learning languages? Brilliant section when he had the conversation with the German in the audience. He is as good as Milton Jones, albeit in a different style.

talorprue1 : When he was on another show (was it Newsnight?) he joked that the red and yellow set would be the closest he would ever get to the Apollo. Now he's actually done it! Henning is the shit!

Tidgy : Omg laughing so hard when he's just talking to one bloke in German for like 10 minutes, no one can understand him they've payed to watch him do comedy and they don't know what he's saying xD

UtterlyAwesomeVideos : Looking forward to seeing him in show in November!

Collin Willoughs : Subtitles, please. Or at least let viewers edit add them ourselves.

kate fletcher : Love him!

TheChipmunk2008 : Henning is unusual. He's a national treasure in 2 countries <3

Lozzie74 : Thanks for posting this. I saw this segment on TV on the weekend and HAD to let a friend know what she had missed. Without your link I would have had nothing to show.

SuperPrincessHearts : Brilliant

chf gbp : lol. i know that kabab shop in tottenhamcourt road

Claymor : he is brilliant.

Michael Nurge : One thing I find funny is his German is much easier to understand than his English...

Jeff B : I enjoy watching his appearances on QI.

Nick Gray : "remember when we won pope!"

viking lover : the holocaust is a hoax, churchill is a rotchild puppet https://archive.org/details/AdolfHitlerTheGreatestStoryNEVERToldParts127TGSNTtvYouTubeviaTorchbrowser.com

Liv Maher : Stellar!

Angela Kate Webster : People reading the subtitles are going to be so confused.

Lara Sunshine : Ich komme aus Potsdam, niiiiice :D Niiiiiiiice

Kirsten Young : His accent is everything 😂

Peter Webb : This bloke is an absolute crack-up! "When we won Pope. Then we lost it to the Argies, etc." So unashamedly Deutsch yet so embracing of the best and worst of British humour, and he really went to a lot of trouble with his stage clothes. Top bloke.

CRAB JAB : I got to see this man. Love him so much

Mark Hall : Who taught him English?

Amadeus190890 : He's funny for all the wrong reasons and he knows it.

lomate Lomate : More cocker nee I would say 😁

Nubby Tope : Such a lovely bloke, and genuinely funny.

Dr. Zoidberg : "Existential?" I speak English and I've never found a use for that word in my life. Germans.

realeques : something is wrong with his posture

SilkSatin Paradise : Comedians appear to have a much better understanding of human nature than psychologists.

cogidubnus1953 : I've only rarely paid to sit and watch so-called comedy acts....and nearly always been disappointed...M&W made me laugh, Freddy Starr made me laugh..but who since.... this guy just might...I love him...

Peter Alderson : Saw him doing a gig and a chant from audience came up singing 2 world wars and one World Cup do da do da. He finished it off by singing back no world wars but 4 World Cups do da do da day . So funny

A Nicol : Funniest man in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and northern Ireland Punkt

PCANGELDUST : He is openly doggin the British hahah

Sean Flannery : The Goonies called

Tony Music : Most comedians are good, trustworthy people... Yep, they're a bunch of stand up guys.

Edd25164605 : Seriously Funny man !

AkiraMatzen : he's kind of right about getting patriotic once you live abroad. I had lived in the far east for about 15 years then, when I got married, I did it in a kilt. I'm from the far south of England!!! But I wanted a national dress.....which had to be the kilt really, didn't it? Either that or a boring suit. Bugger a bowler hat.

Coconut Head : Just saw him live, funny guy!

Luca Darrenl : Micky fanaghan