Costco - Why They're So Successful

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GingyKicks : Costco samples = lunch

mexgeo86 : The gas fuel savings alone pay for the membership.

Victor D. Romero : *@Company Man, Do you remember one of the first membership stores called Gemco, what went wrong with them, and another one called Fedco. That would be a great video to do. Thanks for the Awesome videos !!!*

1,000 SUBS WITH 2 VIDEOS : Aaaand you can't forget the free samples! 😋

Mancave Effects : Nice video!! Dont forget the insurances, travelling offers or car service from Costco ;)

Eross Van Leer : $1.50 Hot Dogs Enough said.

Couch Tomato : They’re not in Arkansas because that’s the HQs of Walmart. Bentonville is all about Walmart and nothing else

Glenn Jenkins : As a Californian, I've been a huge Costco fan my whole life. Gotta love those berry smoothies lmao

TheSpaceDuck : They tore down a Costco near me..... Just to build a bigger one 5x as big.. it was glorious.

Miguel Zavaleta : One thing I've always found interesting about Costco is the quality of their store brand -- it's remarkable -- something you can't say very often about store brands.

SuperPlayz Gaming - Roblox & More : Costco Samples = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

MichiganCowboy : Do Trump’s business next

Paul : I think people save a lot less money at Costco than they think, after factoring in the membership cost. For every family that pays a $60 membership to get $600 of annual saving, there's an unwed, childless guy paying that same $60 membership to save $30 a year. My friend does exactly this and when I mentioned it, he laughed and agreed, but still chose to renew his membership. I think Costco just creates a positive enough shopping experience for him (aided by a genuine perception of savings) that even when his rational mind realizes he may be losing money, he'd still prefer the membership just to keep having that experience.

Jerry Lee : Maybe I missed it, but Costco's CEO also doesn't take home an exorbitant amount of money compared to their competition. Knowing employees are compensated well and the CEO isn't raking in money makes me happy to support them even as a single dude

GreenMonkeySam : I have no clue how I got here....but this video was great! Very informative. I have new found respect for Costco. My mom is a member and I try to tag along when possible. So I'm getting all the benefits without paying a membership! :D

KingPeuche : I work at costco. I can tell you that there's only one reason for their success, which you failed to explore. Free samples bruv. I don't even need to bring a lunch on unlucky days, I just walk through the store and sample it up

Pikachu On YouTube : 7:20 yeah makes sense you will see employees that will have “since 2007” on there name tags, they don’t leave.

Bryan corado : Can you do the decline of sears?

Gravijta : "Welcome to Costco... I love you! Welcome to Costco... I love you! Welcome to Costco... I love you!"

Kyle2000 : YES I Love costco and their food

Krock : When Costco opened here in Iceland last year it became a *craze. Everyone* wanted a membership and on opening day there were traffic jams near the parking lot and gas station and people in line were offering other people money just for a shopping cart. *Shopping carts!* At first when someone said anything negative about Costco on facebook and other forums they were fanatically silenced by people tired of the high prices in other stores. But recently there have been reports of rising prices in Costco and the shine is wearing off. More Icelanders are starting to turn on Costco.

German Carranza : Sam's Club?

Red The Hunter : One thing you didn't mention but help explain Costco's success is that they also have a strategy of 60-70% of items in their warehouses being staples like toilet paper, cereals, and detergent. With the rest being what they call "treasures" which are impulse buy items like blenders, purses, tvs, etc. So in turn, people will come out with more than they intended to buy.

Shane G : Costco is the GOAT

ayyymate : If you havent been to a Costco... *You have not lived*

Adam Hoffman : Nothing about their premium private label brand Kirkland? It's a big part to their success. Before it was "private label for better margins" now its "private label so Amazon can't steal it".

Eduardo Quintero : I believe it. It's one of the few stores I actually like going to shop to. Not to mention the customer service, which single handedly destroys every other company. I had an issue with a phone I bought about 3 months ago, went to Costco, and got a full refund no questions asked. And the Kirkland brand has become synonymous with quality that I'm actually disappointed when there isn't a Kirkland version of a product.

Fann Gurl : Costco is life! Cheap fresh veggies, delicious bread, eggs and cheese and the best got damn olive oil you buy for the price! Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! ~~COSTCO FO EVA!!~~

mrrpepsi24 : I think Costco gets an A+ in showing how to run a business. Yes you have to buy a membership, yes you have to buy in bulk and shop in a warehouse, But, they know how to treat there customers and employees. As a business, if you give your customers and your employees what they want, you as a business will get what you want, and that is success !! To many companies just do not understand that concept.

Popguy 179 : There’s a Costco near me in Plano tx

Reptilian Ruler Mike : I slipped on pee pee here and got a $50,000 settlement. Been doing pretty well since then.

Steven Cordoba : This video reminded me that I need to renew my Costco membership in a week

Evan Cook : PLEASE do a video about Publix and their success!!!! The world needs to know about this fantastic company!

TheCrayonMan529 : Do a video on Yelp

Master Bleach : I've been going to Costco ever since I was little, I remember the people who would check the receipts when I was super little like 10 years ago would draw smiley faces

Alaner152 : Sam's club?

Indiana Brown : There are more Costco locations in Iceland than there are in Wyoming, Arkansas and Mississippi combined...

Wauser 🇺🇸🇨🇦 : I worked at a relatively new Costco in Southwest Florida, where retired rich Midwesterners, Vietnam Veterans, and Canadians made up like 70% of our members. They were very friendly and prone to generous tips, which I would deny then take covertly when they insisted. Because employees can’t accept them. It was like their gathering place to talk and have hot dogs. They liked how everything is good, bulky, and reasonably priced. Mind you they mostly drove Corvettes, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Range Rovers, and even several Bentleys. I even saw some very rare cars like RHD MGs and Lamborghinis too. Many of my coworkers were also Midwesterners, not rich though obviously, and will retire in 10-15 years. I guess they asked to be transferred to that Costco to prepare for retirement in Florida. The greeters were genuinely like friends with a lot of the members, they’d ask them about their family and what they were up to. And a lot of times they would ask where they were from and would chat about their home states/citys especially if they were from the same one. Fond memories even though I got some wicked food poisoning from a hot dog once.

Shanna Kahoun : I would love to see a matress firm video...i recently saw a conspiracy therory that they may be laundering money.? (Maybe) in my town there are multiple locations all on the same street but they are never people inside. Help me understand..why.?

Waiting to Respawn : costco: man its almost like treating your employees like people is a good idea in the end wal-mart: ......nah

I'm Out : I was wondering if you ever heard of Kwik Trip a Chain of convenience and smoke stores across the midwest? I work there and just like the man in the video i make around 14 an hour and have full benefits and every other gas station chain makes much less. And one last thing, almost our entire company is vertically integrated which is rare for a gas station. Check it out company man maybe it would make for a good video of how they came to be.

The Cando Railfan : I wonder if a video on Band-Aid bandages would be interesting at all. I always forget Band-Aid is a brand name, and bandage is the generic name, just like Kleenex.

chucknastyness : Arkansas has Sam's Clubs because Wal Mart started there. They don't wanna piss off the Wal Mart family with the low low prices of Costco.

Soviet Union : Okay who cares about the membership, it’s only 60 bucks a year! I spend at least $300 a week on groceries at Costco. So this membership success is total BS...

Kacie Anderson : I prefer Costco over Sam’s club; might have to do I’ve been going to Costco since the 90s, and every time I have to go to Sam’s club, the environment is completely different than Costco.

Brad Burns : Welcome to Costco, I love you.

Mark Copley : we've got something similar in WA (Australia), its called Campbells Wholesale and the layout is basically the same, warehouse, bulk goods, but also has general business goods such as chemicals, containers etc. however, it differs because its only available to people with a business (which you can "technically" start in 10 mins and for $0, taxes are still easy) or to those part of certain loyalty clubs. we can buy the goods in bulk, or individually. the price varies depending on quantity purchased. for example you can buy a crate of water bottles for $0.24AUD each, or individually for $0.30. great for big families that can justify having 5kg of sausages in their fridge. theres no food court or any hot foods available though, strictly meant to be an in-out thing.

bigsmoke27 : I love Costco

Miles Hinton : I have a membership + love it. the people are slot nicer than at Sam's club

Nathan Sanders : It is the very best place to work for!