Two Papa Johns Restaurants are in for a SURPRISE by One Phone Call

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We called two different papa johns at the same time and they made a deal on dough


TheBoxingReport : You just helped the other store out. Good job man.

EliteGamer309 : You just saved some people’s dinners

Luke T : That guy who called them should’ve joined in the middle of their conversation and said “hello this is papa johns how may I take your order?”

rarity3106 : You should’ve yelled “you’re welcome guys!” Then hung up

rr M : the joke is on you man, literally

Victor Michelini : Do two scammers on one call please

Kaylie Gordon : This is high quality video content Edit: holy crap thanks for the likes

IntensePeppers : I used to work at a lot of pizza places. I don't think people know how common it is to get dough from another store, happened all the time

Jeandre Freygang : This is so awesome! I'm glad they allowed them to finish their deal... Too amazing!

Spryz : Someone give this man a beer

Zakaria alsaydi : YouTube: wana see a funny video from 2017 because u watched all the new videos Me: no problem because i don't have a job or anything to do i just have youtube

MogAntwon : This just got recommended to me and I'm surprised they actually went through with the call.

lawless vapors : Hahaha,what the hell did I just watch 😂😂 this was hilarious

Honor Sword : 2 NPC's using predictable actions.

Ghost Avenger : If you intercept this deal you can start a dough heist

Ryan Mason : I got a papa johns ad right after the video ended

RedDog : Once again the YouTube overlords have blessed us with some delicious funnies

joshxkerrigan : This went from a prank to you holding the phone for them to continue their conversation...

Aaron S : They were both fired when papa johns saw this because he didn’t want anyone to figure out how they sold the good stuff.

Kendethar Zendeth : Thanks for helping the business lol

Kyle Last : Most productive prank call.

landonpsc : All i did was look up that video of the two chinese restaurants on call and now this is in my recommended. That YouTube algorithm always up to something, smh

Sarah Ramirez : 2017: Nope. 2018: Nope. 2019: Yea lets fix this poor girls YouTube Algorithm here.. here we go! (Taps reccommend button) and... all done! 😁

Amj Fort Worth : He saved that managers job with a prank 😂😂

Ethan Wankier : welcome back to another episode of: WhY iS tHiS iN mY rEcOmMeNdEd

Htown hold it down mex casarez : The magic moment was when she said she needed dough

Belvarion : I wonder if the two people (from Papa Johns) on the phone ever saw this video and were like WHATTTTT 😂

Belladonna Llama : ☠️☠️ I’m shocked she asked if one of his drivers could drop off the dough ???? He’s helping you

Timothy Adams : This is hilarious. You actually helped them out.

Shotgun Gamer : Papa john doing drug deals behind our back gamer moment

Christopher Garcia : You did a good thing.....what nerve of that lady to ask for a delivery too... come get your own pans

Kernelpickle : Hopefully neither of them figure out what you did or have any problems with it, because this technically qualifies as illegal wire tapping. The FCC is pretty strict about all parties knowing in advance that they’re being monitored and/or recorded, so that they can properly consent. That said, it was kinda funny that they needed to talk to each other anyway. ...but yeah, the FCC is all about ruining everyone’s fun—that’s why ALL prank calls on the radio are completely fake now.

SAMIAM : This is actually do(ough)pe

John C : The lady asks for extra dough and then asks if the guy if his drivers can bring it. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Plus Ultra : Nobody: YouTube recommendations:

Dean : He should have just interrupted saying in an NY accent, "Sounds good, if you two have the dough, I have the gear, where and when". And then watch carnage ensue.

K W : When you try to prank a business but instead improve business operations

Timothy Lane : What the hell did I just watch a gang North vs South Papa John's

Jordan : Now the 2 stores think they have each others number, but in fact it is the 2 phones numbers. What will they do when they need some more dough?

xebuki : *The crazy this is.. something good came out of the prank😂*

Eric John : I used to work in a inventory collections in the Audit department and yes this really do happen in a chain restaurant. I assumed that this is the peak season where it's very busy to the point that they're running out of stocks. So they called other restaurants with the same company (usually closer to them) to get some stuff for emergency purposes because restocking would take a day to process.

Erika Pennella : I used to work @ an assisted living and the phone system was AWESOME! I USED TO connect my two friends to each other.... And they would THINK each other called them😂🤣😂🤣... I love sh#$! Like this!!!

Michael Mccloud : I'll probably do this with a McDonald's someday

Darth Wampa : Imagine if he laughed and they said wait a second did you hear that.

foxy black : when i call both McDonald's they just order food 😂 from McDonald's( omg thx so many likes i never have it before😭💜)

John Wick : Imagine they started their relationship just like this.

Jj Pelham : Youtube: heres this video again. U wanna watch it? Me: no (clicks not interested) Next day Youtube: ARE U SURE ABOUT THAT

Troll : *At the beginning, this felt like a South Park episode*

yj yj : Careful you almost made the universe explode