These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

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SylenDraws : Gotta get filthy rich before 2020 daddy needs a space hotel

OtakuGamer - أوتاكو قيمر : WHERE IS THE SPOILER ALERT AT THE BEGINNING? Dude my life is going to be boring now coz I know everything ty :(

itsRaz : If youtube is still alive, hey 2050 me, hope your doing good :)

Christian Rodriguez : In 2038 Connor will be sent by cyberlife

Semaro sceru : *In 2050 One Piece will end*

England Is My City : *I'm actually scared of the future*

TheShadowGamer TSG : America: Landing on Mars. Russia: Still trying to land on the moon.

ReignSCB 2 : In the future despacito 102 will be realised

The ghost of Spookwagen : you forgot India becoming superpower by 2020 by using their space telescope to search for bob and vagene on planet Earth

Indian Fried Ice Cream : It’s Qatar not cutter

DollarDiego HD : The only guarantee you have in life is that you’re going to die

HaraYourSENPAI : In the year 2050, I'll be 50. *MIND BLOWN*

Astrid Lancia : 2050 and Levi from “Attack on Titan” is still 5’2

maria L. : I'll be 44 ;-; •-• And I'm watching this in 2018 and I'm 12 years old... Dang.... Edit: This video makes me feel old xd And ALSO, Thanks for all the likes! Like GEez!! :P

The Lonely Londoner : This got sad very quickly

アラキングジョーKingjoeJP : In'll be old...

Joyce Koch : The biggest change will be the change in human appearance. Designer children will be common with Green, blue, and gray eyes more common than brown eyes the first time in history.

Fuck You : 2145: world resources ran out water wars have begun

Jayfeatherr_x ! : i have anxiety. why do i watch these videos

Aloysius Darpolor : 2018 anyone

Naji Kaskas : 2017 : in 2050 there will be super smart artificial intelligence that will be even smarter than humans. 2050 : fingering a lesbian cockroach (Gone artificially sexual)

Anthony Tui Patea : I don't believe half off the shit they saying remember they said world was gonna end in 2000 wasn't that a big thing 🤔

TSK_Griif : I’m from the year 2027 *probably 1 week ago*

Awesome Guy : *BUT IN WHAT YEAR WE WILL GET FLYING CARS* 1997: In future we will have flying cars 2018: Guy talk about more future

Kitty Pop : In the future people would make memes about us saying just like how we do it to the older people. 2018 : in the future there is going to be another earth 2055 : cats are gay

#JustThinking : I was waiting him to say that the world will be destroyed

Tracy Dee : Why don't you live for today????? What comes will come. Regardless of all your preparations.

XLgiant795 : If I lived to 100, I would see 2100. 50 years after 2050. 50 years worse 😢

Bondy : Mars and asteroid landings are simply not a priority nowadays. SpaceX is now focusing on the moon, because that's what all major governments are now focusing on. With that said, not sure western man has even mastered living in the deepest, hottest, driest deserts yet.


Lavar Ball : hopefully I can still play Minecraft in 2050

Ryan Jameson : Half the world may not be able to drink clean water by 2050... Life expectancy: 6 more years

Ragnar Lothbrok : I'm from 2092 and let me tell you only about half these things came true, the third colony on Mars disappeared like the lost colony of Roanoke

ragii : 1:49 - The way he said Qatar.

AngryWolf64 : In 2050 theres still no flying cars ima comeback if the year is 2050 now bye as i promised xd The comment may get expire i think but well start right now

The Nocturnal Alchemist : In 2050 I'll still be trying to lose the weight I gained in college

Jinra Binjoe : Lol, china is so far behind.

NiceMaddie Moo : What if you knew the future in 3 seconds then would it be easier?


KieronKN TV : I hate the future. I don't want self driving cars... So actually the future is not bright

TroopzTV : Nah none of that would happen, instead the fidget spinner 2.0 will be out

MadHatterChris : I just had this weird thought. It might sound crazy but think about it. So, if we develop self learning AI that is smarter then humans....then it will keep advancing on its own and keep getting smarter and smarter and stronger since it will keep finding new ways to advance itself, right? So...wouldn't that technically mean that we created God? Because people believe that God is all powerful, all knowing, all present (I feel like there is more but I am not religious so I don't know). The AI will technically also be very powerful, it will know everything humanity knows and probably more, and the internet is already almost everywhere so it will be all present. Also according to Christianity (I think), God created people in his own image. Just like humans are creating AI in their own image, by trying to develop a consciousness and also just look at Sophia the robot, they designed her to look more human rather than robotic. So... This is just a weird thought I had. What do you think?

Fabian Berggren : Uk already left LOL

MxM Gaming : what about the solar eclips in 2024

Bobby Evans : Don’t forget in 2050 the NBN will be finished!

Nordic States #1 : Wow... A lot of these are just depressing. No ice in the arctic, half the amazon is gone, starting to drill and mine in Antarctica, the total population of the world is over 9 billion with far too many of those people not being able to get clean drinking water... As much as I adore the concept of space exploration, why should we go to another planet when this one we have right now is so messed up and only going to get worse in many ways?

Dat boi Roi : Why would we be excited that the amozon gets cut down?

Ethan Gladwell : No coal for Britain!!!!


Wendy's Philippines : 2050: NASA REALEASES EARTH 2