These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

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England Is My City : *I'm actually scared of the future*

Oskar Ovall : Events 2019 - World Record Egg

Fabricio Quiros : Whose coming back to this video in 2050 and saying “ you were wrong”.

NickBen87 : If youtube still exist in 2050 and anyone see my message It's currently 12:45 Monday 28 January 2019 N.C

ManeuverAviator007 Y : Welcome from (I will add a year every year): -2017 (I watched it in 2017 and 2018) -2018 FIFA World Cup 🇭🇷v 🇫🇷, France (including a bunch of people who aren’t from France but related as a French) won, I didn’t hear about the Independence referendums, Fires in California, Falcon Heavy Launch which carried a Tesla Roadster to flyby Ceres and Mars, China lands a rover to the moon, Logan Paul suicide forest scandal, Peace with North Korea, America, and South Korea, Winter Olympics at South Korea, Winter government Shutdown (the longest ever for the US), More information coming up) -2019 Egg in twitter breaks world, Winter Vortex makes America a freezer, (more information coming up)

アラキングジョーKingjoeJP : In'll be old...

Peari : An extra fact: America will invade another 30 countries and not get blamed.

E Fam : In 2019 there bringing mammoths back like if you like mammoths

Emanuel Vaccaro : Update: welcome to 2019 Featured memes: That's how mafia works Big Chungus World record egg PewDiePie vs T-Series

TheNorwegianDudeShow : I like how he pronounces Qatar as cutter xD

The Nocturnal Alchemist : In 2050 I'll still be trying to lose the weight I gained in college

Marcel__303 : Who's watching in 2019 Brexit might actually happen

Alek Wolf : Let me write my statement too, Hi kids from 2050 Here's grandpa Aleksandar (currently 20yo) and it's 2019 Good times, depression comes and goes I like to tell you that iPhone Xs was not very different from iPhone X, that's why share values went down Ok this is getting long, if iPhone still exist as u read this it's probbly a lighting super-machine (or something normal in your days of living) 😂😉😅

Liliana_xoxo_bff : Who's watching in 2050? Idk if i will 😢😢

Paul Christian Lerez : In 2050, I wish my parents are still alive

SylenDraws : Gotta get filthy rich before 2020 daddy needs a space hotel

Hi Hi : In 2050, pewdiepie will win against t series

Dogman Super Fan : the new countries are not here

esperCELL : *nah we will have a world war 3 somewhere in 2025 and nuke each other out. All technology is lost we have to start all over*

Skydrew : *I'm kinda Scared of The Future*

Masri FN : Hey 2049 kids I'm now in December 22 2018

Pab Gee : There will be no earth on 2050. It will be destroyed by humans. Worst thing is i will still be living.

A Random : In 2050 half life 3 is finally released

Lord Slamzer : Hello Future Humans! I am from 2019! Let me guess 70% of these guesses are incorrect.

Ava Lowery : Probs the only thing that will happen before 2050 is more memes.

DollarDiego HD : The only guarantee you have in life is that you’re going to die

Snakai : Hello me from the future im pretty sure you're gonna watch this vid in a few years I just wanna say im doing amazing rn :DD It's 2/19/2019 8:24PM right now

Wendy Witch : Hi there if you are watching this ten years later reply to this message saying what happens so that we will all know what happens

Maui Keane : Hey future self : 2018

Mini the dog : I'm not excited at all guess I'll go kill myself

Lavar Ball : hopefully I can still play Minecraft in 2050

Banned Legend : I wanna know the technology in the year 3,000 . Anyone else ?

Peyton WDYM : lets just hope that we have really good gaming pcs

Very Well : I am guessing 2048 and 2049 will happen before 2050😀

Sangit Assam : I'm waiting for 2030 version of IPHONE

majestaec : Nothing in 2018 actually happened. Rip. 😅😂

dEb tHe sAvAgE : 2 0 1 9 anyone ?

SamTheNiceCat_OAFC : I will come back in the future to say your wrong

sean lucas : if i die when im 47 im going to be pissed

Tanuj KS : am i the only one who is super pissed that he pronounced qatar as cutter?

Beta State : Finally a Fucking video about the future that isn't dark or consider the end of the worl- oh

Jesus m : Hello people from 2050, this was typed on February 14, 2019 at 1:10 pm if you’re wondering why im here its bc im lonely lol

Gradient : *_I can imagine people from the future going back to this video and seeing if we were right._*

HuckleB680 : In 2050 most Americans will still be serving prison sentences, because you know it’s the incarceration nation where everyone is locked up for 99 billion years.

Leanne’s Life : I don’t want to live in an earth when technology takes over humanity and humans destroy forests, nature and our dear Mother Earth 🌏🙏🏻

Favelize Adventures : 2050 WILL COME & THERE WILL STILL BE THOTS

J-Gacha : Wow did you know what? I‘ll be Alive in this Time i will be 42 😂

Jesus Christ : Jesus will return!

i hate the pill : whos watching this before 2050?

Laur_ Wolf_XD : What I'm looking for is Artificial Inteligence and Self drivable cars so I can be like Will Smith in I Robot