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NGlitchesFTW : “You called me, wat do u need, I need sum doe”😭😂😂😂

CDeezy1269 : Imagine the pizza employees watching this video😂

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Better dough Better pizza Papa johns

Rohacks3716 : Thanks for calling papa johns how may I help you? Thanks for calling mama Johns how may i help you?

whitesmoke hiding : This is how the CIA controls us

Bailey Martin : Anybody else find themselves staying quiet like they’re actually there?

m∆ppy☥ : Not really a prank... you’re actually helping them. Good job

Cam Hall : Why is my recommend list been so fire recently

WHYMEMANWHYL0L :P : *Lmao This man has the power to end their call* GOD?

Top 10 Archive : I'm gonna do this between two police stations and watch them fight each other in the street.

UnSafeNinja 47 : And then Brian and summer became husband and wife. Might have not happened but it would be pretty fire dough

Monkey D. Zoro : *Imma call both my professor an see if they’ll work out cancelling class*

Kont3rfit : Should call a third restaurant halfway through

Abdul S : And this is how, son, I met your mother. Edit: for all those saying this comment isn’t mine, YES I’ve taken it from another vid. I thought it fits perfectly with this video. Thx for all likes tho

NGlitchesFTW : A prank ended up building a relationship between stores hahaha, this is wat i like to see, sum positivity out of a troll lmfaooo

Dtae M : *approximately how many phones did it take to create this video*

Connor Guenther : When pranks turn into good deeds

Dante Royall : I wonder if they saw this video LMAOOO

FretNot Music : Not all heroes wear capes.

WarBear : dude I give you props for holding in your laughter, i would've lost it

eZ_Hawaiian : No, this is Patrick.

Dylan Weaver : What did the librarian say to the lil boy Read More

Josh’s Life : She sounded hot lol

Duane Stogsdill : I want to do this but with Chinese restaurants

Reality Realized : What are the chances of this happening lmfaooooo

Htown hold it down mex casarez : The magic moment was when she said she needed dough

420hotbox36 : I usually think these pranks are stupid, but this one is genius lol

IT'S BBMK : I couldnt think of a good comment

Lionmaker721 : Ok so I woke up at 3 am and got this in my recommendations and watched it... I don’t know why I said that I just thought this comment might blow up

Justa Phan : This was pretty funny dough

GeekishBoy13 : Props for not laughing but wtf lmaooooo

Yvng 16 : Thats how the mafia works.

[KSIS] Ghost v3 vVv : Don’t let this distract u from the fact that this bish still has a iPhone 4😵

The Creator : Tell me why I got a Domino's ad before this 😂

SHOTGUN EM DOWN : Brian sounds like a nice guy lol.

Patrick Giroux : Do you think the people on the phone seen this video???

Andrew Villalobos : He help another store get supplies what a g

CraaazyNinja3000 : The only thing that would make this video better will be horizontal recording

AlviTVBD : Just curious to know, did you call from private number?

Baekhyun’s Chopsticks : Why was I trying to be quiet watching this video?

why though?? : I like how they wait until they finished 😅

Alex Gagnon : Yeah i would've randomly chimed in towards the end with something along the lines of... "Hi I'm naked" and see where things take off from there.

robert matijevic : You should’ve said that you needed some dough too 😂

Cassie Taylor ASMR : *_This is just evil lmao_*

Malcolm Little : When you start a prank and you end up helping one store get help from another store.


UnderBudget : Know they think that phone number is papa johns

Boi You dumb : Wow a dough deal made right before us calling the cops right now

rodrigo san roman : wow you are the dough plug

Lemons are life : "And that son, is how I met your Mother"