PROFESSIONAL VICTIM TACTICS (Guest video by Vernaculis)

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Watch more from Vernaculis here: Vernaculis reveals some underhanded tactics professional victims will use to try and get their way. Subscribe: Email: 2nd Channel: Facebook: Twitter: deviantART: Google+:


Robin Could : damn that "free inhabitant" needs to go "free inhabit" some other country because we don't want them

Simon Als Nielsen : Wow that police officer was the nicest guy ever!

quizzaciously : I keep seeing American cops doing bad things but that cop… 👏

Kntrytnt : I have SOOOO much respect for that officer. I've seen that whole video, and he is a gentleman and a scholar. His patience with that brat was incredible. Buy that guy a round.

Tommy gun : and the award for most patient cop goes to....

MithranArkanere : That person needs to learn that regardless of any laws, your freedom ends where other people's freedom starts, and if you don't agree to that, then other people will *DEFEND* themselves against the one who tries to take away their freedom. You NEED a license because a car is DANGEROUS. So, we all agreed that it will be better if we make sure only people who have proven they know ho to use a car are allowed to use it. You don't agree? Then we'll brand you as a hostile threatening the safety of the public, and so it won't matter if you are 'Free Inhabitant' or a freaking alien from outer space with a raygun. You will be quarantined until we decide how to deal with you. Next thing she'll kill someone and demand her crime to go unpunished.

clarycha : that lady knows nothing about laws xD if she said that "i am not a citizen" crap to me i would reply with "so are you an illegal then?"

Clay Mccormick : I watched the cop video about four times and I never noticed that she was talking about laws from the Articles of Confederation. I learned about how the Articles of Confederation were abolished when I was in the fifth grade. I worry about the future of America when twenty somethings don't even know basic facts about our government.

Samoanmike24 : Free inhabitant that gets all the perks of U.S freedom without following any of the U.S laws? Sounds so stupid.

NateTalksToYou : New guest video featuring Vernaculis. Would you like to see more of these guest videos every now and again, and if so, who would you like to see featured?

Rinna : I'm not generally a huge fan of authority figures, but the officer guy ( 2:50 )... I thought he was being rather polite and patient. It was really nice to see. ^_^

Isai Sanchez : You know what kind of harassment is the worst? The kind that includes a man telling me I should be blessed , DON'T TELL ME HOW I SHOULD FEEL FUH-Q

Aleksa Jovanovic : Blacksplaining, huh? Sure, why not?

Raz0rking : That cop is a cool motherfu... I want to pay him a beer once. To bad i won't visit the US or Clifornia any time soon edit; typo aaaand subscribed to the other bloke. He seems cool to. Same thing with the beer counts for him. To bad i probably will never ever see him in real life

Aleksa Jovanovic : Not even Stefan Molyneuoiteux is mental enough to accept "free inhabitant" as a valid concept.

sieghart37 : women amirite?

Mitochondria Raine : I swear to god listening to that "free inhabitant" moron made me lose nearly half of my brain cells. I'm lucky I still know how to type properly.

Slappy McSlapnuts : Who is the professional vicitim woman?? I want to watch more of her vids

Terrance Nicholson : i actually looked up mansplaining a couple months back. with its original definition its actually kinda funny. Before feminazis ruined it. Mansplained meant when someone explained something not in a condescending way, but to someone who is an expertise in that field. Example a random guy giving singing advice to Adele

Mark Love : I died at free inhabitant, that's great

Dimitar Gaydadzhiev : "THIS IS RAPE, THIS IS RAPE, YAAAAAAAAAAA" It made my day xD

[deleted] : "I am a free inhabitant." What time does she think she's living in, the Stone Age?

Dr. Weirdo Productions : There is actually a thing called lady spaining. however, I believe that manspaining was created first.

metademetra : Oh my God that lady. "You have no authority over me." Yes he does. HE'S A COP!

Matt Gadd : Let's play good cop bad cop and this is the only guy that chose good god bless him!

Elia Sager : "They have all of the rights of a US citizen without following any of their laws..." Genius

Used Napkin : Using the Articles of Confederation? How mistaken can you be?

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun : If I were that cop, I would have discharged my gun long ago XD He has some amazing patience.

ZeroClarkThirty : I love how the cop had to explain it to her as if she was a child. Not that she isn't acting completely childish, but that is the best "mansplaining" I have ever seen. Bravo, cool cop.

Clancy Wiggum : She filmed evidence that would destroy her credibility if she took him to court

Peter Schmitz-Katze : Nobel patience price! I would have pulled her out of that car after about 5 secs. Good thing I am not a cop!

Bakubaymon : Where can I find the crazy chick video

MrTopHatMan : 2:50 - 5:53 my brain just gave up in those few short minutes on everything

Mackbros : Send her to an Asylum.

AndreiChii : Who wants to open up a Kickstarter to give this cop some Six-Packs of beer?

Ted : Kudos to that cop for not capping that woman the second she sounded off in her chipmunk voice. He has the patience of a saint.

Jumpkid 12 : Nobel patience prize... Ha

Exora Aerdna : Vern is seriously good. Thanks nate for introducing him to us, It's ok, I will not stop watching your vids ;)

Csak G : Free inhabitant lol

My Demon Haley : That cop video made me want to pull my hair out. That girl was out of line.

Chisanga Mumba : Such a good cop.

Larry TheFishMan : That woman sounded like a small child saying "oh I live in my parent's home but I don't have to listen to them."

Kudo Redfox : That cop has amazing patience

Marianne Lynn Latjow : You just described Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch) & one of his mods, Bella Virgo (Dawn Johnson of Gravesend UK). Btw, what is your opinion on the Douchesinse? (Gee, did I just give it away how I feel about him?)

Edward K : That Cop Deserves free beer or better


Nick Tripod : Go free inhabit a volcano.

Amunch : "How are you this morning?" feminist- STOP HARASSING ME!!!!!

Liam Phillips : People think they know too much shit lol.