Peter Capaldi for Live Letters

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alyah roberts : the accent makes it more amazing XD

Birgir Birgisson : Scottish Cossacks would have been an absolutely terrifying force had they existed for real...

Jerry Brown : I'm a big doctor who fan so I think that speech should go in an episode!!

Callum Jordan : The doctor and Douglass Reynholm in one place! It must be Christmas

We live in a Society : I think a medieval version of Malcomn Tucker has possessed Capaldi... XD

changed for better : Числа не знаєм, бо календаря не маєм, місяць в небі, рік в книзі, а день такий як і у вас, і за це поцілуй ось куди нас!

Scrappy527 : Peter Capaldi is amazing ... he reads so well, and allows himself to immerse himself in the character. Love that his natural Scottish accent is on full display here.

Self Education : This people (cossacks) weren't under any state power during centuries. So, every attempt to demonstrate the mightiness of foreign sovereign in front of them was treated like bad anecdote. They just didn't get all this vanity. It could explain a bit the character of the letter. And by the way, English translation is quite close to the Ukrainian original.

Christy Stracener : I just love to watch this.

JA Flynn : LOVE Capaldi!

Champuli : Peter is actually enjoying it!!! :-) that makes it more awesome! :-D

Nathanielle Crawford : Peter Capaldi is actually reenacting Donald Trump's original, unedited nomination speech.

Jordan Beauchemin : This is embarrassing but... Um... Could someone tell me what this is? I don't need anyone to explain to me who Peter Capaldi is but that's literally​ the only thing I know about this video. What is Live Letters? Who was the guy with the marvelous hair? What's going on?

Medio Litro : I'd love this if it wasn't for the "Zaperovian"

Laurie Batog : Love this! Thanks for posting! ps: Someone needs to make a snippet of the "Pig!.." part and send it to Donald Trump.....

KrysRamdas : Malcolm Tucker vs Douglas Reynholm the battle of the bosses.

uninspired username : Who's here because of the Tumblr post? This is epic.

Yura Pawluk : And that's why Ukrainian history is so great XDD

Ferda Kaldirim : İ knew that english kind of jokes were never funny but this is seriously on the floor type. İf any of king of whatever would even dare to think this in front of SULTAN Mehmet IV, that would be his very last... But is this to speak like that after him (because you couldnt done anything when he was alive) gonna make you feel better, keep going😉 Even a kid would know that Ottoman Empire was great because its attitude and humanity understand. Ottoman Empire ruled 6.5 millon km2 with justice, not so long ago, only 200 years ago... Its really shame that you never really searched for REAL Ottoman Empire but only believe what this "funny" guys said you... But as ı said if cursing to the ruler of the world behind him gonna make you feel better and act like kids is honorful understand of yours, telling him to f*ck his mom making you feel mature then do it you mannerful(!) people 😊😊

Olha Popovych : Отвiт Запорожцiв Магомету IV Ти, султан, чорт турецький, i проклятого чорта син і брат, самого Люцеферя секретарь. Який ти в чорта лицар, коли голою сракою єжака не вб'єш?! Чорт ти, висрана твоя морда. Hе будеш ти, сукiн син, синiв християнських пiд собою мати, твойого вiйска ми не боїмося, землею i водою будем биться з тобою, враже ти розпроклятий сину! Распронойоб твою мать! Вавилонський ти жихась, Македоньский колесник, Iєрусалимський бравирник, Александрiйський козолуп, Великого і Малого Египта свинарь, Армянська злодиюка, Татарський сагайдак, Каменецький кат, у всего свiту i пiдсвiту блазень, самого гаспида онук, а нашого хуя крюк. Свиняча ти морда, кобиляча срака, рiзницька собака, нехрещений лоб, ну і мать твою йоб. От так тобi Запоріжцi відказали, плюгавче. Не будеш ти i свиней христiанських пасти. Теперь кончаємо, бо числа не знаємо i календаря не маємо, мiсяць у небi, год у книзі, а день такий у нас, який i у вас, за це поцілуй в сраку нас!.. Пiдписали: Кошевой атаман Иван Сирко Зо всiм кошем Запорожськiм

spike cestovatel : I like his emocion 🖤🖤🖤

Alla Zhabokryk : you dont even imagine how it sounds in Ukrainian :D

Anna Catherine Kowalsky : I love Peter.

Krptkn : That was wonderful!

Timelord Adventures : wow. just_just wow

Murrangurk2 : My two fave peeps!

Miaew : I died at "pig".

Mr. AnselmTheWeird0 : Oh The scottish accent!

aaron1230x : The best thing about this is the fact that he's not making any of this up; it's an actual reply from the 17th century

Nicole Song : me, 4 seconds into the video: *gasping* i love him so much

Psoy Bormanenko : Цікаво. Тепер українці точно такі самі листи пишуть кацапському людоїдському Хуйлу.

a meme that's lived quiet well. : Bill: Doctor! You cant say that! what will all the impressional children think?

Doctor Qui ? : Je kiffe Peter Capaldi (alias Le Docteur 😉)

Peter Korman : When Berry started talking, the first thing I thought was, “Douglas, now that we’re alone, I can speak frankly.”

BTMN : Capaldi becomes chris jechico when he says PICK PICK....PICK

Mr. AnselmTheWeird0 : I bet Capaldi actually just improvised the whole scene...

Ісандер Т. : Doctor visited Sirco?) That's awsome!))

Vornalph : X^D

cubic dust : Peter looked like he had alot of fun hahaha

slothfulcobra : Letter writing is a lost art

Vor_ tez : lol 2:27

#IDLE : I have one reply to Putin:)

Spencer Koelle : Possibly the greatest wig-snatch in human history.

Isabella Taylor : That was fantastic bring us some more live letters.

Sean Derrick : This just in Malcolm Tucker actually 17th century Cossack

Justinian Snow : Todd Rivers is such an amazing actor!

MDplyr442 : this is a brilliant, Capaldi makes this so much better.

rory hazlie : Always xpect him to burst into the Doctor and he is wearing his loake boots

Olha Popovych : And yes, it is real letter. Because Ukraine was under Russian and Rzecz Pospolita oppression, and Zaporozhian Cossacks was Ukrainian Resistance, they was uneducated, marginal, crazy and ready to die for Ukrainian freedom.

Gooseberry 77 : This is unbelievably awesome!! :)