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NGlitchesFTW : “You called me, wat do u need, I need sum doe”😭😂😂😂

The Golden Tiger : *i got a papa johns ad*

Baekhyun’s Chopsticks : Why was I trying to be quiet watching this video?

Tech Edison : Dude if it weren’t for you they wouldn’t have gotten their dough!

ForTheEmpire : You should do this again, but act like you're a third Papa Johns.

NGlitchesFTW : A prank ended up building a relationship between stores hahaha, this is wat i like to see, sum positivity out of a troll lmfaooo

Bears Are Scary : I think they did a Papa John's doughnation

Oscar Armstrong : It's like impractical jokers, except practical.

Sofia Dedvukovic : I bet that kids hand was tired holding that phone lmao

Lala : You helped them do their job lol

Justa Phan : This was pretty funny dough

Bit -gedon : Only papa johns would be a good enough sport to do this

Austin Myles : You should have said something at the end like "Hello? I'm ready to place my order(s)"

am shooketh : I would probably call Coca Cola on one phone and PepsiCo on the other and see what happens 😈

This is sparta btw : Two papa john workers walk into a phone call...

rodrigo san roman : wow you are the dough plug

Rusty Shackleford : So this is how it feels to live in a simulation without us knowing 😮

4k3el : Better love story than twilight.

Osani Wright : Tell me how a papa johns ad came on before this video..

Sillybrunet _17 : Who else had the papa johns pizza ad?! 😂

WarBear : dude I give you props for holding in your laughter, i would've lost it

WhiteBeWildin _MDW : So happy this isn’t click bait

WarmOrb : This man did papa John's a favor trying to prank them XD

Jon Boy : Try this with two stores in different cities and or states.

Sparkleanddance : Why is this just now going viral??

UGH IT'S JOE : Best three minutes of my life

Ericka : This is not uncommon for business if they ran out of something they will call the closest business and ask for somesthing

Region11 : My cousin did this with 2 McDonald’s before lol

Kyle L. : Not even joking, I got a Papa John's ad on this video...

Isabella Spencer : Let’s get this dough

Reality Realized : What are the chances of this happening lmfaooooo

Roman Mueller : Bruh i got a papa johns advertisement😂

grayson bell : I got a papa Johns ad on this video


Queen_ zya : When I watched this a papa John's ad came on 😂

swaygfx : This went better than those dating apps

mobile Razeen : Why does everyone’s comment have so many likes!!! I only have one and dats me!!!

Royal_ Pyscho : Papa Johns manager: lets get this bread

Meme Machine : *I bet you they're gonna do surgery on the dough.*

Eden Hubbard : I work at papa John's and this literally happens all the time 😂 a store will order less than they expected to use and trade/buy product

SHOTGUN EM DOWN : Brian sounds like a nice guy lol.

Spøøky - : My recommended actually did me good this time 🙂

iiiAlissa _Pug : *The ad for this video was Papa Johns. *sister shook**

Hawkgunny : I work at papa johns this happens a lot this isn’t uncommon

Sir Darius : when I worked at Pizza Hut we'd often share inventory with other stores in our district... the jokes on this guy

Lun Hing : Lol this was epic

Wait What : Best video Idea ever, you should do this with other fast food chains!

Chris Hernandez : This video in itself is 10x better than YouTube rewind

ƘƛƖカイ : I work at fast food. Restaurants owned by the same company will give their supply the other restaurant if they r too low.

Pixelchu : This video was just released last year lol