These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

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England Is My City : *I'm actually scared of the future*

Arubiix : U forgot to say they will be 10,000 more genders

T4S ATC Gaming : I’ll still be waiting to lose my virginity

Fisky Tv : Hopefully I’ll be alive in 2050

Xxyeezy : I’m going back to the 90’s , y’all want anything?

アラキングジョーKingjoeJP : In'll be old...

GOD aka dr phill : People in 1960: in 2018 well have flying cars Us: I shidded and farted

Jazz Jez : you forgot despacito 2

Emanoel Prado : 2018 events: New Caledonian referendum results was 56,4% to stay with France. Bougainvillean independence referendum is set to 2019. James Webb Space Telescope is delayed to 2021. France won the Fifa World Cup.

elbert de vera : Did you just say "cutter" as Qatar 😂 I thought it was Ca Tar or Ce Tar 1:49

DollarDiego HD : The only guarantee you have in life is that you’re going to die

The Lion Gamer : I will pray for the people for no access to drinking water 🙏☹️

Tomjat 123 : Someone help I've got school tommorow and I'm watching this at 1 am oh god what is happening.

Selena G : I'm about to drink myself a cup of clean water and cherish it

Tomjat 123 : 6:08 Detroit become human

SylenDraws : Gotta get filthy rich before 2020 daddy needs a space hotel

Maria 1123 : Industrialization needs to stop 😐 if the trees are defrosted and if we end up having small yards due to multiple residential areas, we will not have any clean air and the world's natural beauty will die. Next thing you know people will be astonished if they hear of someone who had seen multiple of a certain species that no longer exists😐and that is worrying. What if robots just decide to take over the world?!

Mathijs Krijger : In 2018 T-Series will be the most famoust youtube channel

MagicGalaxy : RealLifeLore 2017: There are going to be flying cars in 2050 2050: MoRe dAnK mEmEs

2K Pawra : It's 2018 Where Is Jems Web Telescope

Lavar Ball : hopefully I can still play Minecraft in 2050

Edge-Codes & Tutorials : Saving this to my watch later list so I can come back to it in 2050 and check off anything on my “Will probably happen in 2050” list.

Rabia Sanogo : If you are watching this in 2018 PLZ like

Lizzy Loves Food : I do not want people to take down the trees in the rain forest

•Wilson CM• : 2050 anyone???

The Nocturnal Alchemist : In 2050 I'll still be trying to lose the weight I gained in college

Unknown Doggy : In 2050, the world will be ruined and will be filled with unforgettable memes and trends that are cringy af. This is the world we, humans, have created.

The Xex : Hate to be a grammar enthusiast but it really frustrated me how you pronounced Qatar. As a British resident of 3 years in Doha, the capital of Qatar, I can tell you the pronunciation of “Qatar” is not rushed like “cutter”, but actually pronounced much more elaborately, as a combination of the words ‘cat’ (yes the animal) and ‘are’ (as used to describe a group of objects) as follows: Qatar=Cat-Are. Loved the video btw.

RMM Radio by Christopher Drewes : In 2050 I still have to work ......

Xxxpotatomanxx Lol : I Hope they don’t open up those oil stations on antartika. I hope that we help the animal population to grow. And I know that we’re gonna make Mother Earth happy again.

#JustThinking : I was waiting him to say that the world will be destroyed

Fatima 7 : I really get scared just thinking about the future

[WRGB] Gaming : In 2050 when i will be 46 i might live in another planet that is not earth

Rahjee Brunner : 2051: They'll send flat Earthers to space and leave them there.

rose heart : God only the one who knows what gonna happen to world she make it not us so don't control the world.

Im Nate : We all die

Kitty Playz : 2019 uk will leave the Europium union! That’s less than a month

CLTJR5 : PLOT TWIST: RealLifeLore is AI

zen kun : What is the new game in 2050?

Llama Gaming : Hello I am from the future (10th of a second lol science)

TroopzTV : Nah none of that would happen, instead the fidget spinner 2.0 will be out

Ronaldo Aparece : I don't want the zombies in future!😱😖😖😖😖😖😔😫😩😣........

Sebastiaan Salvatico : For all of you scared people, don’t be afraid! These are just educated guesses, as he explained at the beginning. Science is beautiful.

piyush nandre : That Trillioner will be me....!!!!💪💪✌️✌️

ѕυgα кσσкιє : *im scarred for life*

Naji Kaskas : 2017 : in 2050 there will be super smart artificial intelligence that will be even smarter than humans. 2050 : fingering a lesbian cockroach (Gone artificially sexual)

sᴡᴇᴇᴛɪᴇ . : in 2050 I might finally get a date

Greeke girl : Nobody knows what is going to happen at 2050 only god

Hashim The lil Liverpool guy : 2:49 oh great...... is the UK 🇬🇧 Actually going to have a good future????

enøziye n stoof : 5:40 mmm not entirely true, first off if your not counting in euro Hispanics (white hispanics like me) than that number would be wrong since Hispanic is not a race. Also with that logic if a white hispanic has a child with a white American it would be counted as “mixed” wich is false. So don’t worry about that. And also by this time immigration for Latin America will slow down with current projections and the Hispanic birthrate will continue to decline like it is now.