These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

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Alexander Zi : 2050 - winds of winter is released.

CcoalAaye Gamer : And despacito 2 didnt came out yet

Jesus Arango : 2087 A ASTROID WILL HIT EARTH💀💀💀

MatrixDB : Hey guy,s in 2050 there will be a Flat Mars society

Zeryab beats : Will there be *memes* in 2050 ???

PinkSheep2 : *Reallifelore comes epic!*

Craig from fortnite : (The 2018 World Cup is in Russia) see’s this today. O_o

Olle Welin : Probably NOT interesting at all for mining oil 2048 (at poles) sounds ridicules. We probably have other much better, cheaper, cleaner and more efficient energy source world wide then (cheap Solar, fusion power etc)

Fire Mingel : Im watching this in 2051 And he is right!

Mark DP : 2050.. Still no flying cars...

PinkSheep2 : I will be back at this video tho.... IM EXCITED!! :D!

Jon Ginny : You forgot that it will be 420 for a whole month in the year 2020

Sweet_Banana_ Girl : At first I’m like: Oh, I’m excited! After he said the ice melting in the Arctic, I was like: NOPE!

EliteDoggy : We might have to live on mars after the world ends..

MakeClassy : Who’s watching from mars on an iPhone 49293? I can’t believe 2017 was actually 492 years ago?! This vid is so old!

Cruel Sun : Bet elder scrolls 6 won't be on this list

THE CAPED CRUSADER : Within 2050, i get laid

Liquified Ice In a Bottle : Guess how all of this could be altered? WW3

ProGuns : 2050 memes is illegal now.

Rinka : India would rather send people to space then deal with poverty omegalul

Kamesh Parashar : I will waste 32.5 years till 2050.

Zebroid : Hopefully my Netflix Free Trail Doesn’t Expire By 2050

Hidan : *“Cutter”*

SomeAverage Human : I don't like A.I. Robots.They may bring more badness instead of good. But I love the Prediction of fascinating space mission

Novadin : Who is watching this during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? :D

Mei : scared yet excited to be able to live through all of this

Squeaky : Wall-e 3 looks great

Snow Bandit : Wow doesn't even mention genetic engineering

ThisNotJorden : 2050 anyone?

WeMeanDaBiz : The year is 2050 and an alpha robot in a wife beater ashes it’s cigarette while yelling at its human wife in a drunken rage

Delay : Clean energy and War with North Korea "Rocket Man"

areesha ali : The year 2060 earth will be officially "FLAT"

Vanilla GG : Now screenshot this video and get those pictures for free xDDDD)

OH SHAMAN : 1963: hope there will be flying cars in the future 2018: things that will from 2018 to 2050

Ajiwk : 1000s : i bet people on future Will make flying car 2018 : gender issue wtf

SylenDraws : Wow Hubble is going to be extremly irrelevant soon

Rain Lian : So what will happen to north korean??

Bri's Life : Cool, so I went from watching spaceships blow up to seeing events from the future? 😂

ProDoesGaming11 : What happens in 2050? Getting old

I have no friends like lazarbeam : On 2026 you forgot that the World Cup will be held in the USA Canada and Mexico

Cheshire : in 2050 ppl will laughing at this video

ImAHorse : Before 2050 incredibles 3

FireCubez : anyone watching in 2018

ProtoStar51 : Why must I have been born in 2005!? I’ll be, like, 45 by 2050!

Joe Nathan : 2036 hyyype!

Yen the smiling dinosaur : some people watched this video, will still be single in 2050

Thyrilias : FIFA world cup will be in the US and Canada, not Qatar.

_ Smithy : When u said qatar it triggered me, its ka-tar not cutter

Just Typing : Aha?

Gigamintor life : Androids will kill humans in 2051