Costco - Why They're So Successful

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GingyKicks : Costco samples = lunch

Sunny shah : Here is the one key to a successful business, it's your employees if you keep your employees happy, and not miserable, your business will automatically do better in revenues a lot of places like WalMart has terrible customer service, because most employees there are miserable ever seen a happy WalMart employee?, it's a rare sight while at Costco, most employees i see are pretty happy and glad to help the customers keep your employees happy, and they will run your business for you

Couch Tomato : They’re not in Arkansas because that’s the HQs of Walmart. Bentonville is all about Walmart and nothing else

1,000 SUBS WITH 2 VIDEOS : Aaaand you can't forget the free samples! 😋

Life in the 413 : That Costco employee has nothing to worry about. I feel bad for the Walmart employee. He works for a company that pays its workers crap and will always pay their workers crap and forcing them to rely on government assistance. The Walton family is utter trash, but what do you expect from Arkansas, maybe that's the reason Costco isn't there, enjoy your Walmart starvation wages. The Amazon owned Whole Foods is the same, Jeff Bezos doesn't pay his workers crap either. Costco will eat both of their lunches.

ayyymate : If you havent been to a Costco... *You have not lived*

Sunny shah : The membership is worth it, over time, you will actually be saving more money by shopping at Costco because you get more quantity for what you pay i shop at Costco every month, because that's how long the supplies i need last while if i were to buy the same amount of things at WalMart, i would have to shop every 2 weeks, and end up spending a whole lot more

Brandon Beavis Investing : Just came back from Mexico and Costco was bumpin' there too! Costco Fiesta 🎉

TheDragonCat99 : It's sad that a generous play-style that benefits everyone involved is considered "unique."

ilovecodemonkeys : Costco runs a company the way I would want to. Treating your employees well, keeping prices low, and making money with an alternate method that doesn't bankrupt shoppers. Definitely love Costco. Would shop there over WalMart any day!

Eross Van Leer : $1.50 Hot Dogs Enough said.

Bryan corado : Can you do the decline of sears?

Marco Villa : I love Costco I will renew my membership just for the hotdogs

Maglia Rosa : Costco Gasoline is Top Tier certified. Costco Gasoline is rated #1 in America in quality and they're also the strictest brand regarding gas pump maintenance, inspections, and calibrations. Notice how well-kept and clean Costco pumps are compared to other stations. Most gas stations are privately owned and entirely up to the owner to maintain and calibrate the pumps. You can probably do an episode on Costco Gasoline and the gasoline industry. I don't care about the price or wait time or distance. I've been a Costco member for 21 years. I shop at Costco after work and after the store closes, there are no lines at the pumps. All my cars run solely on Costco Gasoline. I trust their stringent standards. They have a reputation to uphold unlike those privately owned stations. Not many people know this but pumps have filters that need to be changed often. Costco changes these filters far more frequently than other gas stations. The result is you get cleaner gas so your car's own filter has to do less work. There are too many horror stories of people getting tainted gas at other gas stations because the owner neglected to maintain the equipment. Some truck delivery drivers even admit putting 87 octane in all the pumps because the owner asked them to. Anything to increase the bottom line. Some owners rig their pumps to give you a tiny bit less fuel than you paid for. I've seen a fair amount of those in my days. Before I started using, I kept a very detailed log of my mileage. Certain gas stations around my route gave consistently poorer gas mileage and vice versa. I got tired of playing guessing games and now I use 100% Costco Gasoline in my fleet. Always consistent. If you drive the same route everyday, you'll even be able to notice when they switch summer/winter blends.

MRCFgaming 333 : You know im from California and about every 10 miles theres a Costco

Alika Ostermiller : You had a picture of the Costco in Maui. It is the most profitable Costco in the world. During Christmas time it has million dollar days.

1MFilms : Who knew paying employees well would have so many benefits? lol

Jerry Kelley : I've been a member of Costco since 1984, only back then it was known as Price Club. I've found the employees to be very helpful and friendly. I noticed many of them began working there and retiring 30 and 40 years later. I've seen more happy employees there than any place I've shopped at.

Uriah Siner : RIP Polish Dog.

SuperPlayz Gaming - Roblox & More : Costco Samples = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Tort تورت : Costco is bae <3 As a kid i was entranced by Costco, it was a sneaky way for my parents to convince me to go out and do errands with them—just assure me that one of the places they needed to stop was Costco! Not only did I just love the layout and huge quantities in the store but I was always rewarded with one of those delicious $1.45 berry smoothies. Unlike any other smoothie I've ever had.... that distinct fine gritty texture and taste are etched into my brain forever.

Frank Howard : Great video. As a Costco member, I suggest you do a comparison between Costco and Sam's Club. Totally different.

TheNLHunting : I worked at costco, the company is basically built on two major pillars; 1) the environment of the store - simplistic, not cluttered, neatly organized and efficient. 2) Fairness - they get membership money and in return they sell the items as cheap as they can and at a high quality as well as offering other benefits like gas. Memebership fee's also keep out wal-marts pajama wearing trailer park clientele which contributes to improving the environment of the place. Basically they have a business model of everyone, including employees, are treated fairly and it builds loyalty. Basically I can confirm to you that yes, their intentions were pure, its not a scam, they do want to treat their members well.

Rich M : I worked at Price Club, the first warehouse membership gig in the mid 80's before they merged with Costco. It was a great place to work with awesome benefits and perks. 30 years later, Costco keeps the same tradition. They Rock. I remember having discussions in the 80s about the goal to just operate on membership fees. And I wonder who knows about costco travel. I use their rental car service all the time and it is hard to beat anyway else.

Trine Daely : If you haven't already, can you do a video on Publix? A few years ago Publix was "The Wal-Mart Killer" in Florida, not sure if that's still true, but I miss living near one. Best damn bakery and deli and great customer service.

Akshay Padhye : Costco is def one of the brands I think positively off. As a customer for almost all my life, I always looked forward to go there.

Commando Master : Costco is great for buying bulk items for low prices. But when Amazon gets the online food shopping market on lockdown, its game over for all the retail stores like Walmart.

Socorro Soza : I honestly want to take a girl out to Costco. (I would have to do something else supplementary though and obviously not on the first date.) If she has fun thats a good sign.

gilbert henri : so.... they make money... their investors make money... their employees make money... their customers make money (in savings)... They're happy... their investors are happy... their employees are happy... their customers are happy... And you're still looking for a dead cat in a bag? What's wrong with you? It seems to me it's a good business model, plain and simple... or could it be a front for financing a worldwide organisation like blowfeld's in james bond??? Maybe...

Rich M : pic at 4:34 must be in Hawaii---The macadamia isle.

liseth : Sam's club?

Endorion : Sam's Club is exactly the same thing as Costco. I'm surprised though there's another Costco is opening up near me which is about 6 blocks away from me.

Kyle2000 : YES I Love costco and their food

Rozeta Nastimi : 20 dollars an hour!!! I found my school job

Jadon Breeding : Please do the decline of rax roast beef they at one point had over 500 restaurants and now have 8. It would make a very interesting video

OverstarAnthony : Well, looks like I am never moving to Arkansas.

Rathanak's Life : If you drive a lot, the costco membership for gas alone IS worth it

mexgeo86 : The gas fuel savings alone pay for the membership.

Mexlycan Lobo : Hey WallMart are u listening?

Benji B. : Costco's great. I hope they continue to do really well.

Michael Kalm : Quality of Costco's Kirkland brand really high and consistent. Quality of prepared foods, baked goods, really high. And that Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and holidays - Yum!

Balta Bueno : Anyone else from Chicago? I think we only have 1 Costco lol

Couch gaming news : Yup I live super close to Costco it's right next to in and out

Daniel T.H. : Yo, Company Man! Costco had a merger with Price Club back in the late 90s, that kinda helped out I believe.

Nicholas Winn : The pharmacy there always beats other places in the area (walgreens, cvs, walmart) and you don't need a membership to buy from the pharmacy.

Xsilly : Hey Company Man, I was wondering, since Easter is just around the corner, if you could do a video on how the Cadbury company (the one with the eggs) became such a staple Easter candy. We've seen a recent surge and higher demand for these products and I am curious how/why that is. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Roland Oz Traveller : What about Lidl and Aldi?

Sleeping Legend : You should also mention the quality of Costco's merchandise, especially the house brand- Kirkland.

obama : 1 hot dog and 1 drink for $1.5 ez homeless person meal

SML Fan18 : My local supermarket sells rotisserie chicken for $4.99 without membership